The X-Factor: Why Some People Effortlessly Stay In Great Shape

You know who I’m talking about, don’t you? There’s surely at least one of them in your inner circle. Or somewhere in your day to day life? On the same bus route? And I’ll bet that a teeny-tiny part of you secretly hates that person. At the very least you can’t deny a smidgen of jealousy. And who could judge you for that? After all, it’s not FAIR, is it? That they get to eat whatever they want and still look amazing. But surely no-one is just that lucky? Surely they’ve got some kind of secret?

I’m going to let you in on something. The truth is that there is a secret. A reason for why they just seem to be genetically blessed while you can barely glance at a piece of bread without bursting out of your skinny jeans.

It’s not a very exciting secret.

But obviously it’s a secret nonetheless (I say obviously, because if it weren’t then everyone would be in great shape). And either way, it definitely works.

Want to know what it is? Before I tell you – there’s a catch. Once you’ve been exposed to this secret you have an absolute obligation to use it in your own life. Because this is IT. The ‘missing link’. The x-factor that everyone out there is desperately seeking. And it would just be plain unfair on those who don’t know about it if you didn’t use your new-found knowledge.

Not to mention foolish. So here goes –

Consistent effort.

Told you it was kinda boring. But before you roll your eyes in disgust and click away, answer me this. Just how consistent are you in the following areas –

  • Consistently exercising 3-5 times per week, even if it’s a consistent 10 minutes 3-5 times per week?
  • Consistently eating the way you know you should rather than letting emotions or temptation or poor organisation rob you of ideal nutrition?
  • Consistently kick-starting your metabolism with a healthy breakfast despite being tired or in a rush or sleeping through your alarm?
  • Consistently drinking enough water even though to do so would mean you’d actually have to make a concerted effort?
  • Consistently carrying healthy protein-based snacks with you so that you don’t end up in starvation mode (otherwise known as ‘where-is-the-nearest-vending-machine’ mode)
  • Consistently reading about, discussing, researching or at least observing new trends in nutrition, exercise and wellness, and not being afraid to admit something you previously thought was right may not be working
  • Consistently surrounding yourself with face-to-face or online influences that challenge you to improve or stay on track with your goals
  • Consistently doing what it takes to get adequate rest and recovery and time for yourself
  • Consistently bothering to set some goals in the first place and then consistently referring back to them as you track your progress
  • Consistently getting off your butt and doing what it takes regardless of whether or not you feel like it
  • Consistently seeking help, expert advice, and support if you’re really sure that you’re doing all of the above and yet it’s still not clicking for you
  • Consistently refusing to ever, ever give up on something that matters this much to you

There will always be someone ahead of you; someone to challenge you toward further success. It may not be fair, but if you apply consistent effort you can sure as heck be sure that it isn’t your fault. In this or any area of your life. The steps to success are many, but – for the most part – they are simple. You just gotta do it.

Life is Now. Press Play.



#KATFESSSION, eeeeekkkkkk

Sooooo …

I kinda sorta did something REALLY not ideal! I made a mistake 😞

I then found about that mistake a day or so ago, when one of my amazing clients let me know!

I then fixed it of course, but since then something has been nigglin’ away at me telling me that maybe the mistake was a SIGN and a DIRECTION and I shoulda fixed it the other way!!

What am I talking about? My Easter Extravaganza Instant Manifestation Bundle, which is supposed to close TODAY in just a few hours, and contains 4 of my BEST money and manifestation courses, over 85% off!

As we do, we threw this thing together last minute like usual (aka KAT style) – and somehow managed to put THE WRONG PRICE on the sales page!!! ‍♀️

– Correct price on order form, when you actually click the buttons.

– Incorrect price on sales page. Doh.

The one on the SALES page was lower, about 25-30% lower than the already reduced 85% off! I think what happened is we copy and pasted off an old previous bundle sales page and so the old price just carried over.

Anyway, a few people pointed it out and obviously we honoured the mistaken lower price while fixing the page for future peeps.

BUTTT … I just felt ugh about it, y’know? Even though the lower price was a mistake! And even though the actual price was literally already 85% off for this offer!

It wouldn’t stop bugging me.

So, long story short, I’m changing it!

My Easter Extravaganza Bundle is now over NINETY PERCENT reduced … for anyone who already bought and paid full we will honour the lower price for you as well of course (watch out for an email later today!) and for everyone who has NOT yet, the price has now been adjusted on the sales page, DOWN!

And, because of the muck around and confusion, I’m extending my bundle sale for one more day into Easter Tuesday 🐣


Jump on now and grab four of my best Money and Manifestation courses now at 90% off, next 24 hours ONLY!!! 💥


Literally just as I finished writing this my brother walked in to my room with my (fixed!) phone. OF COURSE. Everything always works out in my favour. Just like I told ya. And just in time to snap a quick pic for this blog.


Get it! One more day! Lessssgooooo, now 90% off! —> this price is CRAZY! Extra crazy!!


I wrote half of that with my eyes closed while having makeup done. #ninjaAF

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  1. You’re right on girl. People ask me how I got my shapely arms and this is exactly what I tell them. Most everyone knows how to lose weight or become fit, but consistency is what it really takes. Sticking with it. Not everyone loves how unglamorous that is!

  2. Kat says:

    Glamour is what comes after the boring! Not saying training is boring, but you know what I mean πŸ™‚ consistency isn’t always exciting, but it is definitely necessary

  3. Nikki says:

    I’ve implemented “consistent” this year – from regular excercise, to resting my brain and eating nature food (not technological!) – and now with one quarter over, I’ve approached the Easter weekend with the same consistency whereas previously I would have just through all my efforts up in the air. The weightloss has been steady – but CONSISTENT – that’s what’s keeping me consistent.

    1. Kat says:

      Staying on track during Easter is definitely to be applauded! I have to admit that a Lindt choc bunny got the better of me yesterday … but an awesome workout had me back on track this morning! Resting the brain sounds interesting??

  4. Christina says:

    Ohh Kat,
    your right, as usually ;). I guess I have to kick my butt and stop being jealous but unfortunately I just don’t like weight training :(.
    Well, I better get started.

    1. Kat says:

      I hated weight training for about the first year or so. Actually, didn’t hate, just found really boring. But it kicked in and now I LOVE it. The consistency paid off and once the results came it was kinda hard not to love it πŸ™‚

  5. Nikki says:

    Have learned that it’s not enough to exercise my body. I need to de-stress and empty my mind. Sometimes just going for a long walk at the beach works, otherwise listening to a meditation on my ipod does. All helps calm the adrenals.

  6. Kat says:

    Great suggestions πŸ™‚ I especially love getting out in nature.

  7. Great article and the ten points are great and I can add one more- visualise what you want to look like!

    I have been very fortunate to not have to worrry about my weight until I hit my late 40’s and then early menopause and underactive thyroid kicked in.

    Fast forward, finding the right doctor, getting hormones and thyroid under control (there is a connection there) and basically following the 10 steps apart from protein bars but making sure protein at every meal has worked.

    Now I am 57 and 56 kg and trim and toned.

    1. Kat says:

      Visualisation is so important. Just this morning I was thinking to myself it might be nice to make a vision board again; something I haven’t done for a long while. Writing usually works really well for me, but collages are a nice change and very inspiring! Well done on transforming your health πŸ™‚

  8. Boris says:

    Great advice! Consistency is key in self-improvement.
    At the same time, I think that if you are creative, you will find ways of making your consistent activities more fun…
    All the best,

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