The truth is that you are the only gatekeeper, and there is nothing that you need or require in order for you to NOW become that next you who you wish you could be.

​When you get there … when you tell the story of how you got there, what you did, and how it all went down … it is not going to be “and then they gave me permission”.

​It is not going to be “and then life qualified and certified me”.

​It is also not going to be “and then I was deemed worthy, and allowed”.

​It IS going to be:

​”And then I mofo decided”.

​Take an area of your life, perhaps a project or some other big thing you’d love to bring to life, perhaps some new part of business you’d love to bring through, perhaps the types of clients you’re now ready to work with and want to figure out how to find or call in, perhaps an entirely new business altogether, perhaps an entirely new you!

​And now ask yourself:

​”What is it I think I have to do,

​pass through,

​figure out,

​or become,

​in order to have this thing come to life?”

​It could be that there appear to be extremely REAL gatekeepers … conditions … ‘ways it has to be or is done’. It COULD be that you’d even want to rage against me if I said that actually it is STILL just up to you. “No, Kat, you don’t understand! These are the RULES! This is just how it IS!”

But whether it’s supposedly ‘real’ stuff stopping you, or whether it’s the simple and equally ‘real’ fact that you don’t know how or if you’ll get away with it or if you can really plant that next flag, well –

and what if you just did?

What if you just DECIDED to flip into that ‘enough is enough’ / ‘fuck this shit’ energy which we all have inside of us and you just decided to ACTIVATE.

The charge.

The power that comes from BEYOND.


I mean … if you HAD to…

If you TRULY reached a breaking point…

If NOT doing so was going to mean something TERRIBLE…

you would.

you could.

The End.

But baby –

NOT doing so IS going to mean something terrible. If you call ‘terrible’ not pressing play on your damn LIFE.

And –

DOING so, despite all the reasons why you can’t or don’t know how, well – it’s gonna mean something WONDERFUL.

You know?

But, hmm, well, I don’t know.

Maybe the reason you don’t actually just draw that line, plant that flag, freakin’ BECOME because you are so mofo done with your own BS about why you CAN’T, maybe the reason you don’t activate that ALWAYS available supernatural superflow superFLY part of you is, well –

You actually don’t wanna. On some level.

You actually don’t know who you’d be if you no longer had that thing hanging over you, that you have to one day strive for, earn, figure out.

You actually don’t know how you’d even FUNCTION if you were just – there.

And maybe this is what we’re really talking about.

The fact that you don’t only LIKE the push and burn, you were born for it and you NEED it.


you can get that shit just because well, there’s always a deeper level to choose into. And also you can get that push, that burn, that ‘I don’t know if I can’t, or (let’s say it as it is) that sense of fighting against your own not enough-ness just because, well –

you can choose the energy of it.

If you like.

Or, you can opt out of needing it. That’s another option! If you like.

But either way …

there is no freakin’ ACTUAL reason you can’t already just go there now.


You didn’t decide.

Make it more complex than that if you like!

Or –

go plant the damn flag, and then move on to the next thing.

You will look back. And you will say –