Most people can’t lose weight not because they don’t have the determination or true desire or even the right knowledge, but simply because they ask too much of themselves.

It’s admirable to think you’re going to completely turn your diet around overnight and become a gym junkie, but the truth is that you have a life. And I’m guessing it’s quite a busy one, yes?

The (even better) truth is that if you’re serious about losing weight the healthy way, about doing it fast, and about keeping it of, you don’t have to spend hours in either the kitchen or the gym.

I’ve had over 15 years experience as a personal trainer, nutrition and life coach, and helped thousands of people to change their bodies for life, and I’ve learned exactly what it really takes to achieve a dramatic transformation without EVER having to turn your life upside down. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not as though you won’t have to do any work. This isn’t a magic fix. This is about taking consistent effective action – in small bite-sized (5 minute) pieces – to change your habits and therefore to change your body.

My methods are proven, provide a step-by-step and easy to follow system, and can help you too to finally end the body battle and become the you who you want to be.

The 5-Minute Weight Loss Solution will show you how to get leaner, firmer and sexier just 5 minutes a day. We’ll cover:

– The 5 most important 5-minute habits you need to be doing to start burning fat even before you change your diet or work out more

– How to workout from the comfort of your own lounge or yard in just 5 minutes to tone your body and increase your metabolism

– The 5-Minute Weight Loss Solution ‘no-diet’ diet. The easiest and quickest thing you’ve ever had to do to get fast results!

– 5-Minute motivation and mindset techniques to keep you accountable, inspired, and on track

– The truth about why most people never get results, even despite hard work – and what to do about it.

– 5-Minute recipes and meal plans that are simple and that the whole family will enjoy

– How to get results you can see and feel in as little as 2-3 days

– And a whole lot more!


#KATFESSSION, eeeeekkkkkk

Sooooo …

I kinda sorta did something REALLY not ideal! I made a mistake 😞

I then found about that mistake a day or so ago, when one of my amazing clients let me know!

I then fixed it of course, but since then something has been nigglin’ away at me telling me that maybe the mistake was a SIGN and a DIRECTION and I shoulda fixed it the other way!!

What am I talking about? My Easter Extravaganza Instant Manifestation Bundle, which is supposed to close TODAY in just a few hours, and contains 4 of my BEST money and manifestation courses, over 85% off!

As we do, we threw this thing together last minute like usual (aka KAT style) – and somehow managed to put THE WRONG PRICE on the sales page!!! ‍♀️

– Correct price on order form, when you actually click the buttons.

– Incorrect price on sales page. Doh.

The one on the SALES page was lower, about 25-30% lower than the already reduced 85% off! I think what happened is we copy and pasted off an old previous bundle sales page and so the old price just carried over.

Anyway, a few people pointed it out and obviously we honoured the mistaken lower price while fixing the page for future peeps.

BUTTT … I just felt ugh about it, y’know? Even though the lower price was a mistake! And even though the actual price was literally already 85% off for this offer!

It wouldn’t stop bugging me.

So, long story short, I’m changing it!

My Easter Extravaganza Bundle is now over NINETY PERCENT reduced … for anyone who already bought and paid full we will honour the lower price for you as well of course (watch out for an email later today!) and for everyone who has NOT yet, the price has now been adjusted on the sales page, DOWN!

And, because of the muck around and confusion, I’m extending my bundle sale for one more day into Easter Tuesday 🐣


Jump on now and grab four of my best Money and Manifestation courses now at 90% off, next 24 hours ONLY!!! 💥


Literally just as I finished writing this my brother walked in to my room with my (fixed!) phone. OF COURSE. Everything always works out in my favour. Just like I told ya. And just in time to snap a quick pic for this blog.


Get it! One more day! Lessssgooooo, now 90% off! —> this price is CRAZY! Extra crazy!!


I wrote half of that with my eyes closed while having makeup done. #ninjaAF

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