Success Stories


If you want big results – real results – you need to be willing to hustle your butt off and never say die.

The people who MAKE it – like ALL the way make it where we read their stuff, see the results, see how much AWESOME content they’re putting out there and know that they’re totally owning their awesome, these people did not just wake up one morning, start speaking their truth, and the masses came a-flocking; credit cards in hand.

These people HUSTLED.
Showed up.
And GOT back up.
Every freaking day – after day – after ever-lovin’ day – 

I actually had someone, the other day, come to me in a private message and bemoan WHY ON EARTH they didn’t have the results they wanted yet when they’d done everything their coach had said for 60 whole days, and the coach had promised massive results within 90.

Never mind promising massive results within 90 days (massive results of WHAT? starting from WHERE? based on WHAT?), the attitude of being PISSED OFF (and this chick was; she was steaming and said so!) about not having MASSIVE RESULTS after 60 days of daily effort is nothing short of mind-boggling to me.

I hear it a LOT, as well, people message me saying stuff like:

“I’ve been working my butt off for 6 whole weeks!”

“I did exactly what you talk about doing!”

“I paid a coach 10k and I’m still nowhere near my goals!”

“I’ve tried everything!”

And here is my general answer to this stuff:



If you’d tried EVERYTHING you’d be DEAD, because trying everything means you keep trying until you GET there.

It’s honestly shocking to me that people think that simply starting to do the work is gonna get them to where they want to go. Or that it’s about a particular time-frame. “If I just do 30 days … 60 days … 6 weeks … etc!”

Well here’s an idea:

How about choosing a goal you’re willing to work towards for the REST OF YOUR LIFE if that’s what it takes?

Sure … you might well change tactics along the way if something doesn’t work … but the idea that just ’cause you start doing the work you’re entire fucking life will change within weeks or even months is laughable.

And honestly:

Don’t you just think –

That if all it took to get famous online and make a fuckload of money being you and speaking your truth and doing EXACTLY what you love –

Was 6 freaking weeks –


6 weeks isn’t exactly a price to pay worth shouting about.

Not for the result of creating the PRECISE life you want.

Now don’t get me wrong:

I’ve had clients literally make thousands of dollars in new revenue within DAYS of working with me …
Others who’ve gone from complete start up to living location free and ROCKING it within 6 months …

But the people who get serious results, whether those results come FAST (reality: this generally happens when they already have some sort of established following and just aren’t properly SELLING or going all in), or whether those results take longer, the thing that is COMMON to my‪#‎superwomen‬ clients is that they are the kind of person who will hustle their sexy ass off every day, no matter what, and never say die, for as long as it takes.

Somebody asked me the other day if, if they were to work with me, they could make an extra 5k in the first 2 weeks. Someone else asked the same question but about 10k.

My answer was simple:

Firstly, I’m not going to say that’s not possible. Of course you CAN and plenty of people have made more than that in less than 2 weeks.

But here’s the deal:

You don’t come to me looking for a quick cash-injection fix. And whether or not you ever work with ME, I can tell you that you’ll never build the empire you want to build if you’re not actually BUILDING it and instead you’re trying to conjure up a few k to stem the tide of money flowing OUT right now.

You CAN do quick cash injections, in fact it’s something I teach all my clients.

But it comes mentally, emotionally and practically AFTER building the right fucking business in the first place, and also being COMMITTED to the never-ending hustle.

On a side and related note: money can smell desperation a mile off … and it does NOT like it.

It’s time for us as an industry of TRUE ‪#‎revolutionaryfuckingleaders‬ and superwomen to stand up and take fucking responsibility for what it actually takes, and the BIGGEST thing and most real is this:

If you want big results you need to BECOME someone to whom getting nothing short of those results is simply not acceptable, not normal, not even POSSIBLE.

You need to make the ATTAINMENT of your dreams your new normal, just how it is, just who you are.

To do this:

1. Get fucking specific about what you really want.

DETAIL BABY. The more detail you can picture your desires in the better.

Got vague goals? Expect vague results, or none at all, because it’s hard to really focus on and move towards something vague and you’ll likely just continue on as you are now.

