Business Mindset


I just finalised an email conversation with my key advisors on my team to do with blacklisting a few more specific individuals from ever working with me 1:1.

This comes up every time I run a 1:1 deep dive promotion.

And I’ve written about it before also. This need to draw a line in the sand not only about who your soulmate clients ARE, but who they categorically are NOT.

Here’s the deal –

If you want soulmate clients who do the work, get amazing results, and are also superrrrr fun and cool to work with, to where you not only genuinely love to coach them but you also love hanging out with them socially when the chance arises, you ARE going to have to get brutal about who gets to come play with you.

For me, becoming crystal clear on this area has literally meant, over the past 5-6 years, that I’ve eliminated 100% of situations where clients felt high maintenance, or like they energetically drained me, or they drove me mad because they didn’t DO anything, or else I just didn’t LIKE them.

ALL of my clients are soulmate clients. ALL of them do the work. And all of them get.results.

Having clear boundaries and high standards on who you will work with not only ensures you don’t have to deal with the drainer people, but it is also – and listen carefully to this, because this is EVERYTHING – the ONLY way you will ever get to work with clients at the level you really want to play with.

This is plain and simply because HIGH LEVEL clients who own THEIR value and worth will not be attracted to you as a coach if you are not owning YOURS! Also – high level clients expect your OTHER clients to be high level and spirit aligned too, and that’s how it SHOULD be.

If one bad lazy-ass apple gets in you devalue the entire concept of what it means to work with you.

Because of how on point I am with my client selection process, I now regularly have clients going from 5-10k / month to 50, 60, 70k per month, or from 30k+ per month to in excess of 100k p/month, consistently. Or from just starting out to 5-10k / month and beyond.

Of course money results aren’t everything, and I know that. But let’s not pretend – they DO matter.

What matters to me MOST though is, if I’m gonna work with somebody I need to feel hell to the yes EXCITED about that. I need to BELIEVE in that person. I need to KNOW they are ‘one of us’, and that of course they’re gonna get results accordingly.

And here is what does NOT excite me.

Here is who I can NEVER believe in.

Here is who I KNOW is not ‘one of us’.

Who is also?


The chick who is nice. Who wants it. Who feels like she resonates with so much of what I say, and she ‘knows she needs to hear it’.

Who reaches out to me repeatedly when I put something out there for 1:1.

Who tells me she knows she needs to step up!

Who pours out her heart, and it’s genuine, and I feel her pain and her desire and I also feel her TRUTH, and I DO believe in her MESSAGE. Her art. The powerful work she was born to do in the world and that she is amazing.

But who never
the trigger

Because it’s not the right time. Because the money isn’t there. Because she is scared. Because, I don’t know? It’s the wrong phase of the moon? God himself didn’t come down with a scroll from heaven above and tell them they’re allowed.

And so on.
And so forth.

And here’s what gets me really stuck on this, and where, I admit, I DID engage in conversations over the past week or two with several specific women who I just KNEW are never going to press play; ’cause I’ve had the same damn conversation with them so many times before –

They ARE nice women. And they DO have something powerful inside of them. And I really do believe in their MESSAGE.

But I just don’t believe in them.

They boy who cried wolfed me too many times.

Which is to say? They’re boy who cried wolfing their entire LIVES. And I watch … I do see what happens online and what doesn’t happen … and if somebody has been talking the talking for 3, 4, 5 years and there’s not visible growth, then I’m sorry –

Your MESSAGE may be born for it, but you just might not be.

It’s easy for me, as a mentor, trying to come from a place of compassion and understanding, to believe that maybe somebody is going to change, step up, and that at some point it really will be time. Which is exactly why I keep getting pulled back into conversations where my heart is already telling me no.

But here is why I know I have to be strong enough to officially blacklist –

Here is what it comes down to.

And this is also what you might want to think about for what YOU are allowing in to your biz, if you’re truly committed to spirit aligned clients ONLY.

“Would I do this?”

That’s my filter. Would I behave the way this person does? Would I flake out on repeat? Would I BELIEVE that my excuses are valid? Would I reach out to somebody and not follow through … again, and again, and again.

Would I, and also would my TRUE ideal clients?

The answers make this process easy.

Your excuses aren’t a valid reason to not take action.

They never were.
They never will be.
And as sad as it is for me to have to remind myself, there are simply those who were born to do amazing work who will never.ever.get that if you’re not doing it NOW?

You never will.