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Success Mindset

The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough {AND HOW I NEARLY FUCKED UP MY LAUNCH THIS WEEK!!!}

(Long but critical read!)

I am convinced that when you’re about to go to a MAJOR next level kind of awesomeness in your business you are first going to go through some SERIOUS detoxification and possibly even complete breakdown.

I hope and trust and KNOW – from much past experience! – I’m right on this because fuck me there has been some crazy ass shit going on in the air lately. Have you felt it? Or is it just me?

Not only have I had the usual almost ‘it’s a universal law’ launch bullshit going on with the unveiling of Superwoman Unchained: THE REVOLUTION … website down, emails not being delivered, people’s payments just refusing to go through … God I WISH I was making this shit up just to put in emails it’s confusing the heck out of my team why Infusionsoft has just decided to NOT GIVE SOME PEOPLE THEIR EMAILS OR PROCESS PAYMENTS on this particular week. And never mind Bluehost and its dramas!! …

But also and probably MORE relevantly and to the point where I’d even say that this is probably what’s CAUSING all the actual tech shit is the fact that I have been SCREWING with myself in a fairly insane way mentally. Dsperately trying to hold onto various pieces of bullshit to do with how I want to do business, launching, myself and whether or not I’m allowed to RECEIVE at the level I say I do or aim towards.

Yes … I still struggle at times with mindset and allowance and self-doubt and self-acceptance and all that good stuff!

Side note, and this is meant to be reassuring by the way: resistance and fear etc etc NEVER goes away completely. You just get better at knocking those balls back into the ballpark.


Resistance. Etc.

When you’re moving into something new, or higher level, or exciting, or what the fuck ever but certainly NOT your current normal, you WILL have shit come up before you’re able to rise TO that next level.

Think of it simply as the stuff that MUST be cleared in order to allow your smooth progress forward. You can’t take yesterday’s bullshit or drama into tomorrow, basically, and the mindset and in particular limiting beliefs you held yesterday won’t LET you move forward into a new and more epic tomorrow.

So when you notice yourself holding on even MORE tightly to your nonsense …

Or when you find yourself getting triggered or frustrated by EVERYTHING …

Or when you just feel like you need to run away and hide or cry …

Or when you just keep getting knocked down by RANDOM SHIT TECH OR OTHERWISE that really shouldn’t happen …

Trust me:

Shit is about to blow up extra awesome for you.

For this to happen though, you need to do 2 things:

1. Surrender to the bullshit and let it play out. Stop trying to fight the resistance or stuff that’s not working or the fear telling you that you have to somehow just force yourself not to think the way you’re thinking. Let it out. Let it GO. Let it BE so it cna then MOVE THE FUCK ON.

SURRENDER, okay? Critical piece of upleveling.

2. Get the fuck over yourself and get serious about success

I know that when you’re working on something big or new or you feel the power of shit about to SHIFT coming towards you it’s easy to freak the fuck out and NOT DO THE WORK.

For me, I tend to fall into a place of questioning everything, wanting to over-analyse, worrying it’s not in alignment after all, trying to change things that have already been decided or even done.

In other words:

I shirk.
I hide.
I complicate.
I eat copious amounts of peanut butter.
And I also have the occasional toddler style tantrum

That being said I do ALWAYS tend to take some great lessons out of these periods so it’s not all bad!

But, when I get over my little meltdowns and woe is me and who AM I even rants, here is what I come back to:

You still gotta do the fucking work.

You can get ALL emotional about it and ALL analytical about it but the REALITY is that when all is said and done, you either want the outcome, or you don’t.

And I do.

So, the only thing I need to know is well what would TODAY look like if I were serious about success?

What would I be doing?
How would I CHOOSE to think?
What belief and believed OUTCOME would I act from?
And how much peanut butter and chocolate CAN I eat before I turn INTO a peanut butter brownie?

Important questions, and ones we each need to answer daily!

But then – and there’s REALLY no getting around this by the way! –

Do the fucking work ACCORDINGLY, because indulging in escapist and resistance based nonsense for another MINUTE even is just not gonna get me to that result.

You know?

So, quick side note, let me ask YOU something:

Where in your business or life do you need to get the fuck over yourself and get serious about success?

