Success/Success Mindset


Let me show you all the ways I am like how you want me to be.

I am kind. At the core of it all I am kind, and I care about people being okay.

So that’s good, that’s a good start, I’m sure you want me to be like that, but then again, hmm. Unless when you talk to me and find out I’m actually very gentle and kind it destroys the image you had of me as the badass hardcore somewhat villain of your soul, and then, well.

I guess that’s not how you want me to be.

So maybe, this –

I am inspiring. I say and do and create things which lift you up and remind you who you are, what is possible, what is possible for you! So, that’s good. That’s how you want me to be yes?

Unless, hmm.

Maybe that bothers you, because after all – how dare I? Who do I even think I am to? It’s outrageous!

Well the truth is that more than half the time I do NOT think, I JUST do, which is to say I just be, and sometimes I get it right but other times I’ve made myself into the worst sort of ‘thinks she’s all that’ human there is, so yeah – I’m sorry about that. Except, well –

some people like it, seem to need it even. So that’s confusing.

What else? There’s definitely other things I can show you to show how I’m like you want me to be!

I am messy. I’m walking proof you don’t have to follow the rules, and you can create epic success! So, that’s good. What a good thing for me to be for you, as I show my raw, my bloody, my heart, my soul. As I throw things together last minute or not even at all and yet still somehow manage to pull magic out of my ass with them. What a great way of being what a fellow creative badass would want me to be!

Unless, well. Unless said fellow badass is not yet saying yes to their own truth and is gonna therefore be triggered as FARK by my simply BEING,

in order to be.

Or unless. Well, unless you’re not a fellow creative badass at all, and what you came here for was an example of somebody doing proper pretty polished-preneur things. In which case I guess I’m not being how you’d like me to be at all!

Sorry about that.

But! Here is how I am DEFINITELY like how you want me to be!

I say the things that you think or want to say but are too scared to, or don’t know you can. Even if they are not the same things YOU would say, the fact that I do it for me shows you what’s possible, that you can strip it all back, tear it away, be fully you, YEAH!

So, that’s good.

Unless it’s annoying? Inappropriate? Unseemly? Rude! Agh, I guess I got it wrong again.

But! So many ways I like how you want me to be!

I give a lot of money away! But then again not all of it! Maybe you think I should? Should I!

I invest a lot, build a lot of wealth, show what can be done through just decision! But I also have no idea what I’m doing over half the time, and yet I dare to do it anyway, so THAT’S probably rude! Or is it great? I don’t know anymore!

I let it all hang out, I let the message be more than me even. But then again I don’t talk about EVERYTHING, I’m not preaching on EVERYTHING, and maybe I’m not talking about what YOU think I should be. Or, I’m doing it too much?!

I repreSENT. I represent my beliefs, the beliefs of those like me, beliefs I think the world needs to hear! I am a living breathing example of it! But … well. You’re right. Maybe I don’t represent beliefs of the people groups YOU think I should represent.

I show up as an empowered woman who remembered who she was and is living it! But,

you’re right.

I’m not appropriate for a woman.

A Mum.

A Christian.

A human!

And besides,

that’s not how you should act on the Internet.

Unless it is?

I don’t know.

I’ll try harder.

I will think more.

I’ll be careful.

I will survey EVERYTHING before I act on it.

I will look left, then right, then left again,

and make sure I don’t cross you,

or anyone else.

Yes …

that’s what I’ll do.

Except, well.


I won’t.

So, well, I guess,

I tried?

Or maybe not hard enough for you.

But either way, here we are. And here is this:

It motherfreakin’ worked anyway. Which is kind of the point. But also?