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If you’re a high level creative entrepreneur who absolutely MUST operate from SPIRIT and deeply believes she CAN …

(as opposed to one of those just show me how to tweak the #s types, and what do you mean by ‘supernatural flow’)

I’m gonna tell you a few rules you may not know about and which you prob want to adopt

STAY CALM. I don’t mean jumping through hoops type rules, or joining the dots in JUST a particular way or else your stuff is doomed to the basement bins of internet marketing.

I mean rules for alignment. Allowing. Receiving. And mostly? UNDERSTANDING WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE, and being okay with it.

Take which ones you like. But?
I think you’re gonna like ’em.

1) Thou shalt not paste back on thy dead skin cells from yesterday because it’s disgusting.

I’m talking about trying to make yourself resurrect your old ideas, lists, ‘should dos’, content add ons for your clients or courses, allllll of the things you wrote down or noted which did NOT get done and apparently should or even COULD.

Yep, pretty much even if they’re from yesterday. Because as much as I am quite certain they ARE wonderful ideas …

they are not today’s flow.
And you are the kind of human who has an unquenchable wellspring of TODAYS flow which is meant to come out.
Which will NOT however come out if you’re continually trying to pick up pieces of yesterday.

2) Not letting today’s flow out is causing all kinds of stank

Refer to #1, and realise this:
Today’s flow is ALWAYS meant to be let out. However that happens to look. If you choose not to do so through the appropriate (aligned and vibey, in which you just fling it out how YOU want to) means, rest assured it WILL come out one way or another.

Usually, either where it’s unwanted (hello sermonising to everybody in your personal life who both does NOT want it and also is NOT paying you), or –

in the form of toxic waste effecting your skin / digestion / libido / mood / sanity / all of the above / all of which is on YOU since you let it build up in there.

3) In short, how to do your daily content INCLUDING your courses / paid stuff is simply this:

Bottle or in some way produce or publish what is coming through you today.

The End.

Yes, your entire courses can be run this way. I’ve been doing it for years, to the tune of tens of millions of $ made, and literally thousands upon thousands of supremely happy customers and clients, a huge amount of which continue to buy said ‘you’ll get what’s coming through me as it comes through’ courses on repeat. As they just.keep.coming.

4) Your preparation is the way you live your life. Your preparation is the way you live your life. Your preparation is the way you live your life and what goes IN to you, oh and?

Your preparation is the way you live your life.

5) There is a difference between teaching or coaching on a thing and being revelatory and / or anointed.

Know who you are, and sit yourself in the correct seat accordingly. Yes you can be both. Discern the time and place accordingly.

6) When I said let today’s flow out today I did not mean let out a version of it which is:

– filtered
– tamed or toned down or made palatable
– proper-made / polished
– made to fit into some sort of outcome or container
– anything other than the actual thing, coming out the actual way it wants to come out

7) How you then lead into the SALE, by being such a festively wayward kind of creator who refuses to pop anything coming out of her into ANY sort of apparent container, is YOU JUST DO.

Assume it all makes sense.
Because YOU are the common denominator.
And it makes one MILLION % sense to your soul peeps, and also has the handy effect of scaring off anybody who is NOT fully for you and would drain the life right outta you if they did sign up.

These are the same people who wonder ‘is she on something?’, or ‘when is she going to get to the point?’ when they watch your livestreams.

Admire them as the strange specimen they are but DO NOT PUT YOUR FINGERS THROUGH THE WIRE or God forbid open the DOOR to ’em.

8) Failing to abide by these rules will automatically net you the consequence of being weary and hateful about your own work. Because YOU MADE UP AN IDEA THAT YOU HAVE TO DO STUFF. And you really do NOT. Not like that.

PS yes this means letting some of your best in the moment ideas fall to the ground. And? They were either for the moment or no. Doesn’t make them for THIS moment.

They will come back if they’re meant to.

9) Yeah, you really were born for everything you’ve seen inside of you.

Yes, it really is available. For you specifically. And now.

And yes. It really is gonna be in a way which lights you all the way from the inside out on fire with Holy flow and a CERTAIN knowing that THIS –

is what it was always gonna be.


10) Refuse to accept anything which is not that.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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