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Success Mindset


It’s not going to happen.

Do you realise this? The way you’re doing it right now, the way you’re trying to ‘make’ it work, wait for it to work, let it work, hope it works, expect and know and think that it SHOULD work, one day, ’cause after all – !

It’s destiny, baby, and what I was BORN for!

None of that means it’s going to happen.

It is NOT going to happen.

Not now –

And not ever, not UNLESS.


Unless you get the fuck up and say oh HOH bitch, it JUST fucking happened! Ba-da-boom.

How you gonna say that though, unless it JUST fucking happened?!

Well, obviously you’re going to have to go and MAKE it happen, but let’s be clear, since I already mentioned that THAT doesn’t work –

There’s I’m trying to make it happen, I really am, I’m showing up, I’m doing the ‘work’,

And then there is I MADE it fucking happen.

Think back –

Think back to the things in your life, perhaps in your business, which you HAVE made happen.

What are some of your most holy shit incredible accomplishments?

Perhaps something which came out of nowhere, left you breathless and with your head spinning and in an INSTANT, changed your life –

Or perhaps something you’d been hoping | wishing | praying for for GOD knows how long, and then one day you just got freakin’ SICK of it, sick of your own BULLSHIT, you said fuck THIS shit, you clicked your fingers, and tapped your ruby red heels together, and BOOM –

It was done.

Is it true or IS IT TRUE that THAT shit, the stuff you MADE happen, happened like magic, like woah, in a second, it seemed impossible, almost still does, even now when you look back, because something shifted and enough was enough and you just DECIDED.

You decided –

“Fuck this shit.
I don’t even CARE how.
It is DONE”

And for the first time, you meant it, and you FELT it, you felt it BEING done, that visceral shift where you just KNEW that nothing and nobody, not least your own sorry stories, was going to any longer stop you.


Is the ONLY way it works. It’s the only way that any of it works.

So, let’s talk about fame.

Let’s talk about being born for it.

Let’s talk about being the 1% within the 1%, motherfucker, and KNOWING that your message is supposed to change people’s LIVES, knowing that everything you feel and see inside of you is real and HAS to happen.

And by the way, since we’re having this convo and all –

Enough with the ‘I don’t really care about fame or fortune bullshit’!

Is it really that you don’t care? Or is it that you’ve somewhere along the way decided that that shit would come at a cost you don’t want to pay, or that MAYBE YOU’RE JUST NOT WORTH IT?

Lemme tell you –

a) NOTHING comes at a cost you don’t want to pay, the whole damn point is you always DO wanna pay the price, that’s how alignment and living what’s in your soul WORKS, but generally fear makes you frozen, and you become terrified or resistant to doing so

b) You’re fucking worth it. You were BORN worth it, and beneath all the fear nonsense, and the ‘I don’t know howwwwww’ whininess, you DO know this. So there.

Which means that the fact that you aren’t ‘there’ yet, wherever it is you purport that you should be or thought you WOULD be by now, is entirely –

And squarely –

On you.

Specifically, it’s on the fact that you ACTUALLY haven’t decided yet. You haven’t flicked that switch, made the ‘fuck this shit and I don’t even CARE how; it’s DONE’ deep gut decision, and instead you are walking around –

Making feeble little attempts here –

And posting boring and bland shit there –

And then wondering why it’s just TAKING so long.


It never TAKES ‘so long’, it is NEVER a drawn out process when the true decision has been made. The SECOND you flick that switch you FEEL it done, and then the physical reality just catches the fuck up.

In a ‘human time’ sense, this may take a day or a thousand of ’em, but you don’t NOTICE, it doesn’t feel like something that’s slow-going and drawn out, ’cause you be flying along in the superflow zone baby!

When it feels slow-going
Hard to come by
And drawn out
And draining

This is a CERTAIN FUCKING SIGN YOU HAVEN’T GONE ALL IN YET, you haven’t truly DECIDE, ’cause if you HAD, then you’d just KNOW it’s coming, already, and you wouldn’t need to worry yourself about it, WOULD you now?

I’m right 

So, you’d just go about the business of being you, being present in the NOW, and living your damn LIFE!

What does THIS moment right here ask of me, what does my soul guide and command me to do right NOW? That’d be all you’d ever be concerning yourself with, and then you’d DO it.

