If you trusted yourself and backed yourself without questioning, were comfortable owning your standards and your truth, unapologetically just chose everything you knew it is time for, tell me –

What would be different right now?

The reality is that the outcomes you want, in every different area of your life, and by outcomes I want I mean the ones you are shown and KNOW, somewhere in the place where you forgot to be scared, are ‘meant’ for you, those outcomes are available right now.

GET COMFORTABLE OWNING YOUR STANDARDS AND TRUTHThey are a literal one-two-three step choice, and often without the steps. A literal choice.

These outcomes exist in the place where:

– it is just how it is that you trust yourself and back yourself, no questions asked

– you do this as a matter of course, and you understand that it’s a choice not an emotion or feeling to do so

– you have a personal policy of comfortably owning your standards without apology or justification

– which means you accept who you are, again – no apology, no justification, and also no back and forth wretchedly in your mind as to whether or not you SHOULD, because ‘blah blah reasons that mean maybe I should change who I am’

– you choose the things you think of, dream of, are shown as possible or ‘one day’ for you, and you choose them now

– you do so in some ways almost clinically – methodically – because that IS just what you do, and how you’ve decided to do YOU, boo, rather than … because every man and their dog made it permissible for you to do so

– you do not allow fear to play a part in whether or not the above is true. You address fears, doubts, uncertainties and ‘your stuff’ for its own sake … not SO that you’re allowed to press play

And this is what we’re talking about. The simple reality that there is no THING for you to do, shift, or be, in order for you to be ready, permitted, worthy, of pressing play.

How to know it’s time to press play?


You thought of the new killer project, brand, investment, idea.

You got excited about the possibility of the new offering, commitment, move.

A spark ran through you.

Something expanded you.

An idea grabbed hold of you!

In the end, it is as simple and also as painfully real as this:

You are either the person who chose to say yes to the things she was shown, dropped the BS about making it about her own stuff and just WENT for it,

or you’ll die for that bullshit and the fact that you made that more real than what you made it to just do your damn job.

The job of being ALL of you, babe, what else?