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Watch This 2-Min Video And Help Me Be The Lorna Jane Modern Muse!

A very quick favour, please – and I need you to do it today! I’m in the running to be the Lorna Jane Modern Muse, or ‘Fit Girl’. The voting is based in part on how many views my (very late entry!) video scores, as well as how many social media shares. It only goes for 2 minutes 22 seconds, if you enjoy my posts and are happy to support me in return, then please click play and help me win! I do need you to watch it TODAY as entries close at midnight!


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


The day has come and there will be no avoiding it.

It’s time to boldly gaze into your own soul, and remind yourself of WHO YOU ALWAYS WERE.

Becoming the Queen: 28 Days to Remember, Initiate, and Activate, Your Crown

Your wings are waiting.

Your CROWN is waiting.

Your THRONE is waiting.

Your COURT is waiting.

The initiation has BEGUN,

but Queen –

Where are you?

It’s normal to be nervous, as you begin the walk into the deepest shadows of your soul.

As you begin the activation of power beyond what most would dream of, or deem remotely available, or real.

As you feel in advance, the weight of the jewels atop your crown bearing down upon your beautiful beautiful and oh-so-high-held head.

It is not normal, however –

(although it may well be COMMON, amongst those who, in the end, show themselves to not have what it takes to be who they are)

– to CONTINUE TO AVOID, and hide, in spite of this.

enough is enough.

It’s time for sovereignty.

It’s time for activation.

It’s time for you.

It’s time?

For Becoming the Queen:

10 responses to “Watch This 2-Min Video And Help Me Be The Lorna Jane Modern Muse!”

  1. Tanya says:

    Great video Kat! Hope you do well.

  2. Angela says:

    Great work Kat! Hope you do great

  3. Nickie Antoniou says:

    You sure are an active go getter! You’re an inspiration Kat. You prove that it’s chic to be fit and that you never, never, never give up. You deserve to win. Good luck.

  4. karolina says:

    Good luck!

  5. Trang says:

    Amazing to have pulled that together in such short notice. Goes to show great people flock together – great work PA…you’ll do well because you’re willing!
    Good luck!