2. BECOME the person to whom achieving those results is normal and ‘just how it is’

Ask yourself: when you get THERE, what would you be doing each day? Thinking? Saying? Selling? NOT doing? What are the mindsets, beliefs, habits, behaviours and also of course RISKS taken daily by those who already have those results.

3. Think forEVER.

You can certainly set short-term one off goals. Do an extra hustle or push to speed up results or get yourself in the zone. But if you’re looking for TRANSFORMATION then you need to be dedicated to the work for life.

Which simply comes back to BECOMING someone to whom DOING what needs to be done is automatic.

Otherwise you may or may NOT achieve some sort of quick fix success, but you sure as shit won’t maintain it. You’ll yoyo diet your fat ass back to WORSE off than where it started and your financial situation will expand with awful in just the same way.

4. Do the daily work.

Do the daily work.

Do the daily work.

Get PRECISE about which daily tasks need to be happening.

Make ’em happen. No excuses, no emotion about whether or not you feel like it, no bitching and moaning about whether or not it worked yet; even not if you’ve been doing it every day for 6 whole weeks!

5. Hire mentors to get you there faster, and get in the right environment

It’s a fact that you will rise or sink to be the average of those you most associate yourself with. One of the fastest ways to elevate your success in any area is to pay, bribe or earn your way into working with the right people, who have the mindset and results YOU need, and also hanging around these sort of people in groups.

I can tell you for a fact I am way more easily in shit hot shape when I train at a ‘real’ gym as compared with if I were to train at a ladies gym or by myself. I am freaking disciplined and WILL kick my own ass, but plain and simple I work harder when there’s fit hot people around who know what they’re doing.

This is EXACTLY why I’ve spent over 300k on online mentoring, not really to learn stuff (although that’s a GREAT bonus) but more so to be in an environment that will elevate my mindset, my sense of what’s ‘normal’, and therefore my results.

It works. Mentoring and accountability is CRITICAL.

6. Deal with your shit

Fear, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, uncertainty: that shit is all real.

But does it matter enough to STOP you? If the answer is no, and I damn well hope it is, but yet you find it IS still holding you back then a) stop being such a whiny emotion-based little baby about it and do the work anyway, and b) work with someone who can help you clear that shit, see WHY you’re holding yourself back, shift fear into FUCK YES, and get your sweet butt into alignmed ASSKICKERY.

Hint: this is precisely what I do early on with my clients! It is also a component of EVERY SINGLE online or offline product, program, live event etc I do.

7 – 100. Do the work.

Do the work.

Do the work.

Do the work.

It doesn’t matter what shiz you still gotta sort out emotionally, what clarity you’re still waiting on, how much you still don’t KNOW and how it’s all (definitely!) going to change, you can STILL do the daily work, and if you do?

Like if you ACTUALLY hustle your sexy ass daily and never say die?

Then one day and probably without even noticing you’ll look up and realise, fuck me:

I got everything I set out to get, and then some.

At this point someone, someday, somewhere, and maybe a whole bunch of ’em will come to you and bemoan WHYYYYYYYYYYYY they don’t have results yet when they’ve been doing EVERYTHING for 6.whole.weeks!

And when they do?

Well, you can show ’em this post.
Or write your own.
Or tell them about the YEARS you spent bleeding and sweating and crying and feeling you were dying and what it ACTUALLY took (it’s hard to even really EXPRESS what it actually took, isn’t it?!) and what you GAVE in order to create this life.

Or of course you can continue on your way and let them continue on theirs.

They’ll figure it out sooner or later. Or not.

The truth is I don’t write a post like this to try and bring anyone over from the ‘I tried everything, wahh!’ side; the truth is when I see that stuff it turns me pretty quickly OFF working with that person, unless in further conversation I can see it’s not what they really believe and that they ARE a true superwoman willing to do the work and go all the way.

And that’s why I write this post:

Because I know that even superheros need to be reminded at times to put their cape back on.

So honey?

Put your fucking cape back on.
And go do the fucking work.

You didn’t come here for normal.