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Business Mindset, Purpose


I’m not in the business of filling up my 1:1 client list for the sake of it.

I only work with #soulmateclients who know that I am the mentor for them and who know it is a hell to the YES that they HAVE to work with me.

Not ‘are interested in working with me’ … depending upon this, that or the other thing.


I just had an interesting exchange on FB messenger, one of the kind I must say I haven’t had for years in fact!

A potential new client had reached out about my Millionaire Mastermind, and she wanted to know what my client success stories were, my stories of phenomenal breakthrough.

I get why someone would ask this …

Logically it’s a natural thing to ask, even a smart one, for sure! Kind of like asking a potential suitor for references or to demonstrate their skills in particular areas.

Thing is …

I don’t know about you …

But when I think of being in a SOULMATE relationship with someone … whether romantically, or with a friend, or with a client … I just don’t think about weighing up pros and cons.

I get why that is a THING.

It’s just not my thing.

See, I believe in

In all areas.

I believe that there are people we are just MEANT to connect with. My closest friends, it’s just been a RUSH like we’ve known each since before time began, and nothing had to be explained and we just connected and ELEVATED each other, and continue to do so.

We were bonded together since always.

And as odd as it might sound, it’s EXACTLY the same with my clients. They knew. Since for always. So did I. Since for always.

And whilst I regularly receive testimonial style messages and thank you’s (my fave one of recent was Becky Tsaros Dickson and her “every time I talk to Katrina Ruth lightning strikes and I make a fuckload of money” comment), the truth is? I don’t really DO anything with them.

Actually I have a folder on my Dropbox with literally THOUSANDS of testimonial screenshots in them, but yeah-

I don’t do anything with them, or only on the very odd occasion.

And as I replied on this inquiry:

“I don’t really keep a list of testimonials, I’m never asked for them tbh. It’s an area where I have not bothered in terms of doing recordings and the like – I always fill my 1:1 easily and so it’s never been needed to do a whole pitch thing of testimonials, also something in me doesn’t care for it as I don’t feel that anybody else’s results can in any reflect on what yours would be. It doesn’t really mean anything what other people have achieved … it’s going to be on you to get your results.

I have been thinking about going through and collating all the messages / screenshots etc and making proper testimonials but the above reason is one thing that’s stopped me, there are others for sure, I could put you in touch with.”

Funny thing is, it was only about a week ago that I published a MASSIVE list of testimonials and client names, but for whatever reason I just didn’t feel RIGHT about ‘using’ it aka linking her over to it here. I publish something like that less than once a year and there is a very deliberate reason I don’t do it more often, which I’m getting to, and which I want you to think about, relevant to your biz.

Now what’s REALLY odd here, is that it wasn’t until I looked back after the potential client wrote back again that I realised that an entire paragraph was missing, where I had listed out my 500k – 7-figure+ clients and names and offered to put her in touch!

I must have typed over it or something with the end paragraph, I don’t know. But either way I was confused when she wrote back asking again if I’d coached anyone to that level and stating “I coach with leaders who gave the skillset and track record of helping others create RESULTS at a high level.”

The thing is …

This IS a very ‘smart’ and ‘wise’ thing to ask. Definitely! IF you are making choices from LOGIC.


I do GUT and ONLY gut. And I demand my clients operate the same way, in ALL areas.

Don’t want to, no problem! We’re just not a fit.

My answer was, on reflection, MAYBE too curt, but I don’t think so given the ONLY thing that TRULY matters in business is to be true to you:

“No offense XXX, it’s not a fit for me. I don’t work with people who aren’t a hell yes on me. I know you’re new to my world, but I’ve learned in 10 years doing this to back away when anybody is not 100% sure that I’m right for them. That’s not me having a jab at you, that’s me saying I don’t think it would be right for YOU to consider working with me if your heart, soul, all of you doesn’t KNOW I am the mentor you HAVE to work with. Happy mentor shopping.

It’s also not right for me as a mentor to give my energy to someone who isn’t a hell yes for me. I wish you all the best!”

Now as my would-have-been-potential-client just stated on FB messenger, it is a fair question to ask, whether I’ve coached anyone to that level or not.

And YES.

It IS.

Just like it’s totally fair to ask a potential romantic partner for anything you care to ask about their previous track record.



Even “right”!

Just –

Not right for me.

Not how I do life.

And not how I do business.

As I said:

“I just re read my message above – I listed out a whole bunch of names and they’re not there now. I have no idea what happened

But now I understand why you repeated the same question

I had typed out an extra 2 paragraphs listing client names and results 7-fig and up above, and offering to put you in touch. BUT the above stuff I just wrote still stands. I’d suggest following me and if it feels like a hell yes for you at some point then reach out to me then. I really don’t do 1:1 if the client doesn’t already KNOW I am right for them.

I’m not in the business of filling 1:1 for the sake of it, I work only with soulmate clients.”

Now here’s the thing.

I’m fully aware I might be being overly reactive here, and somewhat ‘unfair’ to this person.

I SEE myself from the outside looking in, and I know where my trigger areas are.

And you know what? I’m fine with it, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s trust in what FEELS right. It’s not right for her OR for me if it’s not energetically aligned, and if it’s even 0.001% off, for me?

It’s 100% fucking off.

This is how I do BUSINESS.



And it’s why I get to have the results I do, completely on my terms and with TOTAL flow.

She wrote back:

“This is the only question I need answered before deciding on investing with you. And you specifically asked if I had any questions besides investment and I asked. All of my mentors so far have been paramount to my growth because I was wise in choosing the right ones. So let me make sure I understand this. Because I asked a valid question on whether you have coached your clients to the 500k or milion dollar mar you don’t feel its a fit?”