Trusting trusting trusting that of COURSE you’re doing exactly what you need to do and of COURSE you are on path, because that is just who you are and how it IS, and as for, oh, what’s that now? That outcome you’re waitin’ on and working towards, hahahaha, don’t be silly –

There’s nothing I ever need to do to create shit
I created it in my MIND bitch
It’s already DONE
I expect it at any moment in the human realm
And I’m completely fucking at peace, content, present and in attendance right NOW, in the meanwhile


That’d be like ordering a meal in a restaurant, and then standing guard in the kitchen or getting amongst it yourself, for fear the meal otherwise wouldn’t arrive.

Doh, you ordered it, of course it’s coming, and whilst it would be nice for it to come INSTANTLY, which sometimes it seems to just do, anyhow, either way YOU are kicking back living your best life and having the most badass time ever, so, whatever –

It’ll be there when it’s there but it WILL be there.

This fame thing.
This fortune thing.
This impact thing.
This making millions and transforming millions with your message thing.
This MO-ney thing.

ALL of it depends, quite simply, on you deciding that you’re actually NOT going to concern yourself, for a second longer, with how it’s gonna happen or what you should or shouldn’t do.

And that you will quit doing a SINGLE thing to try and GET there.

ANYTHING which is coming from ego or ‘I should’, gets to go.

And instead?

You’re going to take charge.

You wanna be famous, you wanna be known everywhere, you wanna be rich as fuck and live your purpose?

Stop waiting for the world to notice you, or come find you.

The answer is, and always has been, you BUILD it, and they, the so-called ‘gatekeepers’, will come to YOU. Assuming you even still want or need them!

As for how you build it –

Why, isn’t it obvious?

You become it.

By deciding.

And then you repeat.

Every day.

How long?

Duh, till you die of course.

What, you were planning to live for something you DON’T wanna die for?

If you’d decided –
And you knew it was done –
And you were no longer waiting on even the TINIEST bit of approval or validation or permission –
Pray tell –

What would you be doing right now?

That’s all.

Now don’t forget – !

Life is Now. Press Play.



EMPRESS is here gorgeous, and the countdown is on! 5 days until we begin!

Are you ready to build it by BECOMING it? Are you SO freakin’ done with waiting, wishing, ONE day-ing, your LIFE?


It’s time.


Let’s go!

EMPRESS: Claim Your Rightful Place, NOW. 5 Days To Begin!

4 Weeks 1:1 With Katrina Ruth, For Women Unapologetically Born for More.

*** Begins June 25; 20 Places Only; Selling Fast! ***

This is what is missing:

You –

You’re a Queen, a leader, a badass, we KNOW this, you were born for it and it shines out of every pore of you, but more than that, you’re a motherfucking EMPRESS, gorgeous, you’ve ALWAYS known this, and let’s get real now:

(it might sting a little)

This whole LITTLE game you’re playing, of “I’m a COACH, and I teach this, or that, or the other thing, join my program, sign up for my stuff, I’ll teach you HOW, and show you the process and how I can HELP you?”

Well –

It was never going to cut it, WAS it now?



You look around –

At all the things –

You tell yourself you have to do each day –

The way you think you gotta show up, sell, prove your worth, get people to want to LEARN from you, and therefore pay you, and what you don’t SEE is that the reason you were always meant to be PAID –

Damn highly, I might add!

– is for people to be in your presence.

To soak up the ENERGY and the ESSENCE of you.

To be lifted up and elevated to where THEY need to be, and into the action which automatically just goes with it, because of the way that YOU show up and shine.

This has nothing to do with what you teach.

It’s NOT a fucking strategy.

And you can break down the components of it all you like, but REALLY it’s a vibration thang.

You’ve either got it.

Or you don’t.

And you, well you have always HAD it, haven’t you? You’ve always been that person who shines so.fucking.bright, who sees the world in a particular way in which others do NOT, who has lived their LIFE in a certain way in which others do not, who has quite literally TRAINED for this shit.

Since you were a young girl –

Since as far back as you can remember –

No need to pretend otherwise – !

You KNEW you were born for more.

You looked around …

As though in a daze …

Not quite understanding what everybody else was ON about, or why they cared so much …

And just kinda sorta ALWAYS fucking realising –


This is not where I am going to be ANYWAY.

These are not my people …

This is not my path …

This is not the world I will OPERATE in!

