BUILD YOUR EMPIRE ONE MOMENT AT A TIME … and why 18 minute workouts are the shit!

As I was driving to the gym this morning I had to wonder if I was a little bit crazy. I had a 5.55am appointment I had to be home for, had left the house at 4.48am, gone to my fave little early morning coffee shop (it’s usually me and all the old men of the Gold Coast from 4am onwards there, #hustlerlife!), LEFT there at 5.22 after doing my journaling and “I am” work, and realised that by the time I’d get into the gym and upstairs I’d have maybe?

18 minutes to workout.

I COULD have got up at 4am I suppose and had more time, but speaking from experience I can tell you that had I have done so I would have sat at the coffee shop longer and written my blog before training and STILL ended up with 18 minutes or so!

The story of my life at times seems to be that I’m always RUSHING, never have anywhere near as much time as I told myself I’d allow, constantly adding more YES into my calendar and life when it’s already freaking full and I seem to oft move so fast that I myself don’t even know where I’m at!

They do say if you want something done give it to a busy person, and I sure as shit seem to be taking that one to heart when it comes to loading more stuff on MYSELF.

As I restrained myself from speeding down the road to the gym I couldn’t help but sigh in annoyance at how fast I’d need to workout. Just once it would be nice to really be able to take my time over something!!

Of course the truth is I LIKE it like this, I like it hard and fast and happening ALL at once and if I’m not having to push like a mofo to get things done it’s just kind of BORING. It took me the better part of my adult life to realise that the goal was NOT in fact to get to done. Everytime I did manage to get to done (once a year or so!) I’d feel so flat and unmotivated, and crave the rush of being charged and ON!

And here is the other thing:

When I look back at how I got to where I am in my business, the truth is that I built this empire one moment at a time.

I find it hard to have sympathy when people say they don’t have the time to build their business, because of a full-time job, or kids, or whatever, because I LITERALLY created my presence 5 minutes here, 5 minutes there, 30 seconds even, often, jotting down ideas in the elevator or at the traffic lights.

When I started online I was working up to 60 hours a week as a booked out personal trainer … plus I had a pretty hefty workout schedule of my own at the time, often training 3x a day (obssessed, always, with something, I am!). I would have these gaps between clients, often after training 6 or 8 people back to back, for like 15 minutes.

I’d run downstairs for espresso, run upstairs, making notes and checking emails or blog comments in the lift, then sit in the staff room for about 5 minutes and furiously pump something out WHILE smashing back coffee and a piece of chicken or something. No wonder I was so lean!! Sometimes I’d even have an entire half an HOUR to work on my laptop, the indulgence! All my trainer friends knew: when Kat pulls out the laptop do NOT fucking talk!

I would train clients from 5am through to 9 or 10pm most days, so this was just the NORM, and of coursde I’d grab extra time at night when I could, but mostly?

A moment here.

A moment there.

It was how I’d always done EVERYTHING, to be honest … even many of those workouts over the years were 10 minute ones in between client sessions, before I got in the habit of using my gaps for business and had to start scheduling my workouts as their own sessions.

A few years later, when I had managed to make a few thousand dollars online here and there, I fell pregnant with my first child. To me this was the ULTIMATE motivation to start really revving up my online biz. I knew I wouldn’t want to go back to full-time personal training, it was great money and a pretty great lifestyle, but I knew it wasn’t my CALLING.

I decided to go all in.

I KEPT doing 60+ hours a week of PT during pregnancy, up until the 38 week mark, and I worked harder and FASTER on my online biz in the gaps in between.

A moment here.

A moment there.

Pregnancy exhaustion would just have to keep up! The only concession I made was I started catching cabs home from the gym after my 15 hour days, instead of taking the 15-minute tram ride. I couldn’t handle all the bumping, plus it was my treat to myself to make up for the tiredness.

I look back at all these little pockets of time, and how committed I’ve been to my goals since pretty much ALWAYS, at all the days and weeks and months of years of showing the fuck up through tiredness, through pregnancy, through a MORE than full-time 1:1 client schedule, through living in hospital a few years later, ETC … and right now I’m already on the 4th attempt to write this blog, I’m finishing it off at the playground in between breakfast with the kids and doing the school run, and I just know:

Most people wouldn’t have done what I did, in so many ways, to get here. Definitely with all that I’ve laid on the line with money no WAY would most people have done what I did, but also this whole pockets of TIME thing.

