The Shocking Truth About Pesticides In Your Food

I’ve long been a fan of eating all-organic produce. Why wouldn’t I be when it just tastes so much better than stale old supermarket stuff or even the supposedly fresh food at most markets? But if I weren’t already convinced then this snapshot from ’60 minutes’ would sure as heck do the trick.

If you’re still wavering on the organic vs conventional debate then I’d strongly suggest you check this clip out. Experience has taught me that you can choose to invest in improved health now or your body will later force you to do so through illness or simply a lack of vitality. I know I’d rather put my money down upfront and enjoy the benefits!


5 responses to “The Shocking Truth About Pesticides In Your Food”

  1. Rad says:

    That is genuinely shocking. Whilst I sometimes accept that 60 minutes can influence a story to tug the heart strings, I couldnt imagine what it would be like to be in her situation and have to bury my pets because of spraying of food next door.

    Here is the link to the governing body managing pesticides:

    Note how it says there are no proven dangers to “Human health or th environment”. Whilst that is now dubious regarding human health, it carefully neglects to mention the harm it can cause animals. This is disgusting.

  2. Kerrie Gregory says:

    The ’60 minutes’ documentary report on repercussions caused by pesticides sprayed on Aussie regular food is almost too alarming for words! Is there a lobby action group
    out there that really targets this issue? I feel I need to do something reactive
    here! I started buying organic as much as possible some time ago but got more
    serious recently and actually got my first delivery from Miss Organic last week!
    Like you say, it’s really fresh and tastes so much better.

  3. Kat Eden says:

    I’d say there would be several lobby groups around this … certainly you’d think any of the organic farming federations would have something to say about it?

  4. Shaylee Watkins says:

    Certainly food for thought! these poisons, like any poison, are seriously an offense to any self-respecting human being and the right to a healthy life! I will be looking for my local organic food grower. Thanks for this notification…fortunately, we are becoming more aware that we have been dupped into believing that the term ‘fresh’ in our supermarkets is the real thing, when it is no such thing and is not a cheap and healthy option when these sorts of pesticides are used. Such produce has no true basis or foundation of such a claim, ‘snap-frozen’ or otherwise! ‘The buyer beware’ should be posted above all non organic produce. Facts given such as in this presentation by 60 Minutes can re-educate our mindsets to prevent a future of costly and unhealthy oucomes! Thanks, Kat.