Stop Getting Distracted by THEM

Stop getting distracted by the way that THEY do business, do money, do life.

Are you inspired, are you fascinated, does watching EXPAND you and make you more of you?

Or is it more so that it gets under your skin, highlights the things you are NOT, and then makes you somehow think you should be ’em?

Sure, maybe they really DO call it in with only ease and flow and an endless stream of shiny puffy lip selfies (I don’t know why all those filled lips look so SHINY and all the SAME?!), and if so, good for them!

But is that who YOU came here to be? Any bit of it!

Or have you allowed yourself, bit by bit, to be pulled away from the reason you ended up here in the first place, which was that there is something in you… which has always been in you… a pull, a nudge, a whisper, a scream – !

And which is meant to come out,

and THAT is all it’s supposed to be about,

but yet you’ve wandered so far from that now, that there are entire chunks of your day, your week, let’s say it as it is, your LIFE, in which it doesn’t even come to mind,

that you are just meant to wake up each day and let what’s in you out
let that work, that art, hone and polish itself naturally over time, as it certainly naturally will, if you let it be
and decide to get paid for it
and that really … there’s not much more to it than that

but the simplicity of what you’re meant to do is forgotten, as you instead fill the chunks of time in which you could be communing with your soul, with God, with life, and then letting through whatever comes through, instead fill it with,

making sure you got the angle right
wondering if your face is shiny and smooth and slightly maniacally happy enough like the other girls
worrying that your photos don’t all match properly
worrying about which format is ‘working’ right now as far as marketing and delivery
‘What are THEY all doing, to get so many people watching, listening, buying?!’
worrying that you’re not posting enough posts ‘celebrating your client who just blah blah blah’. What if people don’t know you help people and that they have awesome results and life changes working with you! Omg!
worrying that you’re not appearing high vibe-y or luxe life enough. Quick, arrange some decor so it looks casual rich, and then sit in front of it!
wondering if you should craft a better origin story or hero’s journey, so that people know what you really did to get here!

Here, of course, being, well, um, how to put this?

The place where endless streams of people with endless streams of perfect shiny lipped selfies celebrate endless streams of other people who are now making endless streams of money because, um, they also posted enough of the right selfies and started to do the exact mode of marketing and delivery that everyone else at the top is doing, and if we ALL JUST KEEP GOING THEN NOBODY WILL NOTICE WE’RE ALL JUST FEEDING EACH OTHER!

But hey, go sign up 4 more friends and then don’t forget to CELEBRATE them, because that way everybody wins!

I mean …

there’s nothing wrong with a good ole fashioned pyramid scheme. Or a good ole fashioned game of follow the leader. Or a good ole fashioned way of doing business doing life doing you that is all about making sure you get to be part of the in crowd.

There’s nothing wrong with any of it!

does it FASCINATE you?

Do you look at the people who you’ve somehow appointed as influencers in your OWN life, and are you FASCINATED, MAGNETISED, THRILLED?

I mean … in a way that truly expands and elevates your soul.

I mean … in a way where you get goosebumps. Chills. And that innermost part of you screams YES. YES. This is IT. Without even knowing what the ‘this’ is, never mind the ‘IT’. But just knowing that something is being let out here … let loose here … UNLEASHED … in a way which transcends anything to do with making business making money making life … and is just MEANT.

Meant to be.
Meant to be let out.
Meant to be unleashed.

And swallowed as the blood runs down your chin.

The way that what is in YOU is meant to be let out.

The way it WOULD be, if only you’d just leave yourself alone with responsibility to the message and the work as your guiding light, rather than responsibility to making sure you be like them, so that you can, um, live like them.




It’s not really that hard, this whole let what’s inside of you out thang, this whole let it forge the way for money flow thang.

It really all just comes back to following what the ACTUAL thing is that unlocks flow inside of you,

and letting that drive you.

But sure, why not?! Keep squishing that into the sidebar notes of your life.

And take another selfie, prepare another ‘celebrating my client who’ post, go and ‘yasssss Queen’ all over the innernets so the peoples see you’re one of them!

That’s what you came here to do.