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Winning Relaxation Tip!

Last week I published a post asking for your top relaxation tip … with the tip that stood out the most rewarding it’s author a year’s FREE membership to My Yoga Online.

Here’s what Anita had to say:

“To relax I look at the situation at hand and think to myself “is this going to be a problem in 5 years time” – almost 90% of the time the answer is NO and I can just relax knowing that the problem is not worth me stressing and risking my health.”

Don’t you just love it? Anita’s tip ties into one of my most valued personal philosophies – the concept of learning to be present. Tough, but so worth it.

To see the rest of the tips (some very creative stuff there!), follow this link.

Anita, reply to this email for full details of your membership 🙂

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