I Can’t Give Up Bread! My Body Needs It!

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“I think you just have to listen to your body sometimes, don’t you? For example, all I’ve felt like eating the past 3 months is pretty much bread and pasta. I don’t know why, but I really think that your body actually knows what the right foods are for you”

This is an actual conversation that I overhead this morning whilst enjoying my morning coffee and some gratitude journaling. And all I can say is ….. sigh.

Especially because the follow on a few minutes later was this:

“It just doesn’t seem to be a good time for me to exercise at the moment. Everything is constantly aching, and I’ve had so many neck problems. It’s probably best if I just focus on walking.”

This kind of reminds me of the time I read an interview with Aussie radio jock Kyle Sandilands, in which one side of the page mentioned his 30+ daily coffee habit (not to mention the 4+ litres of Coca-Cola), and the other side mentioned the fact that he has an on-call 24/7 doctor due to the fact that he suffers debilitating and unexplained migraines.

Seriously people – has it come to this? Have we been so brainwashed by conventional wisdom that we can honestly even think about kidding ourselves that a diet based around processed grains could be ‘just what my body needs at the moment’.

Again I say sigh.

the truth about listening to your body

It’s true that your body can tell you exactly what you need to look, feel and function at your very best. Intrinsically, if you give it half a chance, your body has the ability to send very clear signals as to what is right for your individualised nutritional needs. But here’s the thing. If you’re listening to your body and it’s telling you that you ‘need’ processed foods, then it’s time to change channels. Your body needs real food. Period. Start eating food in it’s natural state 90% of the time, include proteins, good fats, and healthy carbs such as seasonal green vegies at each meal, and then step back and listen to what your body is asking for.

I guarantee it’ll be singing a different tune.

Your thoughts?

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15 responses to “I Can’t Give Up Bread! My Body Needs It!”

  1. Kat, regarding listening to your body.
    So many people are what is called “energetically switched” that they cannot listen to the true needs (their SELF) of the body.
    “Switching” is a biological-kinesiological phenomenon where the flow of “energy” is reversed from the ideal norm.
    As in Polarity treatment, the flow should generally be from the left side hand to the right hand and through the body. People who are “switched” flow the opposite direction.
    Unless that is reversed, these people are typically unreasonable, irrational, antisocial, unwise, critical, and very much unhealthy, etc.
    A simple, gentle slap on the back is often all that is needed to “wake” them up.
    Kinesiologically other techniques are available.
    Nutritionally, staying on a health-promoting nutritional intake pattern is the best for constsnt left-to-right (L-R) flow, and thus health
    Judging from the artificial foods (confections) people eat these days it is no wonder that most of us are switched.
    ALSO: when you meet and hug people whom you know are reasonable generally, you do not want to slap them 3 (three) times on the back, because that will throw-off their L-R flow. i.e. one time is switched, 2 times is OK again , the third time is switched again.
    Two times would be best.
    If you can approach an unreasonable etc. person, reach for their hand, hold it firmly, and slap them firmly-politely, once (1 X) on the upper arm near the shoulder, and you might find them to change.

  2. Manj says:

    Dear Kat,
    You’re spot on, as usual. I can’t believe the amount of times I myself hear the same sorts of nonsense….Why on earth is it okay to eat crap?! Thanks for sharing your insights and knowledge, you’re a gem.

  3. Brenda says:

    I guess it didn’t occur to the guy that he has a carb addiction. Just because we crave something that doesn’t mean that is what our body needs. An alcoholic doesn’t need to keep drinking………he is driven by his addiction. It is so typical for people, even today, to not connect how they feel with what they eat.

    • Kat says:

      @ Brenda, yes I think most people never even think about the idea of listening to their body!

      @ Manj – my pleasure 🙂

      @ Debora – yes, I do eat most of my meat raw. Quality meat only, thinly sliced, marinated with oil and pepper is my fave. I’m pretty sure you were being sarcastic there, but you’re bang on!

      @ Pieter – unusual approach, not one I’ve heard of before …

  4. Debora says:

    “Start eating food in it’s natural state 90% of the time, include proteins”
    You’re eating your meat raw now? After all, frying meat is just as much processing as baking bread!

    You’re dead on about the two examples. If you crave something and you’re body suffers you need to figure out what you’re doing to yourself. But I’ve never been convinced about this unprocessed thing.

  5. Brenda says:

    Kat……………I must have missed something along the way………I was not aware that you eat your meat raw? All animal protein? By saying you eat 90% in it’s natural state sounds like you are a total raw foodist, but even if you only eat your meat raw that doesn’t seem to reflect the recipes you send out? I have read some about eating “raw” and it confuses me. It sort of makes sense but then again people have not eaten “raw” most of their existence……right? I sort of wish I could get to the bottom of this in my mind……because I have David Wolf e-mails that confuse me……plus Dr. Mercola.

  6. Frances says:

    The Japanese have been eating thinly sliced marinated meats for a very long time… so no surprise its good for you or that your doing it Kat!

    Interesting input on polarity/kinesiology, very powerful indeed…

  7. Nora says:

    Really Kat? You eat most of your meat raw? I can understand sashimi and steak tartare, but does chicken actually taste good raw? Anytime I look at raw chicken I just think about how good it is going to taste after I grill it. Would you say that searing or lightly cooking meat is better (nutrition-wise) than fully cooking it?

    I also have a quick question about coconut oil…do you keep it in the fridge or do you keep it in a cool cabinet after it has been opened? I read somewhere that storing it in the fridge will make it last longer, but after I put it in the fridge for about 2 days it turned really hard and I pretty much have to shave it out of the jar.

    Thanks so much for always answering questions! Have a great day!

  8. Kat Eden says:

    You’re right; I don’t like chicken raw very much, and I don’t actually eat much chicken, mainly red meat. Eggs I cook!! Yes, I’d definitely say the less you cook it the better, I always eat any cooked meat rare.

    Coconut oil, in a cupboard 🙂 it doesn’t last long in my house anyway!

    You have a great day too!

  9. Hugh says:

    It sounds like this person’s brain has an addiction to the carbs –> sugar –> dopamine in the brain. In a way, he is listening to his body, but he’s getting the wrong signals.

    Don’t get me wrong – this guy’s brain isn’t making all the decisions. The guy is copping out by making excuses for himself, for not exercising, for “needing” to eat bread and pasta. I’m glad we healthy people don’t have that luxury of making excuses about our health and fitness.

  10. William Maki says:

    Good information! I will have to share your blog with friends!