Resting in God, Spirit led


Lord I repent for trying to be hot and cool and hip and whatever I thought I had to be. I repent for building a counterfeit version of the dreams YOU planted in me. I repent for fighting to prove myself, rather than fighting for your will to be done on earth, and tearing things down in the spirit realm that would impact here.

I repent for striving to BE more, HAVE more and DO more, rather than striving to enter into your rest.

I repent for being committed to the mission of ‘Kat having made it’ rather than committing my life to you.

I repent for teaching alignment and purpose and identity and destiny without it being about you.

I repent for having the best of intentions,
yet none of the true surrender required to simply see and receive everything you have for me.

Lord I repent for not believing fully, believing sooner, JUST believing, thinking instead I needed to somehow GET to belief rather than choose it.

I repent for placing my worth on my output,
rather than finding it in you.

I repent for carefully crafting and sculpting and moulding and making myself into a thing I thought I should be, rather than seeing that you knitted me together in my mothers womb, that you knew me from the beginning, that you fearfully and wonderfully designed me, and prepared a path of good works I SHOULD follow.

I repent for a derailed destiny,
false light,
and the many many people I could have impacted for your Kingdom sooner,
had I simply seen and acknowledged fully YOURS.

Lord I repent for choosing fame and glory and worldly riches instead of eternity and the richness of a life lived fully in you for YOUR glory.

I repent for not seeing that you HAVE already blessed me with all things, and that I can’t miss what is for you when I am in you.

I repent for thinking that your dreams for me might not be what I want, and so I better go chase my own first … for decades even … always knowing that eventually I would submit and turn to you. I repent for seeing it as a ‘when I am done living my life’ thing rather than the ‘where my life begins’ thing that it is.

Lord I repent for thinking I can’t find the kind of rest, release, surrender, joy, and life-on-fire exhilaration I am really born for in YOU,
when you are the one who caused me to be born and who knows more than what I can ever fathom what I need OR want.

Lord I repent for playing a game of ‘I’ve got it’ with my life,
when you gave it.

Lord I repent for the lost years,
and I give you the REST of my years.

Lord I repent.
I ask you to forgive me.
And I thank you that you do.

For your sake.
Your will.
Let your glory be done in my life,

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!



Gorgeous one –

Is it time to step fully over the line, and say yes to who God has called you to be?

God-Driven Empire is, simply, that.

It’s an answering of the call for those who know that He has called you to pour out for the Kingdom in a BIG way.

Yes you want to know how this effects money growth … audience … content … and exactly what you should create and sell and also HOW to, in this ‘God you have the reigns but exactly what should I really do’ business / ministry / flow thang / leadership pathway you got going on.

You suspect (let’s get real, you KNOW) that there actually IS meant to be BIG money moves and BIG big impact moves. You know you didn’t make that up.

Yet you also know that you DID try and do a whole thing outside of God and in your own will, and it’s no longer about that.

Straight up let me tell you: stop QUESTIONING who God made you to be. The fact you counterfeit-ed it does not mean there’s not a real version IN Him, because there is.

And in God-Driven Empire? My new signature 1:1 container which he gave me, and which starts next week?

We are going to work together for 8 weeks all in / unlimited private together to see and also ACTION and bring through exactly what that entails.

When I tell you it’s go time,

But this time,
the all in Holy Spirit led God way.

DM me for the full overview,
and to talk.

Places limited.
Includes 8 weeks fully private at 2016 prices (since that’s when my previous 1:1 container began, and so I reset the COST as well as the CONTAINER, thank you Lord!),
+ a bonus mastermind
structured trainings
and a FULL God-led blueprint as well as hands on ‘walking the walk’ mentor to walk beside you as we WATCH WHAT HE DOES,
when you say yes.

DM here to request the overview for God-Led Empire, and?
To find out if you’re meant to be in.


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