Resting in God


And perhaps it is as simple as this –

You don’t fit in because you were born to reach the unreachable, to be a voice which would cut through noise in places others just won’t go, in places where, when you try to explain or enthuse about it in the usual rooms or crowds people just look at you confused … not interested … or disbelieving.

You don’t fit in because the dreams you dream aren’t like the dreams the others dream.

Not in entrepreneurship.
Not in ministry.
Not in leadership.
Not in art.
Not in life.

The thing about you is, you’ve always just seen things a different way.

You see possibility where there in everybody else’s eyes there not only is none, but also – why would you even look? Consider? Or bother?

Your yearning, the heart God has given you for things which break yours just as they break His, it’s just – different.

And sometimes you wonder if the issue is just … YOU. Maybe the fact that you always think you’re so different, or you’re frustrated at why others don’t just do the obvious freakin’ thing which would be so much more effective, or that so often they don’t seem to be LISTENING to what God actually says about our authority here … or about ANY thing … is actually?

That you’re just kind of full of yourself.

And maybe, actually?

They were right. All those voices over time telling you you’re too much. Or the OH so slight wrinkling of the nose when you tried to explain a dream, a vision, an idea. If you’re honest – a REVELATION GOD GAVE YOU, yet, well, hm. Nobody got it. The ‘higher ups’ certainly didn’t seem to. And they THEMSELVES were doing things differently. So, well –

maybe you DID make it up.

The truth is you’ve spent your entire life making yourself smaller.

Oh sure – not deliberately so. At least, not mostly. No, mostly just … automatically. Unwittingly. A reaction to the fact that, well … you being you hasn’t NECESSARILY been the vibe. So you adjust down. Just a little bit. Step a bit more cautiously. Just the smallest bit. Bite your tongue. Just a teensy bit.

And gradually,
bit BY bit,
OH so steadily,
you become THEM.

Your messaging makes sense to them.
Your marketing makes sense to them.
The way you lead makes sense to them.
How you preach makes sense to them.
How you vision makes sense to them.
Who you consider you are called for makes sense to them.
Heck even how you pray makes sense to them.

It’s very very good.
Very very nice.
Very very natural.

And that right there, that is EXACTLY the problem, isn’t it?

It’s VERY very natural, VERY very sensible to all and sundry, which is to say VERY VERY NOT SUPERNATURAL, oh, and what’s that other thing?

Yeah if it makes sense to the masses, even a really REALLY cool group of said masses …

chances are it’s not the thing God planted in you because you KNOW that is a thing which cannot be understood by the human mind,

even the regular big-dreamin’ one attached to a person who believes in and loves God!

All of which is to say …

It’s time to come out guns blazing as who God made YOU to be.

It’s time to get LOUD.

It’s time to make your filter ACTUALLY Him, and not in a ‘I just swiped right for a God filter’ sort of a way, but in a ‘this thing ain’t coming OFF’ sort of a way, and you are CHANGED CHANGED CHANGED.

Not changed to be still ACCEPTABLE.


To go where nobody has perhaps gone before yet God sent YOU.

To say it in the way He made YOU to say it.

To walk forward INTO the fray,

when most would 1000x over just walk away.


it’s not about being ‘oh so special and unique’. It’s the fact that … YOU ARE OH SO SPECIAL AND UNIQUE. You are God’s favourite because His relationship with you can only be had with YOU. You are His masterpiece. And He made you for what He made you for. The END.

So …


and let Him plug your destination and also NOW game in.

It’s really very simple,

you will either live for the fullness of what He shows you, including the fullness of how He MADE you,

or you will fall fall fall to be oh so nice.

Oh so good.

Oh so proper.

Yet oh so mediocre,

in a world where God needs His children to be warriors,

and where He made you for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.



Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.




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