When are you going to realise that if you’re not already having the BEST TIME EVER right NOW, then you’ve missed the whole POINT of what life IS?

Best time ever? Well, I don’t remotely mean not PUSHING, not OVERCOMING, not being TESTED, not GROWING.

The human experience, after all, is to strive, progress, and grow.

So no. I’m not talking about everything just being like dancing on rainbows while dressed as a Unicorn, but at the same time … it really CAN feel like your whole life is just SO FUCKING ON POINT and you’re SO freaking grateful and happy and IN flow to be doing what you’re doing,

But for that to happen? You’d have to NOW let go of all the shit which is just BLOATING you, BORING you, and making you, also (let’s be honest!) pretty damn boring yourself.

Take the way you workout, for example.

Do you feel the FLOW, the HIGH, the YES, during? Or is it that you’re telling yourself a story? “If I do this, I get to have that!”.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT APPROACH TO LIFE! It would IMPLY that life is ONE day, not now, and life, as we certainly do KNOW, is now. So press fucking play, and find a way to move your ass that FEELS good – even when it hurts like awesome hell.

Or, take the way you do the things, which you no doubt do, for your business. I do hope you DO some things??! But really – nah … there’s NOTHING you ever need to DO, is there? Yet there is always action to TAKE, and the appropriate action (I believe, and I’ve quite a few millions of dollars coming in each year to back it up haha) is always the one that FEELS right.

Where you just know.
Where you get the message from within.
Where it is DOWNLOADED to you, and you’re told –


Write this.
Say that.

Because you ‘should’, or ‘could’, in order to message, or market, or tempt people in, or SELL?

I bloody well hope not!


Because you can’t NOT.

I mean, really –

Why would you do ANYTHING unless you can’t NOT?! Oh, what’s that now? Okay, okay, yes, I know –

You’d do it because you think that if you just DO this, MAKE yourself, PUSH, like THAT, even though UGH UGH UGH, then one day one day ONE day –


Didn’t we TALK about one day already?!

Okay then.

And here is what the real problem is, with this approach to life that says ‘if I pay my dues then ONE DAY …’.

The problem is … well the BIG problem is you run a very real risk of NEVER LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT, ’cause you’re always still getting ready for it or trying to EARN it, but the problem besides that is:

It’s SO fucking exhausting. Don’t you find? You heap all of this STUFF onto yourself. Stuff you have to do … apparently. Stuff you SHOULD do … because, well, hmmm – you’ll get back to me on EXACTLY why. Stuff that THEY say matters, and so you take it on board –

Even though the truth is that deep down you SUSPECT that THEY have NO fucking clue about anything, and probably couldn’t tell their own head from their ass.

But yet somehow you STILL end up following along.

As my daughter said this morning (randomly, and with no apparent context, so perhaps just for me to insert right here) – “People are sheep”.

“Well honey”, I said –

“Yes. Most people. But not us”.

“I know”, she said. Statement of fact.

But I guess if you’re NOT a sheep, then do you THINK there’s any danger you might at some point WAKE UP AND PRESS PLAY on the life which YOU truly want?

It’s not just about the fact that you DO get to have that life, on your terms, all of it, and then some!

It’s also … aren’t you just so damn TIRED of carrying all those MUSTS around?

It’s a LOT to have to take with you …

Everywhere you go.
This BURDEN of all that you SHOULD be doing, in order to be enough, do enough, get there, PROVE yourself.

And then, perhaps – if you’re lucky! – on the odd occasion you find yourself somehow FULLY in exhilaration and flow, where not only are you having the BEST TIME EVER and yes that’s true even though maybe it HURTS LIKE HELL because you’re GROWING … and you perhaps stop and wonder –

At one point did I decide it had to be so fucking ARDUOUS and never-ending?

You can spend your life, if you like, DOING things to ‘earn a reward or an outcome’.

It IS one way to succeed … depending on your definition of success … and to ‘get there’. Or somewhere, anyway!

I won’t judge you for choosing that; God knows I’ve done it myself, so much. And I guess I just found … ALWAYS … that GETTING to ‘there’, like this, somehow never quite felt as badass as I always thought it would, or should.

Never mind that there was then always MORE TO BE DONE just to maintain!!

And I guess what I’m trying to say is – there’s another way. Don’t you know? There are things you can do RIGHT FUCKING NOW. In business. In marketing. In fitness. In your relationships. In LIFE. Which ALREADY FEEL LIKE FUN ADN FLOW AND EASE.

So, y’know – why not just relentlessly seek, and insist upon, those things?

There’s an easy way to tell when you’re doing shit that’s not actually YOUR TRUE PATH:

It feels like fuck me.
You feel bloated and heavy and weighed down.
You’re kind of BORED, even when you’re supposedly getting somewhere.
And you suspect you’re becoming pretty damm bor-ING, too.

And then there is the stuff, which you maybe told yourself to save for later, another day, or when you’ve more time.

Because it’s fun!
Because it’s easy!
Because even when it’s a PUSH and it HURTS and CAN I MAKE IT, it still feels like flow!

And then – fuck me, but this time in a good way! – it also somehow puts you INSTANTLY into motherfucking results!

I could try and tell you how to find these things.
How to know them.
How to live with them as your norm.

But the most important thing, really the ONLY thing that I actually need to say to you about this is, well, this:

What if you believed that it was JUST HOW IT’S MEANT TO BE, and that if it didn’t feel like hell yes ALREADY RIGHT NOW?

It could fuck the hell no off.

Totally up to you of course … either way, you DO get to choose, and either way, also, this: