Podcast Episode 15: Productivity and Making Shit Happen

Podcasts >> May 06, 2006

Learn How to Run a Successful 6 or 7-Figure Online Biz, While Having a Life and Loads of Spare Time, Without Having to Act Like a Crazy Person or Get Up at 4am! In this podcast, I'll show you the only 3 things you HAVE to do in your business each day to grow your audience and your income. How to turn as little as 20 minutes a day into pure cold PROFIT. How you can easily leverage your content and use the same stuff again and again to build your brand as well as your bank balance. The "takes literally no time" way I create my podcast and YouTube show. How to... Read More >>

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Podcast Episode 14: Smash Your Money Blocks with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Podcasts >> May 06, 2006

  Have you ever had one of those brain-bursting ideas you just know is a winner? I have to admit - I have 'em all the time. At least, I think I do. As a creative entrepreneur who delights in bright shiny object syndrome I luurve a good ideas sess. Of course most of my ideas are utter rubbish (like the time I was going to start my own brand of hair products just for gym junkies. Hmmm ... should I?!) or just really quite odd, but occasionally there's a real pearler in there. More occasionally still, I actually go ahead and (gasp!) do the idea.   Success Smackdown Live - Episode 14 -... Read More >>


Podcast Episode 13: High Converting Launch

Podcasts >> March 18, 2006

  I share so much on the money content for you in this training, including my exact processes for getting SO much done and doubling my biz revenue each year! Here is what you will learn: How to craft a compelling offer for your online program or membership, and create a deadline driven plan to get it off the ground in under 2 weeks, so you can start making money! My exact launch process, including a FREE bonus checklist for you to use How to effectively build anticipation and 'pre-sell' your program or membership Learn my high-converting sales process and the exact system I use to regularly create multiple 5-figure months via... Read More >>

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Podcast Episode 12: How to Find And Sell Your Magic

Podcasts >> March 11, 2006

The first time you make money online it's the biggest rush in the world. Suddenly, everything you dreamed COULD be possible has become REALITY, and you realise - Fuck me. This stuff might really work. And it's equally THRILLING as well as terrifying, because now that you've cracked that first dollar your mind is filling with all of the new ideas! And new programs! Oh the launches you could do! Oh the brand you could build! Oh the places you could see! The terrifying part, of course, is that you KINDA hoped that once the money started coming in it would just, y'know - KEEP coming in. But now you've realised that if... Read More >>

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Podcast Episode 11: 5 Concepts that have transformed my life

Podcasts >> March 04, 2006

You can have the kind of life you want because you’re the maker of your life. Here are some concepts that have changed my life. Whatever you believe is possible, you’ll then act accordingly. Sometimes it’s as simple as allowing yourself to believe something and that will change your life. You are the creator of your life and you can live it on your terms. You have the power to choose how your life pans out. Anything I look at is the result of my dreams. I’m living a “laptop travel” life with my husband and two young children. If a goal or dream doesn’t play out, it’s because it wasn’t authentic... Read More >>

Podcast Episode 10: A conversation with Sally Matterson about success, fitness, and weight loss

Podcasts >> February 25, 2006

Let's welcome Sally Matterson, one of Sidney’s top body transformers and trainers. She trains like I’ve never seen a woman train before. We’re going to have a bit of a chat on nutrition, training, and fat loss for busy moms. There’s a real need for people to learn how to train smarter, not necessarily harder. We need someone who’s tried it all and know what’s working and what’s not. There are a lot of women who are trying to get in shape after a baby. So, how do we fit it in with a baby and a busy life? It starts with what you can do before the baby. You need to get... Read More >>

Podcast Episode 9: Kat Interviews Belinda Benn – Fitness Model & Inspiring Leader

Podcasts >> February 18, 2006

Belinda Benn - from overweight to fitness model in her amazing life transformation In this episode Kat talks with Belinda Benn, fitness model and inspiring leader about how she turned her life transformation into a thriving online business. Belinda Benn already had an MBA and was working in corporate America when she was suddenly impacted by trauma in her personal life. This was the trigger that eventually caused her to evaluate her life and change her physical body, but even beyond that, achieve an entire life transformation. Kat talks with Belinda about how she went from overweight to amazing fitness model and how she started her online fitness business, the Get Lean Program.... Read More >>

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