Podcast Episode 30: What it Really Takes to Win

Podcasts >> August 01, 2006

So I was thinking about it, and I realised that the thing that REALLY underpins all the awesome ‘stuff’ I’ve achieved? The million dollar biz … the staying in shape as a Mum the wrong side of 35 … the location free life and the VERY many random and crazy ass things I’ve done? Has nothing at all to do with what I know, or learned, and everything to do with how I think, and who I am. And that? Is kinda the key to everything. How you THINK and who you choose to BE dictates what you DO and therefore what you HAVE! In this podcast, I talk about exactly that, and how... Read More >>

Podcast Episode 28: Have it All

Podcasts >> July 27, 2006

What do we REALLY mean when we talk about having it all? What does it actually mean to YOU, be fucking honest about it stop being vague or wishy-washy and also STOP HOLDING BACK. Get REALLY freaking real with yourself about what you want, and who you need to BE to make that happen! We cover: • Is the path you’re on right now working for you? • If not, where IS it leading? • What is REALLY stopping you? • Who DO you need to be? • What do you need to do in order to BE that person?   ... Read More >>

Podcast Episode 23: The Plan: Your Entire Online Business Mapped Out, and Ready to Rock

Podcasts >> June 20, 2006

This was a call I used to introduce The Tribe, but also one I used to hit you with the TRUTH about what it takes to simplify and rock your online biz now.  I’ll be honest, I don’t think I ever spoke so fast or churned through so much important in your face shiz! Officially, what this call was about? The Plan: Your Entire Online Business Mapped Out, and Ready to Rock. Purpose, passion, what you are called to do. Business model options. Where to start low end. Where to start high end. Marketing, branding, and getting people to buy. And we did all that, but also – wow – this: I also shared exactly what I would... Read More >>

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