I heard –

“You’re letting it be acceptable that you are struggling and gasping for breath in these areas”.

And –

“You find it acceptable to be always only ‘just’ on track or ‘good enough’ because you perceive that you can handle or manage that”.

And –

“There is an element here of a sense of pride or self-sufficiency … ‘I’ll be okay, I can deal with it, I can cope with what others can’t!’

You have repented for a spirit of pride and self-sufficiency, and yet this is where it is still coming up.”

As I considered the truth in what I was hearing, my mind went naturally to, well – WHY? Was it simply pride, ego, ‘I’m strong enough to go through this thing!’, or was there something beneath it?

When a spirit, a pattern, a habit, a behaviour which is not of God has a HOLD over us, there is typically an agreement we have made with it (knowingly or not), and a contract of sorts to continue to allow it access.

Our continued behaviour or way of being IN said pattern (etc) strengthens and renews that agreement, whilst at the same time the agreement itself feeds the behaviour! Talk about a disaster cycle … unless you have the Spirit of God living in you and rivers of living water flowing from your heart AND you also remember that rather than default to what ya mind -or satan – says is true 😉

Sometimes it seems to be enough to simply cast down that spirit or behaviour, repent, renounce, and ask God to REPLACE it with His way for us.

Other times the way that we GET to that place is to understand, well – why?

When I considered WHY I would want to believe that ‘I can cope’ with things God says I do not have to and which should be given to and taken care of by Him, I realised that the ‘reward’ in doing so was:

* It distracts me from my true purpose, and peace + joy in God, COSTING me the ability to show up fully for what He has for me that day

* It derails energy and focus, making it valid that I play small because I ‘had to’ deal with a struggle bus situation and so I should at least be ‘proud of myself’ that I was able to wade through that (LOL)

* It takes energy, time and integrity so much that I can then start to believe a story that maybe I’m NOT really who God says I am, because if I was I’d be breathing easy in this area.

* It validates feeling less than

* It leads me further into my own way and will because I then start to figure out what acceptable RECOMPENSE (punishing, adjustment, sacrifice) I should have to make to deal with what I DIDN’T achieve … causing me to make decisions God NEVER told me to make but which I decided reflect the reality of said situation I’ve been accepting and also perpetuating

* It is a reflection of the level to which I have faith to believe God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do, namely – I have faith for anything which I find unacceptable to NOT see occur, when I acknowledge that I CAN’T CONTROL THAT THING and so therefore God WILL deal with it. Whereas if I think I have some level of control over it I do not CHOOSE faith in God and instead think it’s on me … always ALWAYS resulting in struggle and ‘not quite being there’.


Are you feeling me on this? I’m guessing yes, or you wouldn’t be still reading.

Here is a truth I realised a long time ago and yet, in my humanness, continue to GET to hand over to God and ask for His help in:

What you ACCEPT,
dictates what you EXPECT.

If you change what you find ACCEPTABLE,
a choice which by definition requires you to put it fully in God’s hands because you KNOW you can’t actually control the thing and maybe it’s time to admit that,
you will start to EXPECT a different (heaven-sent!) outcome,
your baby faith will GROW in this area as you continue to seek God and choose to BELIEVE Him,
and you will ultimately SEE a different outcome.

This is the work that sometimes feels WAY too hard to do, because we can’t even get our heads around it and we’re wrestling with spiritual agreements we simply need to break in Jesus name, repent for, renounce, and replace with HIM.

We don’t need to figure it out.

We just need to decide to be DONE.

So the question is …

What do you find ACCEPTABLE,
SOMETIMES acceptable
or CONDITIONALLY acceptable (like ‘if I do this, then I deserve / get to be taken care of in this area’)?

and what would it look like if today you just decided to believe God fully on how He says your life should be, and which bits are meant to be led and taken care of by Him?

Ps hi: those bits are all the bits.

You can battle for all your natural life, if you like, to try and get to a place of breathing free and easy in an area where you have pride or self-sufficiency around being ‘able’ to cope,

or you can decide today is the day you give that to God and you don’t gotta know how.

Just an idea,
as you remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Gorgeous one. Dear one. Delightful one. Revolutionary leader one yes YOU!

I want to help you to build a business and life you love, and?

To see a supernatural thing come to pass as the NORM.

You already KNOW it’s time for a different way.

You KNOW there should be an uprising, a SWITCH, an increase ACROSS THE BOARD.


You know that you have been ACCEPTING what you’re currently receive,
dealing with,
as opposed to allowing, deciding and BELIEVING,
can be.

As an entrepreneur. A leader. A way maker. One who HAS a call beyond her own comprehension,

you absolutely CAN spend years still trying to ‘figure out’ how to get all the way there or why you are not.

YES you can miss the call God has given you,
by thinking it is ON you to bring it to life,
and then gettin’ all sorts of tangled up in whether or not you should!

At some point you really gotta wonder –


If you are a certain type of woman,
namely ALL the way faith-led and also ALL the way willing and ready and ABLE to commit to what it’s time for,



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