It’s as though your soul knew, since before time even began, that you came from different stock.

You were born into the wrong world, you had to spend time there for perhaps learning, or growth, or just the gathering of PATIENCE, but it was always clear that one day?

just as with an orphan –
who dreams she is really born of royalty –

Your real life would come for you.

What you didn’t realise, what you were perhaps never told (and why would you be, because who would TELL you back then, or even KNOW?), what you must now take OWNERSHIP of, is that the life you’ve been waiting for this whole time, and the you who you’ve always known you must step into, it was NEVER GOING TO COME FOR YOU AT ALL.

It was always that YOU had to step up for IT.

And now here we are – 
You show up online – 
Every day ‘doing the do’
Valiantly seeking to demonstrate why YOU are better coach, or even, the best – !

When actually you are NOT A FUCKING COACH AT ALL, and quite frankly the whole thing faintly SICKENS you, because when all is said and done and IF you dare to admit it –

You’re just so much more than that.
That’s all.
It’s always been the way.
That’s all.
You just didn’t know you had to own it.
Is all.

And now, well NOW –

You wonder why you struggle to break that next income level
You wonder why so many of the things you set out to do exhaust you, and you either don’t DO them (and continually beat up on yourself for it), or you do them and you RESENT EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF IT
You wonder what is WRONG with you
Why you can’t just get your shit DONE
Why you don’t seem to think or FEEL like the other coaches
And why it doesn’t feel like FLOW yet when wasn’t the whole damn POINT supposed to that you just get to wake up each day –
Follow your heart –
Create your art –
Do what you can’t NOT?!

And you know –

Yes actually.

So why does it feel so NOT that yet, why is it that even when you’re CLAIMING flow and ease the truth is there’s this constant fucking NIGGLE there, this missing piece, this emptiness, this frustration, this WON’T YOU ALL JUST FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE energy?!

Isn’t it obvious?
Don’t you see?

You’re not a coach.
You’re not an ‘online business owner’.
You’re not even ACTUALLY an entrepreneur, not if there’s a full stop after it, anyhow.

You can do all these things.
Be all these things.
And indeed always WILL, howEVER –

What you are, who you are, how it’s always BEEN, and why the whole damn thing is NOT in fact flowing as you know it should and COULD, is because you?

Are an EMPRESS baby.

Born for more.
Born for exceptional.
And not of this world.

And you tell yourself –

How outrageous it is, to think so HIGHLY of you, to expect so much, to feel that REALLY if the world were at rights with itself YOU WOULD BE IN CHARGE, to know that you know that you know that people REALLY need to shut the fuck up and LISTEN to you, and that actually you should ALWAYS and ONLY get to do what you want –

Have what you want –

With the click of your fingers, and the blink of your eyes, and TOTALLY as you imagined it, and that while we’re on it people SHOULD pay just to be in your presence –

You tell yourself it’s TOO MUCH AND CRAZY –

But in actual fact
you know
and you’ve always known
she says –
with a shrug of her shoulders, and a ‘what do you want me to do about it’ look –
this is just how it IS …

Which I suppose begs the question –

When in actual fact do you imagine you might like to start owning the fact that THIS IS JUST HOW IT IS?


How about right fucking now?


Claim Your Rightful Place, NOW.

4 Weeks 1:1 with Katrina Ruth, for Women UNAPOLOGETICALLY Born for More


It’s time to stop playing so coy –
Pretending you want for so little –
And telling yourself a STORY –
That you’re here to build a business online, make some money, be one of the fucking PACK, when the only truth is ALWAYS –

You were born to run the world.

EMPRESS initiation has begun –
Your rightful place is waiting –
This is 1:1 with me the likes of which has NEVER been done before, or even, heard of
It will take your breath away
It will shake you to your core
It will cause you to question EVERYTHING you’re doing right now
And it will show you
When you’re supposedly DOING everything you’re meant to be doing

How can you feel
what you’re mean to feel
and what it was always supposed to BE about
when you haven’t even actually begun
on the life you really came here to build

There is a reason you feel like so much is missing, and here is what it is –

The thing you’ve been missing?
Is being the real fucking you.

EMPRESS gorgeous.
Me and you.
CLAIMING your rightful place, and everything which goes with it.


PM for deets. We start next Monday. Let’s go!

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