Sometimes I look around at the things I’ve achieved, created, been blessed with, see come from some place in the depths of my soul or mind to an actual physical tangible reality, and I just think –


This is some crazy shit. Me? Really? I should get to … have bought this house, that building, that other property over there? Huh. Okay! But, you know – really? I should get to … drive those cars? Have that … stuff? Huh. Okay! But, you know, REALLY – I should get to have a book in the works with THOSE wanting to look at the proposal? And it’s actually coming to life? Huh! OKAY! But … YOU know – really?! I should get to have clients like THAT? Friends like that? Launches like that? Mentors like that? A body like that? REALLY?! Who approved this shit? Don’t you know the shy girl who I am and was doesn’t normally end up like … this?

I could take a dozen or two lists of really quite cool shit I have created, achieved, bought, had become my ‘norm’, or – best of all! – somewhere along the way actually begun to so fully embody that it’s hard to accept it was ever NOT so, and in every single case it is EASY to recollect the time when it was out of reach to a point of ridiculousness that I would even CONSIDER considering it.

But yet, in every case, maybe not always right away, but eventually – I considered it.

I ruminated on it, maybe.

I ‘one dayed’ it, perhaps, for a half minute longer, but no – not really, as basically?

I went from consider to ‘it WILL be’, pretty freakin’ quickly once the thing, concept, idea, belief, or whatever it might be came into my space.

On nearly EVERY occasion, I had no idea how I would do it.

It’s a MIRACLE. I just look at these things which represent the norms of my life and I think – it’s a MIRACLE.

There was no valid reason why this should have come into my space.

There were a MILLION reasons why it shouldn’t! Gosh! Particularly if I would have listened to what fear had to say about it which, trust me, was PLENTY.

And here’s the thing. Which so many people seem hellbent on never wanting to understand, or even entertain the idea of testing.

Fear steps over when you require it to.

It’s that freaking simple.

You don’t require it to? You keep waiting for it to? Hoping for it to? Justifying back and forth in your head over whether you possibly COULD act in spite of it, well –

Guess what will happen?

Jack shit.

And that’s all there is to say about that.

I mean … I guess you’ll keep getting older and all. So that’s something! Faster, too. Lack of responsibility to purpose, and putting fear in the drivers seat instead of what you know is THERE for you if only you’d say yes to it, well –

it has that effect.

I will never stop being amazed at how life steps up to wherever you require it to. You draw the line and life RESPONDS. You say yes – and mean it – to things you’ve no idea how to achieve, become, make happen, and then move forward as though you actually – delusionally! – therefore just expect it,

it will become yours.

You’ll naturally just do the work required, the surrender, the letting go, the opening up to greater expansion, and so on. No it won’t be effortless. lol. Yes you will be terrified at times. Obviously. But yes, if you actually ASSUME THE OUTCOME when you tether it in, then yeah, in the end when you look back, despite all the hurdles and tears, you will say –

“It was pretty simple, actually”.

I will NEVER stop being amazed at just how available miracles are every day.

And I will never stop being amazed at how willingly people choose fear instead; the toxic best friend they just don’t wanna roll without.

But hey –

I guess the whole point is –

we do what others won’t,

we live like they can’t.

If only more people realised that the do is an inside game.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


– dreamer. wanderer. soul led creator. One who was born for MORE.

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> it’s time.