The Mindset of Fat Loss – Free Recording

If you’ve ever battled that urge to eat mindlessly or emotionally, or know that each time you ‘diet’ you just set yourself up for a binge, you will love this free recording.

Some of the things I cover –

  • Find out how to get your head in the right place so that eating right consistently becomes easy
  • Overcome cravings
  • Understand why you binge or emotionally eat, and how to stop doing it as well as rid yourself of the urge
  • Escape self-sabotage linked to not honouring your deeper needs


4 responses to “The Mindset of Fat Loss – Free Recording”

  1. Bex says:

    Hi Kat,
    Thanks for posting this recording. I am really keen to listen to it, but it doesnt seem to want to download on my phone?? Is there a different version that is compatible with iPhone, please??


    • Kat says:

      Hi Bex, sorry but there’s only this one. You might have to download it on your computer and then just use itunes to put it on your phone 🙂

  2. Chiara says:

    Thanks for all this info Kat, it was very inspirational and great food for thought!