My answer was simple, and from the heart:

“The energy of how you’re asking does not work for me x I don’t feel aligned to work with you and I’ve learned to trust that gut feel. I also think there is a reason my list of names disappeared and I’ve learned to trust that sort of thing also. You’re getting pissed off which I understand logically but you’re coming at this with logic I’m reading energy I only operate in complete alignment”

And then I came and wrote this.

See here’s the thing.

I don’t think it’s bad or wrong that she asked me this stuff … I don’t think she shouldn’t be allowed to … I just think … and know … that my clients? My SOULMATE clients who I know like I know my own skin?


Not the ones who are just starting out and making NO money yet.

And not those who are already in the millions.

And nobody in between.

You know who you are.

And I love and adore you SO much for it.

I don’t have any emotion about NOT saying yes to anybody who does NOT fit that profile, except for the feeling that it would be WRONG of me to try and ‘prove’ myself to someone who doesn’t already know –

Absolutely –

That they want me.

And where I, on coming across THEM know –

Absolutely –

That they want me.

I understand that if you’re trying to fill your entire schedule with 1:1 you may not have the luxury of doing it this way.

But I’m not trying to do that.

My business runs on low and moderate end products and programs, to the tune of multiple 6-figures per month, and I work with a select group of 1:1 clients to help them achieve the same sort of aligned empire, on their terms.

When I work with somebody 1:1 it’s not only because they are ready, etc, but it’s also because they ARE me and I AM them and that is why my clients get the results they do.

I can read them.

They can read me.

We beat as close to being one as can be possible.

So whilst I get that people might be interested in learning from me because I have massive results …

That’s not of interest to ME.

And I would suggest to you that if you too want to create this sort of freedom and alignment and also just KNOW that your clients are going to not only be hot AF (random, but that’s one of the things I regularly do manifestion work on for my 1:1 clients!) but also get epic freaking RESULTS, that you start to consider similar sort of guidelines for who you will –

Or will not –

Work with.

In the end, it’s very simple:

You can build a business by selling a dream.

Or you can build an empire, and a legacy, by unleashing you, and letting the right ones fly to you like magnets … and the wrong ones just-


But you can’t do both.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Here’s the thing girlfriend.




You came here to be all of you, be all of you now.

And now?

It’s time.


10 Days with Katrina Ruth to Wake You Back Up to You. And Unleash the Game You’re Done Waiting For.

Day 1 LIVE Asskickery shooting into your soul in just a few days time!

DAILY you + me + God + soul to follow.


Is the do/not/miss time going into you that you’re soul has been hungering for and it’s it!

Here’s how it’s going down:

> 10 Days ALL new live online course with Katrina Ruth

> DAILY asskickery | activation | bulletproof coffee up the booty (that’s me)

> DAILY journal prompts | worksheets | exercises to get you going and flowing into ALL of you


> (this is crazy!) DAILY bonuses to help you implement our IDENTITY work in different areas of your business. Money. Body. Relationships. Life! Application of what we are working on out the wazoo!

> All trainings recorded and yours to keep for life in your Katrina Ruth Members Dashboard (training times will be announced day by day as we begin. Day 1 live asskickery at XXXX. Training times will vary day to day to account for students all around the world!

> Live Facebook Group with Kat and the #KatNinjas throughout

> IMMEDIATE and then DAILY and then FOREVER AFTER switch flickin’ into YOU as soon as you say yes! (That is just how this works).

What to expect, from this time together?

Every.single.thing. you’ve always known was there within.

> Certainty. Of soul, of God, of what flow requires, of, well, everything.
> Ability to always know the right decision to make, and how to make it. NO MATTER WHAT.
> Courage and abilily and inner strength to then ACT as you need to
> Ability and soul certainty walk away. Know what to walk away from. Shred and burn. Immediately and as required. Amen.
> ALWAYS ability to access flow. Message certainty. Soul guidance on what you create, unleash, how, to whom.
> Magnetism. Activated. From within. To and from your soul peeps. In all areas.
> Money certainty, where it comes from, how to inhale / exhale it, infinitely, PEACE on this.
> Peace. In general. Where it comes from. How to be IN it. How to return to it when it seems far away.
> Moving through the ‘woods’ of business, of life, of you. Recognising it. Being okay with it!
> Leaning in. Surrender. The things that go with this. How to let it be easy, happy, a joy!
> JOY. From God. From within. All THROUGH you. AS IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
> Forgiveness, and grace. Where you know it comes from. How to receive it fully.
> RECEIVING. Unlocking the portals to. Opening up the floodgates. Seeing where you dial it back. Stopping that shit!
> Turning up the dial in all areas. What it means, and how.
> BEING the mofo light. Being all of it. Owning your too muchness! SWAYING with it.
> Being in the dance with God and soul and life and ALWAYS knowing your next move. ALL of that. And so much more.
> Creating. Being the artist the messenger the performer the leader the shift the YOU, who just lets it flood out. Knowing what works. Does not. How to release. Go deeper. And also? Sell TF outta that game.
> Being the leader NOW. Appointing yourself. What it means and why you’re already pre-approved.
> BIRTHRIGHT. Accessing and owning your soul blueprint. The blueprint of YOU. Of purpose. And destiny. And truth. Let’s go!

You want more?

There’s so much more.

^^ This? Is the warm-up, the first bit of what dropped through to me when I felt in to this, allowed it to come through, for you.

We will see what unfolds,
when it unfolds,
when we enter this dance,

But what this is really about, and why you know you need to be here?

You’re done with playing the game of waiting to play the damn game.

Identity, baby.


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