You have to slow down time if you want it to work for you.

You have to stop thinking about how to be, if you want to ever get there.

NONE of this is ever going to work for you or get you to where you want to go if you refuse to open your eyes and see that you’re as there as you ever will be.

Because let’s think about what happens, when THERE.

You feel safe.
You feel abundant of time and space.
You feel free to do what you want.
You feel free to create.
You say YES to what is a yes.
And NO to what is a no.
This applies from the biggest moves,
to the smallest,
and is a way of being,
you’d never question.

And now let’s think about what happens, when NOT there.

You are worried.
You are anxious.
You feel overwhelmed.
You have too much to do.
Your endless laundry list of stuff which, once done, will allow you to pause, breathe, enjoy, BE, and also be safe, and free is … endless. And reproduces like a mofo.

You are NOT in your yes.
And you are CONTINUALLY – or at least OFTEN – in your no.

Let me ask you something:

How in the actual fuck is this way of living meant to get you to ‘THERE’. The place of your YES?

Answer: it cannot. It is literally not possible. Not if you repeated this NO way of living for 100,000 days. In fact, what you would have, is 100,000 days compounded to drive home the fact that you are the very opposite of free, or in conscious creation or choice of your life.

Another question for you:

Is this what you have now?

And then one more:

What if you just … opted out. NOW? No excuses. No ‘but first this or that’. Simply because you are smart enough to recognise that no + no + no + no + no x infinity, and compounded to boot … can only ever lead to no.

If you want to slow down time, you have to do it now. In this moment.

If you are sick of thinking about how to be, you have to quit that shit now.

If you want to live a life of expansion, fuck yes, and JUST yes?

You have to do so now.