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The Best Way for Women To Get Lean

As you may know from keeping up to date with the Woman Incredible Facebook page, I am attending my 5th Biosignature course at the moment, in beautifully sunny Perth. Well, mainly beautiful. I think God accidentally switched Melbourne and Perth weather yesterday 🙁

Anyway, as you can see from the screenshots, I ran a little contest on Monday after Charles Poliquin shared his very TOP top tip for getting female clients lean.

Are you ready for it?

How to get lean?

Eat at least 50 grams of pure protein before lunch. Or the equivalent of 200 grams of meat/fish/chicken and an egg or two. Very doable, wouldn’t you say?

So – do you do it?

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS: Of course there is a lot more to transforming your body and losing fatbut it definitely doesn’t hurt to make sure you have the basics in place! A ‘caveat’ when it comes to protein: organic and grass-fed makes a huge difference. I had a conversation with a colleague just this morning who told me how he gained 5% body fat in just 3 weeks while in the US with the ONLY difference in diet/ being grain-fed non-organic beef that he was cooking for breaky instead of the great quality steak he buys here. 

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