Success/Success Mindset

More than enough time, more than enough money, more than enough knowledge, more than enough access, now go!

Imagine you had the time you need, all the time, the time you wish you had, to TAKE your time, and do only what you feel.

Who would you be?

What would you do?

What next?

And how?

Imagine you had the money you need, all the money, and so much more besides, an endless stream of it, more than you could use, even if you tried – !

Who would you be?

What would you do?

What else?

And how?

Imagine you had the knowledge you need! The knowledge, the certainty, the certain FLOW of ideas, like an endless stream of power, and truth, and wow!

Who would you be?

What would you let through?

What else?

What else still?!

And how?

Imagine you had the access you need. The access to the great beyond. To the ALL of what it actually means to be human. To the all of what it actually means to be you, and to be supported by God, by life, by your own innermost truth, the way YOU,

always knew

that it should be.

Who would you be?

What would you CHOOSE?

What more?

And when?

There is so much. So much more. So VERY much more. (And you know this).

Than what you are currently choosing.

Than what you currently pretend you only know.

Than what you currently say yes to,

choose time for,

choose flow.

There is so much more. So VERY much more. So much that you’d already be allowing through you and from you and to run all over and past you, to drip off your chin and right onto the damn floor, until you’re so soaked through with it that you’ve no idea where you end,

and it begins.


The relentless flow of superflow of supernatural truth of super-conscious YOU.

The tapped in-edness.

The place where soul certainty lives, breathes, thrives.

The place where your UNcertainty, your UNknowing, your fear, your doubt, your unBEING that fullest and most fully expressed version of you is forgotten, because you’ve remembered,

what you always knew

and how easy it is to just bypass the ‘CAN’T’,

when you just DO


And that’s the thing, isn’t it?

It’s all just a beautiful horrible wonderful choose-your-own-adventure illusion.

The time you want?

The money freedom and flow?

The knowledge, creativity, and wisdom?

The soul certain badass warrior queen YOU?

The way it WOULD be if only you already had, could grasp, hold onto, figure out THAT?

It’s yours when you close your eyes

click your ruby red heels together twice

and spin around and see it


just open your eyes know and see it.

No spinning required.