It’s so easy to say:

I don’t have time to workout.

I don’t have time to blog.

I don’t have time to launch something new today or this week or maybe this whole fucking month!

Well guess what?

You either want the OUTCOME, or you don’t.

And those 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 18 minutes, those MOMENTS you write off where you just KILL time, those moments are the POCKETS OF TIME IN WHICH YOU COULD BUILD A BODY –




I literally would not have this business or life (or body, for that matter!) had I have waited until I had time or space for it, or when it was convenient.

I STILL wish at times for more space, to take my time, do it slow, but the truth is that if I really want it I go CREATE it.

I can make space.

If I want.

As we all can.

But what I’ve discovered is that I DO thrive on the push like I said above, but also that this is just LIFE.

You CAN have it all, we know that, we believe it and we always HAVE done! But nobody said it wouldn’t take some juggling, some pushing, some rushing, some learning to get your shit done FASTER. Especially as a parent, dare I say!! But true nonetheless even without kids.

And here is what else:

Who on earth said that achieving something had to take ANY amount of time great or small?

It will take precisely as much time as you allow for it.

You want to believe that creating a business, sculpting a body, making a million dollars, launching your next thing, whatEVER, is going to require you to slowly and calmly and methodically make a careful plan and then roll it out with cautious precision BE MY GUEST.

But I’m guessin’ that by the time you get here us fast-moving folk over here have probably already moved on about 59 more paces.

And whether or not you are excited, as I am, or daunted and put off, as some are, by the idea of learning to create and advance FAST, of the idea that not only CAN you build your empire 5 minutes at a time but that you may well HAVE to, the cold hard reality is this:

If you’re not finding a way to get your shit done now, no matter the excuse and no matter HOW valid the reason not to?

You probably ain’t never going to.

I look around at my MOST successful clients and they are the busiest people I know. PURPOSEFULLY busy, let’s be clear, but make no mistake:

They get more done before breakfast than most people manage in an entire MONTH, and I’m not just talking about business.

The are creating the business and LIFE they want, while carving out the hot AF body, cultivating the relationships and lifestyle they want, planning amazing travel and adventure, and definitely still making time for a glass of wine!

To be honest …

If you came to me to work with me and you had a lot of SPACE in your life …

I’d be worried.

I’d know you weren’t one of us, the 1% within the 1% just don’t live like that!

And I’d also wonder if you’d be able to keep up with me, with how fast I move, with how fast I expect my clients to move and get RESULTS.

We go at the speed of light, baby!

And here is what else, and what’s relevant, right now, for YOU:

If you’re nodding your head and thinking YES, and something inside of you knows that your problem is not you need to slow down and breathe it’s that you need to wake up and LIVE, then I have some pretty cool news.

My 1:1 rates are increasing as of January 1, fresh for the New Year!

I work with my private clients in an ‘unlimited access’ fashion. A weekly call but DAILY conversations including extra calls, messaging, feedback, ASSKICKERY, as and when needed.

Think of it like 24/7 Kat.

I’m NOT interested, obviously, in taking on new clients for the sake of it.

But I DO have space for 2-3 more of the right sort of badass FAST paced person, who instinctively knows that having it all is about MORE of what’s right, not LESS for the sake of trying to be like the normal folk.

Because it’s Christmas and all .. practically! … I’m doing something extra special for anybody who I do take on before year end. Let’s call it a ‘Kat in your face full life sort of makeover’. Coupled with the 24/7 Kat thing you’ll be getting from there on out lol!!

If you’ve been thinking of revving shit up and SERIOUSLY committing to results as well as accountability, then you won’t find a better time than NOW to do it, so here is what to do:

Message me.

Let me know you’re one of the 1% within the 1%.

Let me know you’re ready to act ALL the way accordingly.

And we’ll talk.

Let’s get 2017 started with a bang before it’s even begun!

Oh, and if you’re wondering?

I freaking smashed that 18-minute workout baby! Legs burning like a MOTHERFUCKER, and walked out charged, dripping, PROUD, ready. I can hands down say I did a better workout than had I had an hour for it, too!