And now perhaps we have reached the point at which you cut your business free.

Let it loose, chop it loose, sever it if you must, and watch it drift away in the sky.

Because you’re done? No. Never that

But you ARE done, perhaps, with the tangled web of YOU being the lifeblood of your business, and also it –

of you.

And it was good, you know? Great even!

Those years when you were SO all in that you couldn’t quite tell where you left off,

and it began.

But the reason this cut, this letting GO, is actually easy – no severing required! – obvious even, ‘of course’, is simple –

YOU already began to drift away, and probably? Since quite a ways back, if we’re being honest.

The things that sparked you in that way of lighting up your every CELL just – don’t.

The continual pull to ONLY be in the twists and turns and unfolding of this ONE thing just – isn’t.

The monetisation, or awareness that you COULD, maybe SHOULD, of every different part of you being that badass bitch that you just are – well. Hmm. The truth is you don’t wanna anymore.

Not really.

And maybe not at all.

And you’re bored, you know?

Which is ANNOYING, you know?

Because this is meant to be the time, the season, the year, the now, where you BLAST SHIT UP BEYOND BEYOND!

You did the damn thing! You built this empire from the ground up! Blood sweat and tears, laughter joy and madness, and most of all, BELIEF.

Because you, you are the one who always.fucking.knew.

That she could.

That she would.

And then she DID.

So why why why why WHY would it be that now that you got HERE, and you can see THERE so clearly, so accessible, so damn straight YOURS –

that you just don’t seem to have IT anymore.

The desire, the push, the drive, the can’t NOT-ness that got you here has faded,

to grey,


And the answer, my dear, as these things always are, is so simple. So straightforward. So DUH. And so this:

The business needed the very soul of you in order for it to come to life. Its HEART COULD ONLY BEAT FROM YOU.

But you, well YOU –

also needed it.

YOU needed the very soul of the BUSINESS in order to come to life. To BEcome, all that you always were and always would be, and it, well it was just a part of your journey. A pretty big part, maybe. But a part nonetheless.

And so now.

NOW my dear.


The business does not need you anymore, not in that way, and it also doesn’t WANT you anymore, helicopter parent-ing your ass all over it. Back off! It’s grown up! Yes, there is growth still to unfold. Of course. And always. But NOW LET IT BE.

And you, you do not need IT anymore. That lifeline comin’ back at you died off a while back, and the two of you have been hanging on to each other for dear life when in fact LIFE –

is now beyond one another.

So now.

This business gets to go forth.

Into the world.

And CONTINUE TO DO GOOD. Continue to do GREAT, incredible, amazing!

It gets to create greater revenue flow than ever before.

Greater impact.

And it gets to contribute more greatly than ever before to your own freedom and flow.

You, you’ll always be part of it, and it, it will always be a part of you.

It’s not that you won’t check in. Maybe even frequently, at least at first! Perhaps even continually, depending on what level of support it’s now time to claim for it. But the energy, the energy will be different. You know?

No longer does this thing need to feed of you, no longer do you need to feed of it, no longer is there even a SUGGESTION that it requires any particular mood or vibe from you, and nor would it even occur to you to monetize or share every last bit of your beingness.

Because you, you’re now in other places. Other spaces. BUBBLING UP AND OVER INTO THE WORLD THE WAY IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.

Not, “I’m ‘Your Name’, and I run a blah blah blah online business”.

Just –

“I’m Name”.

And the world is – “OF COURSE”.

Oh, and she happens to, amongst various creative projects endeavours and ventures, also own a coaching business / online brand.

How does this all happen, you might wonder? How do you take yourself off the top of this mountain you worked so hard to climb and also had the best time EVER doing so, and shift over to another one entirely? A mountain you never thought of yet always knew you’d end up planting yourself on; the mountain of you being actually ALL of you?

Why, it’s like anything!

Because you saw it.

You said yes to it.

You kept your gaze on it.

And then you did.