Nutrition and Fat Loss 101, Part 2 – Sample Food Diary

Health and Fitness >> June 10, 2011

I talk a lot about what to eat for health and fat loss. Sometimes I might tell you about a meal I've cooked, or I might explain why I don't think a high-carb diet is suitable for most people, or I'll talk about the best foods for rapid fat loss and detoxification. If you read through the nutrition archives of this blog you'll be busy for days. Yet somehow in the midst of all that I have never shared with you a full day's example of how I eat. A reader pointed that out to me in last week's Foundation of Nutrition post, which is part of a new series I'm... Read More >>


Nutrition And Fat Loss 101 – Foundation Of Nutrition

Health and Fitness >> June 03, 2011

It's been a couple of weeks since holding my recent Woman Incredible Transformation Workshops, and I must say I'm quite blown away by the fact that I'm still receiving feedback about the changes attendees have noticed in just a short period of time! Clothes looser, energy higher, confidence rising - all that good stuff! Which leads me to you - I don't want you to miss out so I thought I'd just bullet point some of the key topics we covered. Let's call it the Body Incredible Nutrition and Fat Loss 101: short, sweet and to the point! There are three key areas I'd like to share with you: Foundation of... Read More >>


Sugar Stacks: How Does Your Day Stack Up?

Health and Fitness >> May 14, 2011

I don't have to tell you not to guzzle soft drinks or even juices by the litre if fat loss is a goal, do I? After all, we all know by now that sugar is the key ingredient to avoid if health and fat loss are on your agenda for this year. The problem with the sweet stuff, of course, is that it can be kinda sneaky. Hidden away. Sometimes even pretending to be something all-natural or good for you. This is why I completely love Sugar Stacks - it keeps me honest and gets me thinking about making smarter choices even within the realms of my already healthy eating plan. all... Read More >>

What’s A Healthy Morning Appetite?

Health and Fitness >> May 13, 2011

  One of the top all-time questions I am asked as a health coach is "when do I need to eat breakfast by?" This is usually prefaced by comments like: I just don't get hungry in the mornings I feel sick if I eat first thing I can't face food until I've been up for a few hours I don't have time to eat first thing I go straight to the gym as soon as I get up, so I can't eat until afterwards Whilst I'm not against purposeful fasting from time to time, and even believe that it can help you to become more insulin sensitive and thus drop body fat... Read More >>


How You Can Use Calorie Spiking To Get Lean!

Health and Fitness >> May 06, 2011

Today's post is a guest piece by Amanda Brown of Fitlife blog and Promotion Fitness. This girl definitely knows how to tweak the system when it comes to enjoying life but still looking amazing - just check out the hot photos at her blog! Over to Amanda - Even though we don't really believe it's possible, it's the question we all long to hear a happy answer to: is there a way that you can get and keep hot abs but yet still get to 'eat your CAKE' and live a semi-normal lifestyle? Let's hold that thought for a moment and think about this - How many times have you been... Read More >>


This Is Why Women Can’t Lose Weight! The 7 Myths Of Female Fat Loss

Health and Fitness >> April 27, 2011

Warning: This post is probably going to be completely different to what you expect. This is not about 'eat this; don't eat that' or 'do this; don't do that'. This is about the deeper underlying reasons why women often don't lose weight despite doing everything right. And it's very very real. Last Wednesday evening I gave a Woman Incredible seminar on female fat loss. There was a great turn out of readers and clients, and everyone seemed to be super-attentive and interactive throughout the evening. Of course it was a little strange that most people rocked up in their PJs, as did I! Yes, it was the first ever Woman Incredible... Read More >>


Stop Being Such A Goody Two-Shoes About Your Health!

Health and Fitness >> April 19, 2011

I have a history of being just a little bit anal-retentive when it comes to eating and training correctly, and staying in shape. I tend to try and follow basic principles of nutrition and health that I believe to be true, and I can be pretty hard on myself if motivation or circumstance means I ever don't follow these principles. When clients come to see me, there are certain basic rules that I would apply to 99% of people, and then from there I design an individualised nutrition plan which may change as we go along, but really - it still all comes back to certain principles that I ask the... Read More >>


Incredible Woman Rachel Guy On The Mindset Of Fat Loss And Living The Dream

Health and Fitness >> April 13, 2011

Today I have the absolute pleasure of introducing my Poliquin colleague Rachel Guy. We first met at a Poliquin PICP course last November, but I'd already heard of Rach through mutual friends on Facebook. Truth be told I was kinda intimidated about meeting her (just look at the girl!) I'm used to being one of the strongest girls I know, so the fact that I was clearly going to be up for a challenge when training together in our course was a bit of a concern challenge.* Still, I'm not one to mess around when I meet someone inspiring, and so I grabbed a few minutes of Rach's time to... Read More >>

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