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You can choose to release the guilt, choose to release the shame, choose to release the bullshit, choose to release the story, drop ALL of it, now, and there’s nothing that’s stopping you, except for –


You can choose to say FUCK it, to the rules, of behaviour, the ones you rail against and RAGE against, and you get so damn ANGRY, and “WHY DID THEY DO THIS TO ME”, when really you know though, that the only place it’s coming from is always, has always been, CAN always onLY be –


You can choose to say no!
And to stamp your feet in fury!
And to wail and to roar and to REFUSE to do ANY of it, you can choose whatever the fuck you DESIRE, it’s available NOW, and


You know this
You’re FULLY aware of it
You’re living and breathing with it

As you look in the mirror
Adjust your hair just so
Re-arrange your face from the raw and bloody and gory mess it IS, into something
The mask
Back where it was always been
Has always been
The face behind which you create the dream

Just a pity –
Don’t you think?
That it was someone else’s dream

Just a shame –
Isn’t it?

And you look in the mirror and you straighten and square yourself JUST so, and yes. Yes. Yes. THIS LOOKS NICE, I’m so PRETTY and now –

People will like me
People will accept me
People will even ADORE me, perhaps

And the only person who will know that they NEVER COULD POSSIBLY LIKE OR ACCEPT OR ADORE YOU BECAUSE YOU WERE NEVER FUCKING YOU, was always, and only –


But it doesn’t matter! Why would it matter! That you build the entire thing on a LIE, that you build a foundation which is a house of CARDS, that you’re giving your LIFE for the God.damn.EVERYTHING that is not THE thing, why would it MATTER –


Are you KIDDING me?

Are you out of your tiny masked-up MIND?

YOU shriek back at ME, when I ask such a RIDICULOUS THING, but yet it’s still YOU –

Who is living this way.

I don’t have time.
I’m not ready.
I don’t know how.
I can’t!
What will they say!
What about this and about that and by the way, please tell me – 

IS it the right phase of the moon?
CAN I really?
AM I ready?
I need a sign, yes that’s it, a sign – !

To tell me everything I always fucking knew and never could NOT know.

– She says scornfully

With a flick of her hair, and a reminder to her own soul, that yes –

I’ve been there.

I’ve been where you are, I know this place, I know OF this place, and I prefer, if you don’t MIND too much at all –

Not too speak of it.

Perhaps just a little.

To SCARE me back to my core.

But since you insist.
Since you keep bringing it up.
Since you THROW IT IN MY FACE and the rest of the worlds ALSO, that you bloody-mindedly CONTINUE to give your life for EVERYTHING except your soul –

YES I will see you and yes I will RAISE you, one look of – me?!


YOU who was born for it, who has lived and breathed it, who IS it, who came here as a vessel, a channel, to BE the place from whence will come –

A river flooding over of POWER and of BRILLIANCE and of magnetic.fucking.I don’t even KNOW what.


You are going to live like this.

Like THEM.

O …. kaayyyyyy

I thought


I suppose I thought

That you were one of us

That you came here to TEAR SHIT LIMB FROM LIMB, to turn the world on its tail before BREAKFAST, to dance on top of it, to SCREAM to the heavens and from the heavens, all at the same time

That’s what I thought



I see now

I see that you’re, hmmm, how do I say?

Like …

A SHADOW version of us.

Of the ones who were called.

Perhaps you’re the shadow, yes, that’s it.

And your role is actually to remind US of what we CONSCIOUSLY CHOSE TO TURN OUR FUCKING BACKS ON.

Lest we forget.




Take what was GIVEN to you, what you were CREATED for, and squander it like this.

It’s outrageous.
It’s vile.
And it’s enough.

You say you were born for more, and you’ve never actually questioned it, really.

Even in the darkest of days and the deepest of fear, the TRUTH is, you’ve never fucking QUESTIONED it.

You know what you know.

It is what it is.

And that is just HOW it is.

But someday –

One day –

The final bell will toll

And you’ll look back

And I PROMISE you, here is what you will NOT say –

“I’m so fucking glad I waited so long to press play”


Maybe it’s just that this is why you came,

After all

To remind the rest of us,

Of what not to live for

Either way –

Thank you for playing

Thank you for being here

Thank you for showing up


As you do

And well done …

For making your choice.

Just as it is.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Here’s the thing girlfriend.




You came here to be all of you, be all of you now.

And now?

It’s time.


10 Days with Katrina Ruth to Wake You Back Up to You. And Unleash the Game You’re Done Waiting For.

Day 1 LIVE Asskickery shooting into your soul in just a few days time!

DAILY you + me + God + soul to follow.


Is the do/not/miss time going into you that you’re soul has been hungering for and it’s it!

Here’s how it’s going down:

> 10 Days ALL new live online course with Katrina Ruth

> DAILY asskickery | activation | bulletproof coffee up the booty (that’s me)

> DAILY journal prompts | worksheets | exercises to get you going and flowing into ALL of you


> (this is crazy!) DAILY bonuses to help you implement our IDENTITY work in different areas of your business. Money. Body. Relationships. Life! Application of what we are working on out the wazoo!

> All trainings recorded and yours to keep for life in your Katrina Ruth Members Dashboard (training times will be announced day by day as we begin. Day 1 live asskickery at XXXX. Training times will vary day to day to account for students all around the world!

> Live Facebook Group with Kat and the #KatNinjas throughout

> IMMEDIATE and then DAILY and then FOREVER AFTER switch flickin’ into YOU as soon as you say yes! (That is just how this works).

What to expect, from this time together?

Every.single.thing. you’ve always known was there within.

> Certainty. Of soul, of God, of what flow requires, of, well, everything.
> Ability to always know the right decision to make, and how to make it. NO MATTER WHAT.
> Courage and abilily and inner strength to then ACT as you need to
> Ability and soul certainty walk away. Know what to walk away from. Shred and burn. Immediately and as required. Amen.
> ALWAYS ability to access flow. Message certainty. Soul guidance on what you create, unleash, how, to whom.
> Magnetism. Activated. From within. To and from your soul peeps. In all areas.
> Money certainty, where it comes from, how to inhale / exhale it, infinitely, PEACE on this.
> Peace. In general. Where it comes from. How to be IN it. How to return to it when it seems far away.
> Moving through the ‘woods’ of business, of life, of you. Recognising it. Being okay with it!
> Leaning in. Surrender. The things that go with this. How to let it be easy, happy, a joy!
> JOY. From God. From within. All THROUGH you. AS IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
> Forgiveness, and grace. Where you know it comes from. How to receive it fully.
> RECEIVING. Unlocking the portals to. Opening up the floodgates. Seeing where you dial it back. Stopping that shit!
> Turning up the dial in all areas. What it means, and how.
> BEING the mofo light. Being all of it. Owning your too muchness! SWAYING with it.
> Being in the dance with God and soul and life and ALWAYS knowing your next move. ALL of that. And so much more.
> Creating. Being the artist the messenger the performer the leader the shift the YOU, who just lets it flood out. Knowing what works. Does not. How to release. Go deeper. And also? Sell TF outta that game.
> Being the leader NOW. Appointing yourself. What it means and why you’re already pre-approved.
> BIRTHRIGHT. Accessing and owning your soul blueprint. The blueprint of YOU. Of purpose. And destiny. And truth. Let’s go!

You want more?

There’s so much more.

^^ This? Is the warm-up, the first bit of what dropped through to me when I felt in to this, allowed it to come through, for you.

We will see what unfolds,
when it unfolds,
when we enter this dance,

But what this is really about, and why you know you need to be here?

You’re done with playing the game of waiting to play the damn game.

Identity, baby.


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