Resting in God


I heard God say it’s time to break agreement with lowered expectation in Jesus Name.

I heard Him say you need to CHOOSE to stop expecting struggle.

I heard Him say that even though you have been obedient to surrender and be okay with whatever may come according to His will, and that part of that has meant things which YOU built being broken off of you, resulting in what feels like loss, fear, confusion, doubt, anxiety, and a naturally understandable worry of “will I be okay” or “will I ever see this area of my life restored to what I thought it should be”, that none of that means you should EXPECT LESS THAN.

That things being broken, shaken, or taken, which are not OF Him, and thus have no life to them, whilst circumstantially resulting in what seems like loss or less, have SUPERNATURALLY positioned you with immediacy as a most favoured child of the most High God who ALREADY WALKS SURROUNDED WITH A HEAVENLY ARMY, and for whom ACCESS,

is done.

>>> Your FAITH, is your evidence. <<<

I heard Him say expect an outpouring ‘beyond what you can catch or hold’.

He showed me a tidal wave, beyond imaginable height, rolling in with calm and certainty, yet fearsome in its magnitude. And He said –

“Will you stand steadfast in me and know that I am going to consume you with my love, favour, blessings, provision, and a supernatural wisdom and discernment to speak TO life what I give you –

or will you shirk, hide, turn away, and choose to stay contained in a structure YOU build, because that is what you know and it feels safer”.

A life in God is a life of walking on water.

A life in God is one where by definition YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL.

A life in God is on where you are lifted on eagles wings and your STATE OF BEING is one of overflow.

This does not mean it fits the measurables or containers you thought it must, should, or would.

But in your quest to be obedient, to surrender all, and to be more than okay with whatever God has for you, and in the necessary shedding of all which was OF you, do not become accustomed to or expectant of an idea of HARD.

God has not called you to be hidden in the corner,
juggling resources,
or time.

YES He wants your whole heart, and the human way is often such that in order for him to have it we must first relinquish things which we put AHEAD of Him,

perhaps resulting in a flailing around kind of a period where we don’t know which way up we are and it seems as though He maybe wants us to have NOTHING but Him,

but the truth is we DO have nothing but Him and we ARE nothing without Him! Once we relax into that total blessed dependancy, with a faith to know that as a citizen of heaven placed here on earth of COURSE our earthly needs are known and met,

and we also start to see beyond our OWN wants or needs, and realise that God blessing us is for the KINGDOM,

and we fully repent of idolatry and the continual pull to elevate ourselves,

we WILL see His provision in our lives in overflow BEYOND WHAT WE CAN CATCH OR HOLD!

I heard God say “break agreement with lowered expectation in Jesus Name”.

This is a message for you for today.

Receive or don’t receive it.

And don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Systematic Spirit-Led Business starts TOMORROW gorgeous!

It’s all new.
And an EASY yes for you if you know there is work and ministry the Lord is calling you to and now it is time to GO,
as you flow fully in and of Him.

Are you coming?

30 Days to Sit with the Lord on What He Would Have You Do, and Systematically Get it DONE in Your Messaging, Marketing, & Monetization, Now.

Enough with the I’m not sure and maybe God wants me to sit still.

Enough with the ‘I better do EVERYTHING or I’ll never’.

It’s time to simply see what He has for you,
then set your hands to it as HE BREATHES LIFE.

Final few days to join gorgeous!

And Day 1 kicks off tomorrow.



  1. Emma says:

    Love this piece, Kat ❤️
    You have no idea the difference you are making in my life. Thank you!

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