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“Lord I thank you that you are good,
and your mercy endures forever.

I want my business to be KINGDOM OVER EVERYTHING God.

And I thank you for showing me the way even I am not looking!

Help me to know and love you,
and to seek you always.
In Jesus Name I pray,

I did it again.

I put my hands back on the wheel of my business,
convinced myself and, as is always the case with these things, ALMOST believed it was God who was saying do more.
Create this.
Sell that.
Let’s go.
And it will be GOOD, no GREAT, and people WANT it, no NEED!

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed how easy it is to slip back to your own will,
your own way,
and the idea that YOU have to have your say, or even –
that He wants you to come up with ideas
and act on them
asking Him to get involved
yet some still small part of you –
His voice IN you –
that is NOT the way.

For me it shows up as LOOKING.
When I am LOOKING,
(any place aside from at HIM),
I lose my way.

LOOKING for what to know.
What to create or sell.
Where to go.
LOOKING for what I should do.
For ideas,
or to fill space
or just to be ANY place
aside from “ohhhhh
of course
that’s it
in YOU.”

A few days ago, He gave me a word, a flash vision, as I woke from my nap, and it was SUSTENANCE.

“It has to be sustained in me. Its NOURISHMENT comes from me”.

I knew this was a (further) word of confirmation around my new and budding relationship,
a God thing if I ever knew one!
and that it was also a CALL
around my offerings
and what I see I am still trying to be.
Old identity continually rising
and fighting
“don’t forget about me!”

Yesterday as I journaled I heard –

“you’ve still been trying to sustain this business,
but it has to be of ME”.

“I am He who sustains it”.

“I AM sustenance”.

“There is no life without me”.

Did you see me selling a thing last week?

What a good thing it was, and pretty, and bright! So fun, and fabulous, oh my!

And yet –

A niggle.
A knowing.
And no.

It was ME who created that.
It was MY idea to forge ahead with that.
It was MY energy and thought and focus and vibe which brought it to life.
And what I begin or open,
I will have to sustain.
Yet even as I embarked upon the journey of selling,
excitement and commitment rising, because after all –
it was a VERY good thing!

A sinking.
A lurking.
A knowing.


So I put it aside.
“I didn’t hear that!”, or perhaps – “I heard that wrong, I’m just second guessing!”

But no.
And no.
And so?


Because God you told me –


And so here we are once more.
Doing the thing once more.
Of walking away once more.
Which is okay once more.
It’s the only way.

How the enemy DERAILS us
is often
through our own mind
our own will
our own way
and when these things appear to be GOOD
and great

what an easy trap it can be
how simple to argue that it HAS to be
when in fact your spirit quietly shows you
that as you already know
there is a different Kingdom
and a different way

So Lord please forgive me for trying to SUSTAIN a thing without you.

I repent wholly.
And I thank you
for your forgiveness,
which I receive.

I renounce trying to sustain my business myself.

Please refresh and fill me anew with your Spirit.
I give my business entirely to you Lord.
Use it for your purposes.
Show me the way.
I take my hands fully off the wheel.
I thank you for the good you do and ARE for me.
I repent for looking and wondering.
For wandering and searching.
I repent for asking and waiting WITH a ‘search’ mentality, searching for what to do or how to grow the things.
I repent for anxiety about making things happen or when they WILL happen.
I dedicate my business from this moment FULLY to you again.
I say use it for your purposes.
YOU sustain it.
It is no longer my concern.

I will go where you send me.
Say what you tell me.
Sell what you’d have me.
And all of it,
for you.

And in the MIGHTY Name of Jesus I say –

Lord help me to see your ways today in all that I do.
Show me your hopes and dreams for me which ARE fully of you.
Show me what YOU desire to sustain.
Show me how you ARE sustenance Lord.
And how it applies to this day.
In Jesus Name
In Jesus Name
In Jesus Name
I say Amen.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Dear one,


has arrived.

New. A 20 day wandering,
into the place
of Him.

Your place at https://thekatrinaruthshow.com/still/
or free,
of course,
in The Secret Garden.


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