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You Can Do Anything – It’s Just Whether It’s Worth It

On Saturday I held the first ever Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop. It was absolutely one of the most frantic, fun-filled and INTENSE things I have done as part of my business – and also one of the most inspiring.

I don’t mean me inspiring the 20 women who attended; I mean those 20 women (YOU if you were one of them) inspiring me; inspiring each other. Here are just a few things I found incredible inspiring to watch and be part of:

  • 20 hungry women chowing through prime organic grass-fed beef with a little nut butter at 8am on a cold Saturday morning. Yum!
  • 20 women performing squats to FULL depth (hamstring touching calf), chin ups over the bar (we used bands, which means EVERYONE can do it – not that it was easy though!), and some pretty grunty bench presses! Some people were doing their very first weighted squat, full depth squat, or chin-up. These were women quite literally achieving something that they afterwards told me they would never have thought they’d be able to do!
  • The interaction across the group throughout the day. Okay, so I was a little pushy in making everyone share their thoughts and commitments with each other as we moved through a day of learning on fat loss, nutrition, ‘cheating’ your way lean and also a whole lot of mindset and motivational strategies. But you know what? At the end of the day several different ladies came up to me and said that one of the best things about the day was ‘buddying’ up repeatedly to share something they were going to change in their life or commit to as being ‘enough is enough’. Accountability works – if you don’t have anyone to be accountable to then be accountable to me, or the other women in this community. You can do that just by commenting on this post or on the Facebook page.
  • Just the energy and attentiveness across the course of the day was incredibly inspiring. This was a seriously COLD and rainy Saturday morning, and these ladies had made the effort to get out of bed and give up their entire precious weekend day, purely to be inspired and learn more about making smart nutrition and being ‘Woman Incredible’ work for them. I’m not saying you have to attend one of my events to be a true action-taker, but think about it – what are one or two ‘out of your comfort zone’ things you could do, or one or two sacrifices you might make, if it were to help push you closer to your dream life?

One of the prime reasons I held this event was so you guys (okay, girls :)) – so used to being the anal one; the high achiever amongst your friends when it comes to your health, could come together in a group of like-minded women and realise that not only are you not alone when it comes to going the extra mile to achieve your health dreams, but you’re not alone when it comes to going the extra mile to achieve any of your dreams. That you’re not alone in wanting to be Woman Incredible, whatever that means to you, and that it is in fact still possible for you to achieve that.

After the event one of the girls who attended came up to me and said how much she enjoyed just being around a whole group of women who didn’t think it was weird to eat meat for breakfast! 

The reality is that you will sometimes be labeled as weird, or obsessive, or anal for following your dreams. Yes, for the simple things such as not eating out of a box for breaky, but also for the big things. And this is where – if you’re not careful – your dreams can start to unravel a little bit. You worry about not being normal, or you start to believe that maybe it’s not possible, or that it’s simply not worth it.

Because I believe that the truth, whether you like it or not, is that you can do anything you want to do – it’s just whether or not the sacrifices or perceived sacrifices are worth it to you.

So tell me – what do you want to do? Who do you want to be? And is it worth whatever it takes? Comment below!

And remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS: The food was just AMAZING! Huge thanks to Della Nonna to catering, and to the lovely Bek and Calina for presenting everything so beautifully.

PPS: Want to get on board and grab YOUR place at the Woman Incredible Transformation Workshop? I have literally a couple of spaces left (20 is the max) for this Saturday May 21; if you’re keen then contact me now for details!

Here’s what some of the incredible women from last Sat had to say:

“Hi Kat. Thanks so much for today. It was really enjoyable and informative. I have to say that it’s clear that I haven’t been pushing myself enough. I guess mainly because I don’t have a personal trainer or anyone else to workout with. (I must push harder!)”

Dee, Shift Worker

“Hi Kat, Just a quick note to thank you so much for the seminar on Saturday. I can honestly say that I took away a lot and spent a good part of the weekend reflecting on some of the topics you covered. My husband asked me to sum up my experience in a sentence and I told him that I walked away feeling empowered to promote change, which is a big thing for me. Thanks again for the great day.”

Kyla – Analyst

“Hi Kat. I just wanted to say thank you again for a great day on Saturday!  I really enjoyed myself on the day; and for me it really re-enforced everything that I am doing already in relation to training and nutrition. I really enjoyed all sessions you presented and really love the way in which you make the presentations/discussions so personal and easy for everyone to relate to.  You have a great presenting style – something for you to be very proud of!”

Michelle, Corporate Warrior

“Hi Kat – I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop on Saturday (even though I am still really sore today from the workouts!). Before Saturday, I was most looking forward to going through the two workouts (thinking that a lot of what was covered in the lecture style session we would have chatted about in my one on one sessions with you). However having now done the workshop, while I really enjoyed the workouts and was challenged, I definitely got more out of the lecture style sessions. I don’t think I had ever actually thought about the reasons why I want to look a certain way or why that was so important to me. You really got me thinking and made me challenge why I want to achieve certain things and why I spend so much of my time on certain parts of my life. I really took on board what you said about goal setting and also believing that want I want to accomplish is possible and that I am going to do. You really got me thinking J – thank you.

At one point you asked us to write something down (I can’t remember exactly what it was in relation to –it was in one of the morning sessions I know that much!) and I wrote down that I am going to do what I say I am going to do and give whatever that is 100%. So instead of starting my week saying I’m going to go to the gym every morning, or rush around on the weekend catching up with a million people, I am going to be more realistic about what I ask of myself. That way if I do go to the trouble of packing my gym bag at night, or telling people I will see them, that that is what I will do and not let myself make up excuses or justify why I don’t have to do it.

I also thought that the schedule for the day worked really well. The seminars were a good length so as to maintain everyone’s attention and keep people engaged and it worked well breaking them up with the workouts and meals.

Thanks for the goody bag too – I can’t wait to crack open the wine!

See you in a couple of weeks”

Sarah, Lawyer


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Well, isn’t it obvious?

Say yes to you.

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