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Your message is fire and gold, what’s in you is needed, your soul peeps are waiting for you, and frankly?

It’s damn irresponsible of you to not be lettin’ all that’s in you out.

There are people right now, people everywhere right now, just ROAMING around all lost and sad, with a weary brow and greasy lacklustre hair because they are waiting on YOU! They’ve felt the vibe of you, their soul knows yours, there’s an energetic connection that was formed before time began, and, well, to put it simply:

they’ve kind of had enough.

Look, obviously they’re going to be FINE without you, it’s not like any of us ever ‘need’ any of the rest of us ‘or else’. So yeah … don’t worry … they’ll be FINE. They’ll get by. No doubt prevail, ’cause that’s the sort of badass they are! Just like how YOU have always been the one who would do the damn things she sees inside of her because that is who you ARE, and there’s not a mentor | coach | leader | healer | kick you up the butt-er out there who was a

missing piece you HAD to have or you would never have got there.

YOU will always get there because THAT IS WHO YOU ARE.

Same goes for the peeps who are waiting on you. Those badasses don’t mess around! (Even though, of course they mess around. We all do!)

But just imagine …


if the coach

if the mentor

if the healer

if the pastor

if the author

if the speaker

if the messenger

if the guide

if the kick you up the butt-er

who has MOST impacted you, helped you to see even deeper into what you already knew, woken you up and LIT you up as you allowed what was in THEM to be infused and coded into YOU,

just, y’know –

didn’t feel like it

wasn’t ready so didn’t

didn’t know how so didn’t

took that gold and fire that was in them and DESIGNED to be sprinkled all over the world and was all just … nah. Gonna keep this shiz for my SELF!




Your soul people WANT YOU SO BAD AND THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOU, get off your butt and go do your damn job. Oh, so theres already somebody else talking about what you’re called to do, and they’re probably doing it WAY better than you ever could, and all there stuff just looks so GOOD?

Okay! And?! Is it your job or is it your JOB? To let out what’s in you? To transcend your own BS? To press freakin’ play regardless?!

Then go do your damn job, girl! Just get ON with it. Or, just like anybody else in the world who repeatedly doesn’t do their job –

you won’t get paid.

Worse still,

those poor people are going to have to keep on roaming without you. And God knows WHEN they will wash their hair because the thing is, the thing is – THEY REALLY AND TRULY THOUGHT YOU’D BE ALL THE WAY THERE FOR THEM BY NOW.

They FELT it.

YOU felt it.

Soul tracks were laid DOWN.


And then you just, I dunno … scribbled it out?



You shied away.

You kept busy busy busy but without heart.

You did every other thing except for the ACTUAL thing.

And soon enough,

even though it was just meant to be for a day,

a week,

whoops, another one or two,

it became your life.

So much so that if you were to do a true assessment OF your life right now, and of the future you’re very clearly creating right now, well –

it would be cool

REALLY freaking cool, in so many ways

and so much to be proud of, too


it would not be YOU.

Not the real you, the all of you, the all IN you, the you who just WOKE up,

ACKNOWLEDGED that her message is fire and gold and it is meant to ALREADY be floating down from the heavens and coating EVERYONE,

and then got TF on with it.




Yep yep yep. There’s always going to be more work, healing, shifting, recoding, and releasing, to do.

YEP YEP YEP. You can still throw out an anchor to being the person you’re meant to be now.

It really gets to be that simple.

And you were qualified before you began.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


What do you just wish it could be gorgeous?

In business, in money, in life, in SOUL work, in you?

^^ whatever it is? It’s a signpost. A blueprint. The WAY. And it’s on you to say YES to that, and then let life step up FOR you (which it will, but always!!) …


To not. And to continue on in this do and push and dot-joinin’ paradigm you got going on.

So …

Let’s FINALLY GET YOU to where you always knew it would end up –

Rich From Your Soul Work:

Rich From Your Soul Work. back for the first time in 2 years, LIVE, with live Facebook group + Daily Deep Diving with Kat + NEW Live Trainings + More!

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We begin Monday June 28th! Join me for 11 Days LIVE, as we connect back to your core, drop ALL agenda and strategy, and realise that your pathway to rich, seen, known is and always has been to

I have no idea what the biggest shift for you will be during this time.

But I do know this –

It’s the most crazy cheap thing I’ve put out there in a LONG while.

My logical mind is telling me to MINIMUM 5x that. But, I’m doing what I can’t not. Following soul guidance. As I always do, in the end! And that’s a big part of ‘how’ I ended up here.

This work will wake your soul from a place deeper than what you’ve even KNOWN to ask for.

Join now and you’ll receive immediate access to your pre-work which is my Soul Activation Workbook.  

This as been created to specifically look at and ACTIVATE everything that is under the surface deep within you, parts of you that are waiting and ready to be acknowledged and unleashed.

The specific prompts I have included in the workbook cover areas such as self worth, abundance, identity, selling from soul, intention setting, vision creation, deep self belief, plus more!

These exercises are designed to work on a soul and cellular level which means we get to look at things we may not have known were there, powerful aspects of ourselves that through bringing to the forefront we are activating and saying yes to.

The Soul Activation Workbook is incredibly powerful and empowering work to begin our time together in Rich From Your Soul Work.

Let’s do this work beautiful. Let’s rip the damn bandaid. And let’s get you RICH FOR YOUR SOUL WORK.

The way it was always meant to be:

and to apply.