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Watch This 2-Min Video And Help Me Be The Lorna Jane Modern Muse!

A very quick favour, please – and I need you to do it today! I’m in the running to be the Lorna Jane Modern Muse, or ‘Fit Girl’. The voting is based in part on how many views my (very late entry!) video scores, as well as how many social media shares. It only goes for 2 minutes 22 seconds, if you enjoy my posts and are happy to support me in return, then please click play and help me win! I do need you to watch it TODAY as entries close at midnight!


Life is Now. Press Play.


PS: Would love to know what you think of my entry! It was very last minute on the back of landing back in Aus the day before and feeling plane-bloated and grumpy, so I nearly didn’t do it. My amazing PA Calina pulled out all the stops to put this together in just a day; entries close tonight!

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