Resting in God


“You never needed to search. I never told you to search”.

Stop thinking you can come against deception in your own strength.

Stop trying by YOURSELF to overcome the forces of satan, who is literally on a MISSION to derail and destroy your destiny.

Stop fighting a battle you simply can’t win if you don’t firstly believe how real it is, and secondly take authority in Jesus Name over the thing.

And while we’re at it – stop endlessly looking for a win, an outcome, a ‘getting there’ or finally being done, or whatever it is you think you need to be safe and happy, in an area God never told you to go looking in, or figure out a thing in!

“You never needed to search. I never told you to search”.

I felt God saying this to me this morning as I gave Him thanks once more for the incredible man He has brought into my life, and the supernatural unfolding of our relationship.

“See”, I felt like He was saying. “I was going to gift you right relationship all along anyway. You never needed to search”.

I spent a LOT of time searching. I don’t mean ‘out and about on the dating circuit’, because my search was an internal thing.

Always looking. Always waiting, but not relaxedly. Always switched on. Always vigilant. WHAT IF I MISS IT?! Worse – WHAT IF GOD DOESN’T HAVE A PLAN FOR ME AFTER ALL?! Just as worse – WHAT IF I SOMEHOW SKIP A STEP AND NOW HE WON’T DO IT FOR ME?

Looking for what to do or know.
Looking for what my part is.
Looking for how to LET go.
Looking for a greater belief.
Looking for how to be.
Looking for when on earth it would be time for me, because maybe it never would, or maybe it depended on me LOOKING!

Whereas in the end, when it happened –

I had let go fully. Repented for looking. Handed the WHOLE situation over. Entrusted it once more but this time FULLY to God. And chosen to be content in whatever Gods timing would be!

As the saying goes …

God doesn’t move fast (it certainly feels that way!), but He sure does move suddenly. And BAM. Within days of my total surrender –

THERE HE WAS. And, just as I’d prayed, in keeping with the desire I felt GOD gave me for how it would be – it was basically an immediate knowing on both sides. An ‘oh, there you are’. Both of us purpose-driven for the Kingdom and on a roll already with all that that entails. Except now we just keep going together!

It’s exactly what I wished for. Longed for. Prayed for. Believed for. And then looked endlessly for because some part of me still thought it was up to me.

Gosh I am so grateful that God continues to guide and teach us until we learn to trust in Him fully!

And it’s had me thinking a lot since then, you know?

About surrender. And trust. And the whole LOOKING thing. I knew that God’s reminder to me, when I thanked Him once more for this man, that I never needed to search, was a nod to other areas of my life where I’m still on the prowl.

“Yes I trust God, but what if I miss it?”

“Yes I know He can, but surely I should do SOMETHING?”

“Yes I want God’s plan, but what IS my bit? Is it this? Or that? This other thing?!”

The thing with knowing what our bit is, what action to take in that ever-growing faith we have in Him, is that it is simply CLEAR when God prompts us to move on a thing. To do a thing. Step forward on a thing. Walk away from a thing. And so on.

We do know how conviction feels.

We do recognise that inner witness, that inner green light.

When we say we don’t … when we wonder if God would have us do this or that … when we try to search out a plan or next step because we want to make sure we don’t miss something, or because ‘surely God wants us to put OUR effort in’, what we’re saying is –

I’m not sure I hear from God always. I don’t trust Him to guide me on what to do, and make it clear in my spirit. I believe that at least in SOME small way it is ‘up to me if it’s to be’. At the very least it’s up to me to figure out what God would have me do, and then do it!

The issue with all of this is … God doesn’t ask us to go searching for an answer, Jesus IS the answer. The things we need to know or do can only be found IN Him. So whilst there is (always!) something to learn about God and His will, we don’t go find that in our OWN knowing. Because even with the best of intentions to only follow God’s plan, if we are looking for that plan outside of looking to Him …

we are finding something that is of us. At best!

Which means that the pathway ALWAYS is:

Eyes fixed on Jesus.
Not looking to the left or the right.
EXPECTING Gods guidance and direction through His word, His Spirit, and the various ways He speaks to us.
But not ‘going looking to find, just in case’. Instead, going looking further into who HE is. Who He says YOU are. What He instructs us about life. And about how to pray and believe.

I know it’s tricky at times, infuriating even!

But HE is the way.

No matter what you are waiting on or wanting on, HE is the way.

The door to knock on, the thing to look for and seek, is HIM. And deeper relationship with Him.

Because IN that,
you will find the things you have been looking for,
simply come to be.

Perhaps not how you thought.
Perhaps your desires change and so also not WHAT you thought.

But what your spirit set right actually longs for?

And yes.
And yes.

Where do you need to apply this today?

Where have you been LOOKING, searching, for what to do or how to get or even how to be?

Where are you just DONE, just tired, of living continually on the edge in case you somehow don’t get to have, or be?

And what right now do you choose to surrender fully. To hand over and finally say Lord –

I let this be.

I will trust you.

And seek YOU.

I know you have a plan for me.

And I no longer want anything outside of that plan.

Wanna know what’s crazy?

When you quit searching for something He never asked you to figure out or find, you can finally see what He is actually leading you to do.

Which just might result in you happening upon the very thing you were working your butt off to try and make happen or ensure didn’t NOT happen.

God wants our trust.

And He wants us to understand that ALL good things, which are from Him, exist in the location of us looking to Him.

Make the Lord your lens today.

And just decide –

I don’t want anything outside of that anyway!

You’re gonna surrender fully in the end, so it might as well be now 😉

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



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You are ready willing and able to invest in yourself right now financially, as well as in the choice to step over any and all lines God shows you, and take the practical actions which come about from that, in this time.

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