And what do you just KNOW needs to be part of your action taking right now, even if you REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna avoid it?

Most of my drama this past week or so has been around releasing Superwoman Unchained: The Revolution.

It’s my new 5-week online intensive and it’s one that’s been building up inside of me, asking to be let out, for some months now.

In a way you could say for my whole LIFE, because what we do in the Revolution is I essentially take you through the cumulative work that has got me to where I am.

The alignment work.
The asskickery, of course!
The MINDSET and sorting of shit.
And the how to get shit fucking done aka strategy of pulling it all together.

It is literally EVERYTHING that has worked to allow me to create a 7-figure all online location free business and also have my version of ‘it all’ in not only my business but in life.

Over 5 weeks, starting February 22, I’m going to be working with you LIVE to uncover exactly what you do want in your business and in your life, precisely what the message you need to let out is, what being a superwoman and having it ALL would look like for you, and HOW YOU CAN NOW CLAIM IT.

Here’s the breakdown and just a HINT of what we’re covering …!

Week 1: Get Fucking Aligned to Success
Week 2: Eliminate the Bullshit That’s Stopping You!
Week 3: Absolute Alignment PLUS Action = MONEY BABY!
Week 4: The Practical Fucking Action Side of Things
Week 5: BEING Superwoman and Having it All!

What it’s really about of course is stepping FULLY into the action and EMBODIMENT of being the superwoman you KNOW YOU WERE FUCKING BORN TO BE …

Where you simply ARE that person –

Who DOES the work –

Who CHASES THEIR GOALS LIKE A MOFO and doesn’t give up till she has ’em firmly in hand –

Who DEALS with her bullshit and craziness and even uses it to her advantage! –

Who KNOWS she was born for more –

And who is willing to fucking make it happen, stat!

If you know that’s you I’d love to invite you NOW to join me in the Revolution … there is also a VERY cool ‘bonus’ in the form of some time with me in Vegas by the way! … but really it’s about our 5 weeks together starting February 22.

Here’s the link to read all about it and enrol! I’ve also just added in a payment plan to make it super easy for you to say HELL FUCKING YES.…/

Now here is the truth that my ‘run and hide’ voice doesn’t want to tell you:

Yesterday I was feeling like I fucked this launch up.

I pre-launched last week with my movie release – The Superwoman Unchained Movie! – which you might have seen. The lead up to CREATING this movie was very scary for me and filled with resistance. Who the hell was I to make a fucking MOVIE? Would I be able to pull it off? Did I LOOK good enough? What was I even going to say? The closer it got the more scared I became and I REALLY wanted to not film the thing.

Honestly? If I didn’t have a bunch of kickass fellow ‪#‎superwomen‬ entrepreneur friends who already knew about it and were EXPECTING it, or my business coach and mindset mentor standing over me, I probably would have backed out or at least delayed.

But, I made it.

And again, being straight up with you here – I felt SUPER unsure about whether it was any good, of any value, interesting in the SLIGHTEST and I was also COMPLETELY sure that I looked like a scruffy mess.

I was pretty hard on myself about it before the launch, telling myself I should have got my shit together and done a better job.

Then … I launched it, last Thursday.

And I have never … NEVER … received so much blow me afuckingway feedback. It just.kept.coming. The feedback was EXACTLY what I’d most wildly hoped for. That my movie spoke straight to the heart of the women watching.

That they GOT it, that it HIT them how simple success can be.

That the LOVED how real I was and everything about the way I invited you into my life.

In my wildest dreams I thought I MIGHT receive the sort of feedback I did from my current clients and fans, but never did I imagine I’d receive so MUCH incredible thanks from so MANY women who I didn’t know.

Over the past week it’s seemed that every group I’m in has some sort of thank you thread about me and my movie, and the emails and messages have been out of control.

It’s been mind-boggling … humbling … and yes incredible empowering.

It has AFFIRMED for me what I already knew, about how powerful my true work, when I just let it the fuck out, really is.

Which is exactly why yesterday I wanted to KICK myself for what happened after that movie.

