You Can Do Anything – It’s Just Whether It’s Worth It

On Saturday I held the first ever Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop. It was absolutely one of the most frantic, fun-filled and INTENSE things I have done as part of my business – and also one of the most inspiring.

I don’t mean me inspiring the 20 women who attended; I mean those 20 women (YOU if you were one of them) inspiring me; inspiring each other. Here are just a few things I found incredible inspiring to watch and be part of:

  • 20 hungry women chowing through prime organic grass-fed beef with a little nut butter at 8am on a cold Saturday morning. Yum!
  • 20 women performing squats to FULL depth (hamstring touching calf), chin ups over the bar (we used bands, which means EVERYONE can do it – not that it was easy though!), and some pretty grunty bench presses! Some people were doing their very first weighted squat, full depth squat, or chin-up. These were women quite literally achieving something that they afterwards told me they would never have thought they’d be able to do!
  • The interaction across the group throughout the day. Okay, so I was a little pushy in making everyone share their thoughts and commitments with each other as we moved through a day of learning on fat loss, nutrition, ‘cheating’ your way lean and also a whole lot of mindset and motivational strategies. But you know what? At the end of the day several different ladies came up to me and said that one of the best things about the day was ‘buddying’ up repeatedly to share something they were going to change in their life or commit to as being ‘enough is enough’. Accountability works – if you don’t have anyone to be accountable to then be accountable to me, or the other women in this community. You can do that just by commenting on this post or on the Facebook page.
  • Just the energy and attentiveness across the course of the day was incredibly inspiring. This was a seriously COLD and rainy Saturday morning, and these ladies had made the effort to get out of bed and give up their entire precious weekend day, purely to be inspired and learn more about making smart nutrition and being ‘Woman Incredible’ work for them. I’m not saying you have to attend one of my events to be a true action-taker, but think about it – what are one or two ‘out of your comfort zone’ things you could do, or one or two sacrifices you might make, if it were to help push you closer to your dream life?

One of the prime reasons I held this event was so you guys (okay, girls :)) – so used to being the anal one; the high achiever amongst your friends when it comes to your health, could come together in a group of like-minded women and realise that not only are you not alone when it comes to going the extra mile to achieve your health dreams, but you’re not alone when it comes to going the extra mile to achieve any of your dreams. That you’re not alone in wanting to be Woman Incredible, whatever that means to you, and that it is in fact still possible for you to achieve that.

After the event one of the girls who attended came up to me and said how much she enjoyed just being around a whole group of women who didn’t think it was weird to eat meat for breakfast! 

The reality is that you will sometimes be labeled as weird, or obsessive, or anal for following your dreams. Yes, for the simple things such as not eating out of a box for breaky, but also for the big things. And this is where – if you’re not careful – your dreams can start to unravel a little bit. You worry about not being normal, or you start to believe that maybe it’s not possible, or that it’s simply not worth it.

Because I believe that the truth, whether you like it or not, is that you can do anything you want to do – it’s just whether or not the sacrifices or perceived sacrifices are worth it to you.

So tell me – what do you want to do? Who do you want to be? And is it worth whatever it takes? Comment below!

And remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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  1. Natasha says:

    Hi Kat,

    Really does sound like you and the 20 incredible women who participated in your workshop had a ball and I really wish I could have been there, but alas, my focus is on my study (only three weeks to go!) which is going to feed into my career goals, in the very near future 🙂

    I did like the comment that one of the ladies made to you about “…just being around a whole group of women who didn’t think it was weird to eat meat for breakfast…”. Oh gosh, I am with you all on that sentiment! Today we had a work lunch and the looks I got for not eating a piece of bread from the bread basket – I actually wondered what sort of reaction I would get to them knowing I ate meat for breakfast! (Yes, I have finally started eating meat before morning training and I’m feeling good!).

    Well done to you on your achievements with the workshop and I really hope there is either one later this year or early next year because take my word, I will definitely be there!

    Natasha 🙂

    1. Lou says:

      I love meat breakfast! I just started eating before morning training too (yep, I have to get up even earlier) but I jump out of bed and look forward to chowing down on my meat while I get ready!!!

      Sorry to hijack but I just wanted to share my excitement and similar experience! You do feel amazing for it don’t you?!

