When you’re running here and there and everywhere, you feel like you’re all over the place and you’ve no idea where to BE,

the answer is always in quiet

in servitude

and in still waters running deep.

You might pause, and ask –

“God, please show me where my focus should be.

Show me the way.

Show me where the money is today, where the clarity is, what it is I am to KNOW,

and the moves I need to make.”

You might stop then, and give thanks, if you’d like, taking note of where you already receive and know so MUCH.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you!

And then –

“Please show me what’s next.”

Show me.

Show me.

Show me!

You might ask specifically, for whatever it is you want, what’s on your heart, and what you need.

“Lord, I need _____ today please.

What am I not seeing?

What am I missing?

What do I need to know?

What would you have me say?”

When you feel as though you’re here and there and all over the place, and no idea how to just BE,

the answer is ALWAYS in stillness,

in service,

and ultimately,

in you.

Pause, after you pray, and take time to wait. Be WILLING to wait until you’re shown, and know that you WILL be.

Some questions you can ask yourself are –

– What do I actually believe in (in what I am doing)?

– What do I know is true?

– What do I know needs to go?

– Where is a deeper and more certain trust the vibe?

And again –

“God, show me your will for today in this part of my life!”

The reality we so often run from, and avoid, is that we do always know. The way is ALWAYS clear. The answer is always available, if we’re willing to look.

And whilst it may be true that at times there are reasons NOT to see, NOT to follow truth, NOT to know what we do in fact know … lessons to be learned, and so perhaps you can look there, ‘why would I choose this right now?!’ …

In the end, it’s as simple and as powerful as this:

You WILL give in what’s inside of you.

So what if you just admitted it now,

and went all the gee-darn way in on THAT?

Quit making it so complicated,

when the backward-looking response is always that you did in fact already know.