Screw your false and fear-ridden ideas of accountability to the coaching world,

to the expectations of your friends near or far,

to what the community at large, and the circles you move in, may think is appropriate or right or proper of you,

what they thought you’d be doing,

who they assumed you’d perhaps contracted to be,

and even what you once upon a time implicitly or no AGREED to be.

Screw your moves made from a place of terror or wriggly-avoidance at disappointing others,

resulting in you living a life in which you continually disappoint YOU,

let down higher self,


and truth.

Screw your repeated running just a little bit back into the DARK, the SHOULD, the ‘what if’ and ‘what will they think of me’, causing a continual gap between you and God,

and you hear His voice as he says to you – “come closer. Everything you’re fighting so hard to have, create, achieve, get to, is ALREADY YOURS. You’re fighting to win something I’ve already given you. It’s all on the other side of simply stepping into my embrace.

You don’t even have to run, or fall all the way into me, I’m already RIGHT HERE. Just – let go. Let that final piece go. And step into the folds of my cloak. There you will find everything you’ve been searching furiously for, all the while holding me just at arms length where in fact it was”.

And you listen.

You hear.

You nod or shake your head, and you say – “I know!”

But yet you don’t make the move.

A simple step, is all it takes!

A CHOICE to let go, to surrender, to say yes.

Instead –

You continue to live walking that oh so fine and DEADLY line, a line which is a myth, a story you’ve made up in your head, because the reality is you are either WITH God,

WITH soul,

WITH certain truth,

or no.

You can’t walk the damn line and win.

But yet that’s what you try to do.

You watch and despair as those who have fallen so deeply AWAY from the light espouse their vitriol and brainwashery all over the place,

and yet you play it cool.

A little safe.

Saying what you think here or there.

A little bit. Not too much.

And lots of DEEP open and at times despair-filled honest conversations behind the scenes.

In the place where you trust yourself to be fully you.


Because even though you absolutely and with ZERO question know where truth is, and what it looks like on YOU, somewhere along the way you accidentally sorta kinda somewhat okay ALL THE WAY APPARENTLY bought into the idea that it’s your job to be accountable to the ideals of various other people.

The people you want the respect of.

Or on some level think you need something from.

Or, simply, those who speak THEIR truth in a more socially acceptable way, louder, and, yes, more along the dominant party line. And I don’t just mean political party 😉

Maybe if truth were as willing to stand up and fight for itself darkness would not be prevailing quite so merrily.

Maybe if those with a less popular viewpoint were as unapologetic and all in on it as those who conform to the ‘done thing’ way of thinking, we’d HAVE some more critical thinking.

Maybe if YOU were willing to understand where your accountability actually needs to lie, you wouldn’t go to bed near every night feeling spent and rent with the sorrow that comes from repeatedly FAILING TO GO ALL IN ON YOU.

You simply can’t LIVE in a way that involves trying to dance to the beat others want of you,

or that you THINK they want,

when it’s not your beat.

It don’t matter who they are.


(and if you have to ask who IS,

no you don’t)

But yet you’ve made it that they are.

And every day you continue to perpetuate this falsity,

until eventually, if you’re not careful, you will DIE alongside the realisation that in the end, it was very very black and white and very very simple:

you made your bed on the wrong fucking side.

you knew it.

and then you continued to lay in it.


This is not a dress rehearsal.


Life is Now. Press Play.


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