Purpose, Resting in God


Your underlying fear that maybe God does not have a good or great plan for you, maybe the call on your life is not so impressive after all, maybe your destiny is really just about whatever muck you’re swilling in now and the only way it’s going to be different is if YOU hoist yourself out of it is,

not to put too fine a point on it but OKAY,

going to destroy and derail you.

Unless you can pull up and realise you are EXACTLY where God is calling you to be, and it is EXACTLY perfect to be where He has placed you in THIS season, you will continue to build a counterfeit thing in your own efforts and ultimately,

if you DON’T get that pause at some point,

you could miss what He has for you altogether.

Believing that God has a good and a great plan for your life also means believing that HE will surely bring it to pass and the only thing you need to do is to put your focus where He is showing you for THIS day.

It means you don’t have to find the plan,
define the plan,
or make the plan happen.

But instead you just have to surrender to the fact that God HAS got it, and that the defining, refining, and clarity on the action steps of said plan will be revealed in His timing and IN HIM.

Which means your only job each day is to look TO Him, have Him as your centerpoint and anchor, and BE OKAY WITH WHERE GOD HAS PLACED YOU NOW.

If He is saying just do these one or two small things, or perhaps some kind of random thing which makes no sense to YOU, then do them and be joyful about it; knowing that she who can be trusted with little will surely be given more.

Rather than, as perhaps you have been doing, questioning whether God really said that or only that, prettying or fancying it up because ‘surely He really meant more impressive version’, or being inconsistent WITH said small things because you feel like you need to find and harness a bigger and more obviously WOW ‘why’.

Part of this is also realising that just because God has shown you a vision, or you’ve received revelatory or prophetic insight for, something REALLY REALLY MASSIVE AND AMAZING as part of your Kingdom work … that doesn’t mean YOU are meant to bring that vision to life now. For example – God has shown me how He will use me as a voice to cut through noise and bring people to immediate clarity and truth in a BIG big way, but He also clearly said “do not try to be that voice now.”

And “do not try to bring what I’ve shown you to life”.

The worldly way is to write the vision and make it plain and then hustle your butt off to make it happen STAT, and if it’s not happening faster YOU should be working faster, and nineteen to the dozen at that.

But God says in Habakkuk 2:2-3 “write the vision and make it plain, that He or she who reads it may run with it, because though it may tarry (take longer than you think!) surely it will not tarry (meaning it will happen when it’s meant to!)”.

Our human minds, or our soul led by ourselves or even by spirits not of God, will scream that if we’re not making ourselves worthy NOW then we’ll never be. That if God gave us a vision or a promise and we don’t see it we must be missing something He probs meant to say and surely WE should go make sure it doesn’t tarry.

If you’re familiar with the story of Abraham and Sarah, and the fact that due to not waiting for God to act in His timing Ishmael was born to Sarah’s maidservant … ensuing in a reverbatory effect of birth outside of God’s promises and plan which STILL EFFECTS THE WORLD TODAY … you’ll know that this is simply not true.

But don’t feel bad if you DO feel worried or fearful that you might be missing something, and that if you don’t look better, seek better, and then act better you’ll miss your entire destiny because that is EXACTLY how the mind not quieted by God operates. Add a dash of what satan and the world at large has to say about it (I know right, same same) and, well –


But the thing with being a child of God is erm, well, actually – no.

You are led by the Spirit.
You walk in the favour of the Lord.
You know His voice.
He corrects your paths.
You have HIS mind.
And the same power in you which raised Christ from the dead!

So this whole … I’m not sure or I keep falling off path or maybe I SHOULD be doing more thing, well –

it just gets to go. That’s all.
No thank you.


Which in practical terms?

Means turn to God now, and ask Him to show you:

What would you have me put my hands to today?

And what have I been NOT doing which you’ve already shown me?


Repent for disobedience, and move forward OKAY WITH WHERE HE HAS PLACED YOU NOW.

Believe me,

He HAS got you, and let’s be real here when I remind you – you REALLY don’t want another counterfeit thang built because once again you submitted to an idea that you need to cultivate your own worth.

We’ve been there.
We’ve done that.
We GOT that t-shirt.
And we did not like it.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



This morning I spent nearly 2 hours doing a Prophetic Visioning & Strategy Session on myself to gain clarity on precisely what God is showing me now in my work,

in the area of relationship,

and in my life as a whole.

It was incredibly insightful and revealing, in fact supernaturally so.

And it gave me absolute Holy Spirit peace as well as a certainty of EVERYTHING which should be getting my attention and focus now, and everything which should not. Either at all, or just not now.

It also CLEARLY gave me the vision to anchor into and walk forward daily in excitement God IS bringing to life, rather than fear I SHOULD be bringing some kind of thing to life.

Prophetic Visioning & Strategy is exactly what I do at the highest level with my CEO & leader clients, and also with corporations.

I’m opening up 5 sessions right now, at the regular one off session rate but including follow on support for free. This includes a month of follow up.

Prophetic Visioning & Strategy is exactly what it says. Let’s hear from God on PRECISELY what is needed right now, what your big picture ‘why’ is, and what anchoring to that in the now looks like. This includes a complete breakdown of WHAT action, HOW that action should be coming about, what to pause on or discard, and also the fullness of the ‘big picture’ vision which He is showing now. It also includes whatever God reveals which, as you can imagine, is always incredible. You can expect to walk out with absolute peace, certainty, clarity, and excitement on where you are GOING in Him, as well as where you are meant to be now.

Our focus will be on purpose work / business / ministry / that side of your life, but invariably we may cross over into other areas if that’s what God shows. This is about accessing HIS supernatural blueprint for your work and applying heavenly strategy to your day to day now!

Once these sessions are gone they’re gone.

Click here now to pay upfront.

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