Maybe the reason the battle to be good enough is draining you is less about the fact that you’re battle-worn, and more about the reality that you’re trying to compete in a world you don’t care about, which was never for you.

Maybe the reason you find it exhausting, frustrating, relentless, and not in the fun way, to play or stay at the top, is that it’s top of a mountain that is not actually your mountain.

And maybe the reason you can never QUITE seem to get there, you know – to the place where you’re actually winning, on top of it, you DID it, BOOYAH –


And maybe,

just maybe,

it’s time to admit what it would like to be YOU.

The you who wakes up every day and just –


The you who vaguely remembers a time when she thought it was about being the best this, or the best that. A time when she was trying to stand out in a sea of … something.

A time when she had not yet simply,


dropped in,

to the power truth and badassery of her,

just being her.

But now, she HAS dropped in, she HAS chosen, she IS unapologetically and fully and ONLY her, and honestly?

She finds it kind of difficult to even imagine what it would be like,

to be trying so hard.

Because this you, she opted out of the trying.

She opted out of the working to BE.

And she relaxed into the ‘and this is just how it IS’.

>>> When I let myself be all of me,
the way I came here to be,
no matter how it looks or feels,
the need to compete, or climb, or win, or be the best at ANYTHING,
and I remember
what it was always supposed to be about.

But do you?

Do you remember what it was supposed to be about, and what you always claimed it WOULD?

Do you remember what has beaten within you the whole damn time?

Do you LIVE for what expands you, lightens and lands with you, makes you PROUD of you, makes you MORE you?

Or do you fall,

day after heart-wrenching day,

for what shrinks you
saddens you
robs you of you
and robs the world of what would have come from you
if you just let yourself
BE you.

The thing with being a soul wanderer
a dreamer
one who sees and knows MORE
and who dances between worlds

is that you were never meant to reach the bit where you try to be enough
or best at
or top of
an industry
a platform
a niche
a people group
even the bestest people group in the world

yet somehow you’ve got yourself stuck at this bit

and day after day your soul wonders –

when will it get to be about me again?


Soul led sent from beyond CREATOR. One who was born for MORE.

Make it about you again.

And then get stuck on that.

Or were you hoping to have a better crack at simply saying yes to what you’ve ALWAYS known,

in the next life?