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New Website Partaaaayyyyyy: 1-Day Mega Flashsale on My Most Awesome Stuff!

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I am so excited!

Finally after literally 3-4 months of me going back and forth and confusing not only my team but myself (and possibly you) with what my new website and biz is all about I am … there. I’m there!

And honestly? I have never before felt this aligned with what I’m doing nor had such absolute certainty that this path is the one I was born to be on.

If you’ve ever had even a moment of absolute clarity about who you are meant to be and what you are called to do in this world you’ll know exactly what I mean.

And if you haven’t? If that road to creating your dream life is still feeling a little … rocky? Then hang around beautiful, because that’s what the freshly new minted Katrina Ruth site is all about – making YOUR dreams your reality.


As part of the official welcome and launch par-taaaayyyyy of my new website I have a ton of exciting goodies and freebies for you.

Yesterday I officially released my Clarity & Abundance Podcast Meditation (yours free, just pop your deets in top right) and went live with my new online TV show Kat Live. (click the Kat live image on the right side to access my You Tube channel and new Kat Live episodes.

And today! Well – today there are a bunch of awesome new Launch Party goodies going live on my Facebook page (don’t miss it, click like over here) including a 1-day Mega Flashsale on My Most Awesome eBooks and Online Products!

***One Day Only!***


Health Coach Wealth Seminar Recordings – available now!

My Health Coach Wealth Seminar back in May sold out quickly, so I ended up deciding to record it!

In case you’re wondering you do NOT have to be in the health industry. What you have to be, is an entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the making who wants to build an absolutely fabulous online business doing what they love, helping tons of people, and living a life less ordinary!  …all I can say is there is not a chance in hell you will regret listening. I have absolutely jammed this day full of step-by-step how to’s so that you too can create your 30K p/month (plus!!) online biz, doing what you love. It’s totally doable. All you need to do is be willing to learn and let me show you the way!

Click here to check the recordings out and grab a discounted rate in today’s Mega Flash Sale. Comprehensive Manual/Workbook included; start your dream biz today!

My Eat Clean Get Lean Eating Plan – HALF PRICE!

eat clean get lean 3dStruggling to get the body you want?
My eating plan will show you how to eat right effortlessly to get the body you want, including recipes, meal plans, how to eat, what to eat and MUCH more.
Get half price off my most bestest best-selling ebook, my Eat Clean Get Lean plan in today’s flashsale! Simply check out on the Eating Plan page to receive your 50% discount!
And you get 8 FREE bonuses when you grab your copy today!
"look great naked eating plan"

My Look Great Naked Training Plan – HALF PRICE!

LGN Training Plan 3Dv3

Take the confusion out of your training and finally get results!

My training plan gives you over 12 months worth of video + written training programs for home or gym, from beginner to gym queen! I’ll teach you everything you need to know about training, including the nutrition + motivation/mindset side, and you’ll learn exactly how to train for maximum fat loss and body sculpting.
Get half price off this incredibly comprehensive DVD program and workbook in today’s flashsale. Simply check out on the Training Plan page to receive your 50% discount!
And receive 4 FREE bonuses when you grab yours today!

Secrets of Lasting Weight Loss Revealed – HALF PRICE!

"Katrina Ruth books"Click here to read about the book and my own transformation story.
This book is my first ever ebook and is a ‘choose your own adventure’ approach to weight loss and health. You’ll start by filling out a series of short questionnaires designed to highlight where YOU most need to focus. The book covers nutrition, mindset, motivation, lifestyle, stress, digestion and MUCH more.
Please note: Your 50% discount has already been applied and will stay live for the next 24 hours!

Beat Emotional Eating Home-Study DVD Course and Workbook – Half Price!

"beat binge eating"

Struggling with binge or emotional eating? I spent over a decade stuffing my face in private. Trying to push down stress, fear, just trying to deal with a life not quite on purpose; one in which I pretended everything was fine. I came across as successful, driven, in shape. Binge eaters are typically the ones others look up to and wonder at. Inside I felt broken and a complete sham, and unable to escape.

Receive a readers only discount of 50% when you order this course today, and get instant access! Click here to read all about this course and how it will help you break free of food bondage for life.

Free Shipping on Organic Protein in 8 Yummy Flavours – Plus a Free Mini Recipe Book!

Organic and YUMMY protein, perfect for after training or just when you’re on the go. Shipping is normally $10-$20, depending on order size. Click here to visit the store.

Free ‘Fat Burning’ Protein Recipe Ideas Booklet with Your Order!

With each order you’ll receive a free mini recipe ebook sent to you, including my favourite fat-burning recipe ideas!

Woman Incredible Protein is perfect for you if:

  • You’re constantly on the go and don’t always eat as well as you should

  • You can’t stomach solid food straight after training or first thing in the morning

  • You’re a late night snacker

  • You want something sweet in the afternoon but don’t want to eat junk

  • You want to get lean fast!

Please note shipping on this is only available in Australia.

Happy mega flash sale beautiful – and welcome again to my official new home on the ‘web. Here’s to you, living with passion and changing your world!

Launch Party Summary So Far – Make Sure You Haven’t Missed Out!

Celebrating the official launch of my new website – Live with Passion. Change Your World – all week this week is a party! LOADS of freebies, downloads, giveaways, competitions and more. Here’s what you may have missed >>>


My free Clarity & Abundance Podcast Meditation at – get clear on what you really want, how to start getting it, and how to welcome true and infinite abundance into your life.


My new Online TV Show Kat Live:

>>> Episode 1 – You Gotta Have Faith:

>>> Episode 2 – How to Beat Overwhelm in Business:

WIN $200

Any of my launch celebration images (which you can find on Facebook) AND comment by tagging your own name below the pic to go in the draw to win a free $200 gift voucher to use on any of my numerous online books or courses, including my best-selling Look Great Naked Eating Plan, Look Great Naked Training Plan, Look Great Naked Bootcamp and my Overcome Emotional Eating Home-Study DVD Series – amongst other things! Winner announced at the end of the launch party!


Shout out if you are a female entrepreneur or one in the making! As part of this weeks mega launch party I have opened up 4 new places for FREE business strategy consults.

This is a chance to get into the nitty gritty of what YOU want for your business and walk out with ‘how-tos’ and recommendations you can put to use right away!

Apply for your free half hour strategy sess at


Still to come in the launch party are MORE giveaways and new goodies, an exciting new announcement on how to work with me to create your dream life, transformative articles and downloads and more! We are partying all week!

Life is Now. Press Play.

Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 8.48.37 AM



10 Days of Live Soul Transmissions, to Help You Find and Follow the Messages Within

Day 1) Trust

Day 2) Certainty

Day 3) Self-Belief

Day 4) Empire Creation

Day 5) Your Deepest Message

Day 6) Following Soul Guidance in All Areas

Day 7) Faith vs Fear

Day 8) Accessing Flow, and Superflow

Day 9) Expanding Time

Day 10) Expanding Money

Every day will be a LIVE soul led transmission.

This will take place on Facebook video, held at a variety of times in order to account for varying time zones, and scheduled only once we have begun. Our daily soul transmissions will be guided from MY higher self and directed from and for YOURS, to help you find and FOLLOW the messages within. The messages of your spirit, your consciousness, of the who you’ve always been and yet have managed quite well to cover up a lot of the time.

This is about stripping away –

And getting back to the CORE.

We’ll dive day by day into the above mentioned areas –

And you’ll receive all content and bonuses to keep for life.

There will be daily spirit prompts which you’ll receive after each training.

And plenty of time opportunity connect with me throughout, receive transmissions direct to YOUR questions, and absorb more even than what comes through on the trainings, via the energy we’ll create in this collective!

It’s very rare for me to know in advance exactly what is coming through day to day.

I certainly don’t have the details of each day’s content. But I know that these areas have been on my heart to talk about, in particular around belief, around certainty, around living from FAITH.

We know that exactly what is meant to come through for you WILL, and then some. And that if you intend and allow for it to, it will change, most likely before we even begin, due to your energetic commitment, the direction of your LIFE!

Meaning: direct it back to absolute soul alignment.

*** NEVER Seen Before Bonus! ***

As part of this, I’ve been guided to offer a NEVER before seen bonus … one I feel super vulnerable about sharing!

It’s the exact journaling I did to allow the download of THIS offer through. How I allowed the idea to bubble up. You’ll see my doubt, uncertainty, annoyance. You’ll see what I discarded. How I went through the layers. And how I KNEW, this was the one.

I’ll ALSO add in copies (screenshots) of my conversation with my COO Ash, where I was talking through the idea and allowing it to come to life.

I want to show you the exact Idea to Launch process!

This bonus alone is EASILY worth the cost of this program, particularly when you hear the mindset side of it, in terms of STAYING THE COURSE and refusing to back away from my self until the idea showed up!

I refuse not to create!!

AND, when you register for EXPANSION today (and how could you not?!) you’ll also receive early access to the Pre-Work. This is ALSO never seen before, and brand new just for you – and it’s a guided meditation on remembrance, to help you connect back to deepest self and the most certain truth of your destiny, before we even begin.

Perfect priming, for when we expand RAPIDLY into all that is coming through in this work!

Of course I could now go on and on here, about what I could or should have charged for this, and what it’s actually going to be …

Or about all my accomplishments on line and off, with money, with purpose, with passion, with flow …

I think you know all this anyway. Even if you just me! Your soul feels what matters. And that’s ALL that matters.

But I will say this:

You’ve always known it’s supposed to be about ALL that is inside of you. That it’s meant to COME from a place of purpose, passion, and SUPER super flow. And that if you just.freaking.trusted, and showed up FULLY from that place, you’d be living in a different reality already.


If that’s true for you right now, then LET’S GO CREATE THAT REALITY.

Right now

Press play for regular, (super fuck yes!!) upfront or payment plan


Press play like a VIP, and receive the full course, plus 10 days direct photos or screenshots of my ACTUAL personal journaling, so you can see how I create and expand my life, PLUS a VIP only follow-on live Hotseat, where you’ll receive a personal transmission just for you, if you’d like one! Payment plan also available.


We start Monday 17 December, US time!

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