5 Overlooked Reasons To Hit The Gym Tonight!

I’d like to introduce Patrick Hitches of Foundation Fitness. It’s not often I come across another blog that I feel really emulates the principles of Body Incredible, but Patrick does just that. As well as being highly knowledgeable in the staple fields of nutrition and exercise, Patrick has some really great thought-provoking articles on his blog. As you know, results only follow when the appropriate mindset is firmly in place and I think you’ll find Patrick’s expertise key in this area.

Today’s post is a guest post from Foundation Fitness. Enjoy!
If you’re already a gym rat, this is just a friendly reminder of why you choose to put in the hard work.  If you struggle to find the motivation… read, embrace and plan the work.  Then work your plan and make it happen.

1. It’s an escape. No work, No cell, No co-workers…

Insert the headphones, find your favorite playlist and let your mind drift and focus on you. This time alone invites you to “check-in” and be with your awesome and wonderful “self” for however long you choose… each and every day. Your body is yours to create… escape and get creative.

2. Reduces stress levels by releasing emotional steam

The natural endorphins that your body releases during intense training helps you deal with stress effectively, confidently and consciously.

3. Sleep tight

While great sleep is a benefit of exercise we often times forget to acknowledge, you will knock out like a light. Consequently, this makes rising in the morning much easier. The 5 cups of coffee during the day can, and should be, a thing of the past. Hit the gym. Rest. Then rise with a fresh view on life all together.

4. Live longer

So you’re exercising regularly. Your view and feeling on life as a whole has been greatly enhanced. With all the obvious benefits to your hard work, you now get to enjoy it even longer. Can it get any better? … I didn’t think so.

5. You don’t have a choice

When it comes to keeping a fit body, it truly lives by the old adage of: if you don’t use it – you will lose it. Keep your daily habits at a conscious level and continue to work on bettering yourself on all levels physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Whether you love the weights or hit the pavement with your new running shoes, get out and grab your physical fix…


Patrick Hitches

Thanks Pat! Don’t forget to check out Foundation Fitness the blog!


6 responses to “5 Overlooked Reasons To Hit The Gym Tonight!”

  1. Hugh says:

    I’m a gym/run rat, so this falls into the ‘friendly category’ reminder for me. What I just thought of after reading your post here: If you told people there was a pill or canned drink that promised, and delivered on, these 5 things, people would be banging down your door to buy it. Why, then, it is so difficult to convince people to workout is a mystery to me.

    Going to check out your site now…

  2. Kat Eden says:

    I agree … yesterday I was reading what was otherwise a great book on fasting, and the author stated ‘no-one likes to have to go to the gym and workout’ … Whaaaaa-aaat? I love working out at the gym! But it’s true that I didn’t always – when I first started I had to keep my mind focused on the outcomes I wanted, but eventually that forced habit became a lifestyle and then a passion (and career :))

  3. Carla says:

    I started going to the gym at night and it has made a difference in how I function the next day. I used to go in the morning, but I can never seem to have enough energy for the type of workouts I want.

    And yes, I DON’T have a choice!

  4. Kat Eden says:

    Fair enough; you have to do what works for you!

  5. Carla says:

    I too don’t agree with the author of the book about “no one not liking to go to the gym!” I live for the gym myself too. When I’m in the weight area, I don’t see anything there who don’t want to be there (maybe in the cardio, not not weights!)

  6. Having high quality protein and natural fiber is a plus