      I have the other women in my office convinced I am a bit ‘na-na’, but they make accommodations for me now if there is morning tea celebrations (not so many in an office of 5 though!). And I make sure there are options for people that are not wheat and sugar centred at all my trainings now! Hello nuts, meat and veggies, goodbye sangas!

      1. Kat says:

        hahah, for sure Lou! Wow – so great that the other women are making allowances for you rather than just giving you a hard time! Before you know it they will be eating that way as well!

    2. Kat says:

      Thanks Tash; will be great to have you at the next one! Okay I think I definitely need ‘meat for breaky is not weird’ t-shirts; everyone seems to be mainly excited about the idea of other women eating that way as well!

  2. Natasha says:

    Oops, I got too excited and didn’t really comment on what you had asked!
    Here goes:
    In regards to my work, I want to be a leader and work for a company that promotes health/sport
    In the short-medium term I want to build my own business, making good use of my marketing knowledge and keeping in mind my first point
    I want to share my knowledge of health and nutrition with those who are like minded or those who want to make a change
    I want to be someone who continues to build on their self confidence and be able to help others realise that being ‘anal’ to achieve your dreams is not weird (in fact, it is those of us who will be anal that will get where they want to go in life)
    Yes, it is worth whatever it takes…if you truly believe it is and you don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

    1. Kat says:

      Feels so good to write that sort of stuff down, doesn’t it?! Go Tash!

  3. Dee says:

    Kat, I’ve often received negative comments from my workmates when I bring in my own food previously prepared at home. I never take part in the chips, cakes and biscuits that the others bring in and I am forever on the receiving ends of comments stating that I am anal and that “just one won’t hurt!”

    The comment …. “…just being around a whole group of women who didn’t think it was weird to eat meat for breakfast…”. totally sums it up for me. The day was definitely “Incredible” as well as enjoyable and informative. I’d definitely love to take part in any future events for my own education and piece of mind.

    A great day for sure!


    1. Kat says:

      Thanks Dee; such a lovely comment! I think people who don’t take much interest in full on nutrition say stuff like that b/c it helps them feel a little bit better about NOT being anal or making an effort to feel and look their best 🙂

  4. Tanya says:

    The workshop sounded awesome Kat! Congratulations!! Very annoyed I couldn’t make it. The description of the breakfast made my mouth water!
    Ok, so I read this post and actually stopped and thought “what do I want? what are my goals?” I was a little bit sad to realise that I didn’t really have any concrete goals, but it did explain why I have been feeling like I have been (doing ok, but…) getting no where. So I made my self sit and write out what I want, not a huge list but just the one thing I would like to achieve the most. So here goes….
    I have been thinking for a while now about doing a PT course and I have worked out that that is what I want the most…I want to help people like myself. I want to help people see that there is so much more to training that wanting to look good, I want to help people break the “I’ve tried it before and it wont work” or the “I’m not meant to have a good body” mentality. I want to help people see that hard work pays off and feels awesome! And is so much more satisfying and inspiring and motivating and long lasting than doing fad diets and subscribing to what our commercial world tells us we should do or be to be happy and healthy. I want to put myself in an industry and surround myself with people who have the same outlook that I do and…who don’t think it is weird to eat meat for breakfast!! ” ) (Kat I really think we need t-shirts w that line on it!)
    I have only ever worked in one type of role, being an accountant or office manager is all I know so the thought of taking the risk and starting again scares the hell out of me but I suppose I’ve articulated it now and you have heard me do it so I am accountable….and to be honest a little excited at the prospects.

    1. Kat says:

      Hi Tanya. SO great to read that very open comment … kudos to you for sharing! It sounds like you do have some great goals; you just haven’t fully mapped them out yet 🙂 take some YOU time this weekend to really think about and plan who and what you want to be. I guarantee you’ll feel amazing for it! Oh – loving the t-shirt idea!


      1. Tanya says:

        It’s been over 6 months but I thought I would keep you updated…I did it! Well half of it anyway. I am a qualified PT now : )
        I am in the process of deciding which gym I want to be based in and was having another freak out because being a PT is so different from anything else I have ever done before, but I found this post again and read what I had written and figured I would be stupid to come this far and stop because I am a little freaked out at the unknown in front of me.

      2. Kat says:

        Oh, wow – I am so proud of you Tanya. Honestly I think you have the determination and practical attitude to do anything you set out to do. Wishing you loads of fun and success as a PT!

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