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I have found that God often speaks to me in such small ‘FLASH’ moments that it would be easy for me to disregard or not even notice them.

It happened last night while I was in a revival and worship night at church, this quick FLASH to do with marriage and family, an immediate breaking in my spirit accompanying it, and then as quickly as it had come – it was gone.

A split second image …

An idea floating by so quickly perhaps I imagined it …

A mere moment which I could convince myself was just my own wish or want or fantasy …

Something so brief it barely has a chance of being perceived as REAL, or TRUE, or a thing which would or will occur, when I only have to look at the CURRENT reality to see that surely THAT is real,

and in contrast to what I just saw


or heard

I love Isaiah 43:19 in which God says “behold, I will do a new thing. Not it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert”.

The scripture does not say that the new thing will BEAT ITS WAY FORTH, SIT YOU FIRMLY DOWN IN YOUR PLACE, ENSURE THAT YOU SEE IT ‘OR ELSE’. God is not a God of forcing us to choose or to see something. He always always gives US the choice.

And it is our FAITH which causes things to appear. (Romans 4:16). Not the fact that we saw it through natural eyes. We are led to see through faith, through His Spirit in ours, NOT by sight! Yet how often we dismiss something he plants in our spirit because, well – it was such a tiny flicker. And besides, that’s not real. ‘Why would I get to even have that; I made it up!’

‘Shall you not know it’ is written in another translation as ‘do you not perceive it’.

I think about this a lot … I think it is critical to think about this a lot, to meditate on what God says and to really sink into what He is SAYING with what He says. Perception,

leads the reality of what we will see.

If I do not perceive it,

I will not even notice its possibility,

therefore I will not have even a chance at believing it,

and in a very real sense as far as how FAITH works and God works,

it won’t appear.

Wanna know what else?

If we’re going to see the NEW thing God has for us we have to COMPLETELY TAKE OUR EYES AND BELIEF OFF THE OLD THING.

Phewwwwww this GETS me, you know? But you can’t argue with truth! And right before that great and uplifting promise of God for a NEW thing, He says in verse 18 of Isaiah 43:

“Remember not the former, and consider not the old”.

So not only do we gotta believe for something new which we only perceive if we LOOK for it in our SPIRIT, and also BELIEVE it such that it can then spring forth and appear …


I don’t know about you, but my NATURAL way of seeing the hopeful progression of any given part of my life is to take a somewhat average of what I already have and then envisage an improved, elevated, expanded, or glossed up version of it. Kind of like a graph which just keeps continuing up.

This perception is based on my OWN ideas of what kind of person I am in my own strength. I imagine that some people imagine life only getting worse, more hum drum or exhaustive as time goes on.

I, like most of my clients and friends, have no such expectations. We expect that WE will improve and forge every more certainly forwards in each area of my life. Man, I spent years saying ‘the better I get the better I get and keep on getting!’

Ah, self-sufficiency and the INEVITABLE FALL WHICH COMES WITH IT when you (pray Lord) realise you don’t actually WANNA be holding everything together all the time and also you can no longer ignore the fact that there is a RIGHTFUL supernatural thing which ONLY God can do through your spirit, no matter how determined or relentless you are!

Thing is,

being the kind of person I am or was without full surrender to God,

I DID always achieve a ‘continually improved version’ of what I had.

My point is not that that can’t happen.

My point is it SHOULD not be happening, because if you choose that?



Boy oh boy is this a thing that women like us REALLY need to think about. Don’t you think?! Never mind your understanding, DOESN’T YOUR SPIRIT PERCEIVE IT?

When I had that little FLASH last night at church, I saw something which my MIND immediately refuted.

“Too good to be true”.

“Why would you think YOU get to have that, look at your history and look at your current reality”.

“You’re making it up”.

“Wishful thinking!”

But can I tell you a truth I know you need to ponder for YOU?

My spirit knew it was true.

My spirit saw a NEW thing, barely springing forth? “Look, don’t you perceive it?”

My spirit saw something which in no way could be considered a CONTINUATION of what I already did or created myself in this area. It was not a glossed up or improved upon version.


The kind I in my natural would consider not only impossible but also simply not a natural CONSEQUENCE of who I have been and what I have chosen in the area of relationship and the things which go with it.

The reason we find it so difficult to say yes to the NEW thing God shows us is that we are trying to make it make sense based on a natural idea of CONSEQUENCES or outcomes.

Without God we can MANAGE to get our head around the idea of something way better or different or freeing if we work hard enough for it, lay serious track to create that new reality.

But even that feels like a far away fantasy for most people, because we tend to assume that if we have previously had or done a certain thing then the future will hold at best an improved version of THAT thing. If we sweat and bleed for it, if we are ‘success minded’ enough!

But if we are GOD minded …

and we allow our mind to be filled with understanding led fully by what He shows us in our SPIRIT …

the rules change.

Natural consequences do not apply, because Jesus paid for that with His blood and we are NEW CREATURES WITH A NEW SPIRIT AND HEART IN CHRIST so therefore …

new outcomes.

But our BELIEF.

Where we choose to look and expect to SEE.

Must occur,

for it to APPEAR.

And at the same time we must be diligent in asking God to help us to FORGET THE OLD, because, as He said to me some months back relevant to, well, most of my life – “where we are going those things aren’t coming!”.

The thing is –

you literally can’t GO there if you try to bring them with.

And a FLASH like the one I got is given by God for us to AGREE with, ACCEPT, say ‘YES’ and ‘AMEN’ to and then HOLD FIRM TO WHILST DISCARDING ALL ELSE, ALL WHICH WAS OF US. Meaning – pray on it more, meditate, ask God to show you more, strengthen what He showed with scriptures which back and add to it, BUILD YOUR FAITH BY YOUR WALK.

So I guess what we’re talking about here is … being willing to go into a void of sorts.

Letting go of the old and just believing in a new thing which is not even there!


A void it would well be if we were looking through a human lens, or a lens taught by your fave manifestation or self-creation teachers, bringing you a counterfeit of God’s truth and convincing you it’s all down to you trusting in and believing in YOU and what YOU choose.

But in God,

there is no void.

It is not ‘hope, fingers crossed’.

It is a hope for a future in Him which is ASSURED, because He simply IS who He says He is and cannot change from that. He is FAITHFUL to His word. He is unchanging. The bit which hems and haws is us, so – hand over the us!

All of which brings us to this:

What if you just decided to believe?

And asked God to reveal to you exactly what YOU need today,

for that to be true.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


PS. Things

OH, there are so many good and new things coming through, DON’T YOU PERCEIVE IT?! I feel just … BRIMMING.

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