Success/Success Mindset

The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough {AND HOW I NEARLY FUCKED UP MY LAUNCH THIS WEEK!!!}

(Long but critical read!)

I am convinced that when you’re about to go to a MAJOR next level kind of awesomeness in your business you are first going to go through some SERIOUS detoxification and possibly even complete breakdown.

I hope and trust and KNOW – from much past experience! – I’m right on this because fuck me there has been some crazy ass shit going on in the air lately. Have you felt it? Or is it just me?

Not only have I had the usual almost ‘it’s a universal law’ launch bullshit going on with the unveiling of Superwoman Unchained: THE REVOLUTION … website down, emails not being delivered, people’s payments just refusing to go through … God I WISH I was making this shit up just to put in emails it’s confusing the heck out of my team why Infusionsoft has just decided to NOT GIVE SOME PEOPLE THEIR EMAILS OR PROCESS PAYMENTS on this particular week. And never mind Bluehost and its dramas!! …

But also and probably MORE relevantly and to the point where I’d even say that this is probably what’s CAUSING all the actual tech shit is the fact that I have been SCREWING with myself in a fairly insane way mentally. Dsperately trying to hold onto various pieces of bullshit to do with how I want to do business, launching, myself and whether or not I’m allowed to RECEIVE at the level I say I do or aim towards.

Yes … I still struggle at times with mindset and allowance and self-doubt and self-acceptance and all that good stuff!

Side note, and this is meant to be reassuring by the way: resistance and fear etc etc NEVER goes away completely. You just get better at knocking those balls back into the ballpark.


Resistance. Etc.

When you’re moving into something new, or higher level, or exciting, or what the fuck ever but certainly NOT your current normal, you WILL have shit come up before you’re able to rise TO that next level.

Think of it simply as the stuff that MUST be cleared in order to allow your smooth progress forward. You can’t take yesterday’s bullshit or drama into tomorrow, basically, and the mindset and in particular limiting beliefs you held yesterday won’t LET you move forward into a new and more epic tomorrow.

So when you notice yourself holding on even MORE tightly to your nonsense …

Or when you find yourself getting triggered or frustrated by EVERYTHING …

Or when you just feel like you need to run away and hide or cry …

Or when you just keep getting knocked down by RANDOM SHIT TECH OR OTHERWISE that really shouldn’t happen …

Trust me:

Shit is about to blow up extra awesome for you.

For this to happen though, you need to do 2 things:

1. Surrender to the bullshit and let it play out. Stop trying to fight the resistance or stuff that’s not working or the fear telling you that you have to somehow just force yourself not to think the way you’re thinking. Let it out. Let it GO. Let it BE so it cna then MOVE THE FUCK ON.

SURRENDER, okay? Critical piece of upleveling.

2. Get the fuck over yourself and get serious about success

I know that when you’re working on something big or new or you feel the power of shit about to SHIFT coming towards you it’s easy to freak the fuck out and NOT DO THE WORK.

For me, I tend to fall into a place of questioning everything, wanting to over-analyse, worrying it’s not in alignment after all, trying to change things that have already been decided or even done.

In other words:

I shirk.
I hide.
I complicate.
I eat copious amounts of peanut butter.
And I also have the occasional toddler style tantrum

That being said I do ALWAYS tend to take some great lessons out of these periods so it’s not all bad!

But, when I get over my little meltdowns and woe is me and who AM I even rants, here is what I come back to:

You still gotta do the fucking work.

You can get ALL emotional about it and ALL analytical about it but the REALITY is that when all is said and done, you either want the outcome, or you don’t.

And I do.

So, the only thing I need to know is well what would TODAY look like if I were serious about success?

What would I be doing?
How would I CHOOSE to think?
What belief and believed OUTCOME would I act from?
And how much peanut butter and chocolate CAN I eat before I turn INTO a peanut butter brownie?

Important questions, and ones we each need to answer daily!

But then – and there’s REALLY no getting around this by the way! –

Do the fucking work ACCORDINGLY, because indulging in escapist and resistance based nonsense for another MINUTE even is just not gonna get me to that result.