Are You Asking For What You REALLY Want?

What Do You REALLY Want?

I don’t know if we ever reach a point where we are asking for what we TRULY want from business and life.

I think that to an extent, which may be greater for some and less for others, we all still have that voice in our head saying that we can’t, not quite, not THAT way, not yet.

That despite all of our WORK (and God knows we’ve done work!) we’re still not THERE yet, not good enough, not worthy.

And to that voice, I calmly but oh so firmly say –

Fuck. You.

Because the reality?

If you’re not yet THERE it has zero (zip, nada, NICHTS!) to do with what you’re ALLOWED and everything (ALL of it!) to do with what you’ve decided is okay. And when I say you, yes I do mean the voice but honey?


So, a challenge for you. As we hurtle, with once again alarming speed, into a new year and wonder how the frick it is we’re actually turning into OLD people and why in God’s good name we’re ending the year with some of the same damn goals we had at the start.

You ready?

It’s pretty simple … but also LUDICROUSLY hard to do, it seems!

And the challenge is this –


With your health and fitness…

With your mindset and emotions…

In your finances…

In your relationships…

In your personal routines and rituals…

With your BIG dreams…

In your spiritual life…

And anywhere else that matters to you!

Of course if this stuff doesn’t really MATTER –

If you’re just kind of PLAYING with this whole ‘create your life your way’ thing –

Or if deep down you just don’t BELIEVE you can have what you want and you’re not willing to just CHANGE your beliefs and choose some that SUPPORT your dreams –

Then fuck off and get back to being mediocre.

There’s not LEVELS of living your life on your terms, y’know?

I mean I GUESS it’s better to be closer ‘to’ than ‘from’.

But honestly? That kind of thinking is a pretty surefire way to never EVER actually go all the way.

So I prefer to think of it in a more clear cut way. One that demands an answer.

One that is SCARY. But one that ultimately FORCES me to choose.

Dream life or no, pregnant or no, Christian or no.

You get the idea.

So, are you?

Are you living your dream life COMPLETELY on your terms?

It’s okay if it’s a no, not yet. Well, it’s okay so long as you are in fact ASKING for what you really want and you are in fact also doing the work to GET you there and you are in fact actively and CONFIDENTLY on your way to getting there AND YOU KNOW IT.

But if THAT stuff is a no?

Then honey you got some shit to figure OUT.

And it’s not going to just HAPPEN, not because you put the time in, not because you simply intend it to, and sure as anything not even just because it might be your destiny.

You want to actually LIVE on purpose?

You want to wake up every DAY alive with passion?

You want to go to bed at night gloriously ON, with that sense of utter contentment that can ONLY come when you’re operating from a place of aligned FLOW?

Then you need to CHOOSE to live that way, be that person, work and live and BREATHE from that place.

You need to choose to EMBODY the you who you want to be.

Not continue putting up with being the one who got you HERE, and STUPIDLY thinking that you’ll somehow just magically MORPH into an improved version of that person.

It’s tough work, this living your dream life stuff.

Nobody ever SAID it was going to be easy.

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