Business and Money, or Art and Madness?
Allow me to be perfectly clear:

You can put money first, or you can put art and doing the work you were called to first, but you can’t do both.

You CAN succeed wildly in both areas. It’s a fucking tricky tightrope to walk though, and one that depends upon you ABSOLUTELY knowing what your priorities are and absolutely committing to LIVING by those priorities.

You wanna have it ALL baby, on your terms, where you get to show up each day as the crazy mad creator you are but where you also run a freaking EMPIRE and lead your own revolution?

You can.

If your focus is money, then in this world – the online world, and much of the off – your task is simple:

Find a way to attract or hook in clients with a burning deep need.

Be able to help them fill that need.

Offer them (for money) ways to fill that need.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Of course, most people who try to make money online don’t because they manage to screw up at least one if not all of those simple steps.

Maybe because they haven’t taken the time to learn (or apply) the details of each step but maybe – just maybe – because they don’t really CARE.

Because at the heart who they are? Is someone with a song within them, just waiting to be let free.

With a message to share –

And with powerful creative madness they want to shake the world with.

And as they go through the motions, of building a business, of marketing, of lead generation, of selling, of serving and delivering, the underlying and often dominant feeling is FUCK THIS SHIT.

Because these people?

Were born to create not hustle.

You can HUSTLE without being a hustler at your deepest core.

You can TEACH without being a teacher at your deepest core.

You can SELL without being a salesperson at your deepest core.

But you can’t be an artist, a creator with a message of truth, someone born to shake the world, at your deepest core, and ignore that calling.
Why continue putting MONEY ahead of the work you were BORN for?

But okay, I know – don’t answer that! Because you need money.

The ‘short’ version is simple:
· Do your true work.
· Do it without question and without limiting or filtering or editing yourself.
· Do it because it must be done, not because of what doing it can do or GET for you.
· Share it. Often. Everywhere.
· Invite those who resonate – who LOVE it – to join you on this pathway, to join your community, your tribe, your groups, you.
· Invite them to give you money in exchange for more of you, or more of your true work.

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