When I think back over why it took me so damn long to finally step into my purpose work, and commit to ME, there are so many things I wish I knew earlier.

I mean – obviously it’s perfect that I didn’t know them earlier, and I got to go on my journey the way that I did. I could only have got to HERE, throughthe precise pathway of ups and downs I took to do so!

But still –

I kinda wish I had have realised.


Well, how SIMPLE it actually is, to step into doing your soul work. How available it is to you, yes NOW, also. And how EVERY single fear, not just some of them, but EVERY single fear you have around why you can’t, not yet, not you, and maybe not at all –

Is complete
and utter

Look, I don’t mean that what you FEEL isn’t real or true, of course it is. You’re allowed, ALWAYS, to feel what you’re feeling. But as to whether you would want to CHOOSE to, if you look at why those feelings are really there and if they’re necessary, well that’s another story.

As is the fact that regardless of what you DO feel, you can ALWAYS take action, you can ALWAYS turn just a little more, today, into your purpose, you can ALWAYS press play.

Yes, even though you feel CERTAIN you’re not good enough.
Even though you don’t know if it’s possible.
Even though there are a MILLION things that could go wrong, and your DEEPEST fears of unworthiness or rejection might be proven true.

Let’s be honest –

Putting aside the drama and the emotion of it all for JUST a moment –

Is it true anyway, all this stuff you fear? Do you really –

at your core –

DEEP within –

if you just put your hand on your heart and be HONEST –

believe it’s not for you, you don’t have what it takes, you can’t?

Don’t believe you.
NOT sorry.

But, that being said, sure, I get it. I was there for OH so long, in that place where of COURSE deep down I knew I had to, I knew I COULD, and I also knew that one day somehow GOD knows when, I WOULD.

One of the things which MOST held me back; which I ALLOWED to most hold me back, I should say, was that I was scared of fucking it up.

I felt like I didn’t know HOW …

I didn’t know where to start. What I wanted to write and speak about seemed so VAGUE. Wishy-washy. Not, like, a thing that could be turned into a BUSINESS. And certainly not by me.


Make a fool of myself.
Fall on my face.
And maybe have to then deal with the TRUTH, that I didn’t have it in me to, well, basically, to live right! Is what we’re talking about, isn’t it?

Because if you’re a purpose driven messenger like ME, then purpose IS life and life IS purpose, so REALLY what we’re talking about is being scared you’re going to FAIL AT LIFE.

But here’s what I didn’t know, what I didn’t realise, about purpose, about life, about pressing play, and about living by FAITH –

When you say yes to purpose.
When you COMMIT to it, even though you have no fucking clue how you’re going to do so or follow through or even what next – !
When you just COMMIT, and say yes, I will FOLLOW you, I will LIVE for you, I will do my best each day to show up for you –

Something magical happens.

The commitment is made.
The contract is sealed.
You’ve chosen to give your life for what MATTERS, but NEWSFLASH, that doesn’t mean you have to be perfect!

In fact, ALL you gotta do each day is remind yourself –

This is where I’m headed. This is what I chose. This is the life I chose, and the commitment I made.

And then?

Well, it’s simple baby –

You just step forward. One step at a time. From faith. Choosing with the tools you have available and who you are and what you know in that moment, to take aligned action as best as you CAN.

And don’t you see?! It doesn’t MATTER if you don’t GET it right; there IS no right or wrong, there’s only that you committed to purpose, you gave your life for it, it’s yours, it’s done, you are IN, and ALL you have to do is be you in the now as best as you CAN.

Yours is not to question –
The pathway –
But simply –
To step onto it.

You CAN’T fuck it up. The messiest and most random and seemingly OFF track shit you end up embroiled in is, when your commitment has been made, all part of the picture.

That’s just how it is.
You’re safe.
That’s just how it is.
There is NOTHING you need to worry about or plan to DO, there’s only ever just action to take.

Which action –
Right now –
For this moment, if you had said YES to purpose?

That’s all.
That’s it.

And here is what else:

Just as you can’t fuck up your purpose, your purpose can’t fuck YOU over. If you’re scared to say yes to living the life you were born for, in part because you think YOU don’t know how, but also because what if it doesn’t give you what you wanted or needed, what if you give it your ALL and it doesn’t return to you, all the things you thought should show up when you DO that soul work, well –

You’ve missed the point.

Let’s be real here:

Doing the work you were born for is the ONLY way you can create true wealth.

Committing to what you know is meant to be is the ONLY way you can be in fulfilment, happiness, peace.

But we don’t commit to purpose –

In order for it to provide us with something.

We don’t do art for money …
We don’t chase love for returns …
We don’t follow flow because we should be compensated in ANY way for it.

Those things are by-products, and definitely awesome, but the REASON we do what we know we can’t not is BECAUSE WE CAN’T NOT.

We hustle for the sake of the hustle.
We press play because we HAVE to.
We do our purpose work for the inherent reward in DOING it.

And so on.
And so forth.

In ALL areas.

So here is what I want to say to you today, quite simply, quite calmly, quite earnestly, quite fucking FURIOUSLY –

What if you were to say yes to purpose –