See after you watched the movie, or so many people have told me, you wanted to take ACTION. You were fired up, empowered, emotional about what you KNEW you’d been holding back on for yourself, and you wanted to MAKE A FUCKING CHANGE and go all in.

And what did I do?


I offered you NOTHING at the end of the movie!

Because I was so caught up in trying to give you a chance to watch the movie properly and I didn’t want to overwhelm you, so my plan (which I then followed) was to invite you into the launch of Superwoman Unchained: The Revolution, a few days AFTER the movie had been out and about.

I didn’t REALISE that this was confusing … that people didn’t really now the Revolution was about to launch (probably the fact that I didn’t even fucking mention it IN the movie explains why you didn’t know haha!) …. and also that emotionally that movie kind of fucking filled you up … meaning that when I then sent you a launch page for the Revolution 4 days later, with a fairly long video at the top … it just didn’t really quite connect.

I couldn’t understand why SO many people were raving to me practically with tears of gratitude about the movie, and wanting to know how to work with me, but yet didn’t seem to even know about the Revolution!

I felt like I had MAJORLY screwed up this launch, screwed up not properly letting you know what was going on or what the Revolution even is, or not putting the freaking’ payment plan in from the start, and DEFINITELY screwed up by not simply giving you the invitation when you watched the movie!


I wanted to run and hide yesterday.

I felt annoyed at myself, frustrated, and also a bit disheartened because the fucking POWER of how I’m going to work with you in Superwoman Unchained: The Revolution is, like … take the power of what you realised from watching my movie and multiple it x a million.

It is the MOST powerful work I’ve ever done.

And it will change your life.

And I didn’t even properly give you a chance to see it!


I was initially going to close out the cart tomorrow, but I’m not going to now. I’m going to sit with it and see what’s right.

I want to really get through to you how this will change shit for you. How simple it can be to step FULLY into your calling and a life of having it all, as the superwoman who you KNOW YOU ARE.

And how sometimes – just as I’ve had to do this week – you really do need to get the fuck over yourself and get serious about results.

I’m serious about getting you results with Superwoman Unchained: The REVOLUTION.

I am DEADLY fucking serious when I say this program will change your life.

I want you in there.

I want permission to help YOU give yourself permission to finally get fully into alignment, do the fucking work, and press play on the life you were BORN for.

You can click this link now to read the details, check out the sweet bonuses, and enrol.…/

There is a payment plan now on the page. And I’ve for now taken down the ‘extra’ launch video and instead put the movie at the top of the launch page, so if you’d like to watch it again you can. A lot of people have said they got so much more out of it the second time around. The Facebook comments and feedback are all at the bottom as well.

It’s normal, when you’re about to go to the next level, to find that things feel harder, tougher, messier, and even genuinely do go wrong. It’s normal to feel like you want to FALL APART or RUN AND HIDE never mind eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE AND PB.

It’s NORMAL, before you breakthrough to the next stage of UNPARALLELED success, to go into complete –

And utter –


It’s also NORMAL, and will become more normal over time, if you ARE in fact a superwoman and KNOW you can have it all, to get the fuck over yourself and ALL that drama and to go claim the results and the life you want anyway.

A day ago I could have told myself – and maybe did! – that I’m not a fucking superwoman after all, because look at the stupid shit I just did with this launch, and this powerful work I created for you.

I could have just RUN AWAY and said ‘oh well, learn for next time!’.

Instead I’m coming back swinging because I KNOW my message is one that will change the world and because I so desperately want to see you step into FULL alignment and empowered action and I know I can HELP.

So my question to you is –

Will you join me?

Will you stop running and hiding, when things don’t work out, or when you fuck up, or when you’re not sure?

Will you choose to acknowledge the breakdown for what it is, which is a marker of breakTHROUGH?

And will you finally – finally – FINALLY – and yes I admit it me too! – get the fuck over yourself and step into the success you KNOW you were born for?

If yes then stop waiting.

Join me here.

Join me now.…/

And say yes to not only being part of the Superwoman Unchained REVOLUTION, to not only owning your fucking awesome and getting rich, hot and EPICALLY successful BEING you, but also and MOST importantly of all:

Say yes to you.

Remember …

Life is Now. Press Play.Kat


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x



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