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“The proof is what I said”, I heard.

“You just keep your eyes fixed on me. And let ME pull you forward”.

Phewwwww … don’t you just LOVE it when God gives you another word of RELEASE, RELAX, SURRENDER? When He brings it home to you that even though you thought you did that whole ‘let go and trust’ thing it’s time … AGAIN?

I’d been dropping into a prophetic writing piece which was a vision God was showing me for ME, and my future / supernaturally already complete marriage. He’d had me writing and writing and writing and writing just REAMS showing me … so many things. Even down to details of the home we’d have to together! (Details I have seen for years FYI. Not knowing it was about THIS).

I hear from God a lot. He talks to me every day. He gives me words. Visions. Dreams. Signs. REVELATIONS APLENTY. My writing is becoming ever more HIM, and my discernment? Well it grows daily because I ASK. (James 1:5).

I hear from God a lot because … I expect to. I declare and decree it. I accept it. I believe. And also, I seek Him and put myself before Him not only tremendously in my day to day time / space but … as a way of being.


It’s not hard. It’s not something I am available to ‘not have time for’. The more I think I have to do the more and the faster I will go before God. It is inefficient and foolish NOT to.

Because I am obedient and WHOLLY IN on this (Lord guide me ever more each day and thank you that you wipe clean the moments I DO stumble or fall!) …

He reveals Himself to me ever more each day. HE is the one who is pouring forth all of the ‘things’. KATRINA is doing nothing at all in her business OR her life except saying yes. And thank you. And Amen. And thank you again when He shows me the NEXT thing I get to now hand over!

It’s just a tip. It’s just your LIFE.

But back to the vision 😉

I had ASKED – would you show me something more about this. I asked in surrender (only and always!). And I went about my morning with Him. I SAID –

“Lord I am calling to you for a word of knowledge about the man you have chosen for me and our marriage”.

Immediately he showed me a ‘flash’ image of the man holding a baby. (He has promised me another baby, well, more than one. And already worked some medical miracles in that area; confirmed when I had things checked and my doctor nearly fell off his chair a month or two back).

God shows me ‘flashes’ quite a lot. “Lord would you give me something about my son grown in you” I asked once. FLASH. Him as a grown and mighty man of God.

I love a longer vision or revelation, with detail!

But I’ll take a flash anytime! I have a whole stack of flash cards from God! I flick through ’em constantly! Flash! Flash! Flash! Amen! Yes!

So, yeah. ASK.

I continued –

“Lord I am asking for a word on what I need to know right now regarding this. And why in the physical it feels like nothing is moving when I want it to!”


There’s no need to pretend to God that you don’t REALLY REALLY WANT what you REALLY REALLY WANT. He already knows! And … your childlike desire is allowed! Besides, I asked and ask Him to REARRANGE MY DESIRES TO MATCH HIS, so … I’m good. And I’ll keep asking, thanking, waiting, letting Him perfect and also expecting it every day!

“I’m working on him”, He said. “And you. It’s not time yet. I have things I need to prepare and they are not ready. The time will be soon. When I move I will move fast”.

He has told me this before. About moving fast. Somehow I keep checking. *insert eye roll emoji*

“God show me any way in which I am trying to move in my own effort or will! I submit and sacrifice my own mind and my right to make my own choices to you!”


Do you know that as SOON as I said that He started pouring the vision through me like a GUSHING RIVER?! I wrote pages about what it will be … things we will do together … the way our family will look (and how many of us there will be!) … the house … more!

“Lord would you show me?! I want to see!”

– “Do you trust me?”, He said.

“YES! I trust you I am to be a wife and I AM a wife in you already!”

– “There are things I still need to prepare. I am putting the finishing touches on what I have made for you. I am preparing you for him, and he for you. YES it will come to pass. And you will say – IT CAME TO PASS.

You will learn you don’t need to question me. I am teaching you to trust. For now – CHOOSE NOT TO QUESTION ME.

I need you to have a higher level of faith, and this is part of it.

There is much I have prepared for you. And so much still to come. Are you ready? We are going to run fast! Like the wind we will travel the land! My wind, carrying you. Just – not yet.”

(I saw a vision of me running beyond speed, with the Lord).

“Right now we must be still. Right now we will sit together, replenish, talk, be, and allow what is being grown to fruit and flourish.”

“But Father … (I asked a question I’ll not share)”.

– “Stop thinking back and forth. Stop. You are writing truth. This will become part of the book of THIS series I am giving you.

You have heard what I said.

I said what I said. I am PREPARING him for you. And you for him”.

My mind began to ask /

– “No. You can’t do anything to speed it up. Don’t ask”.

(I was about to NOT ask that anyway, hehe … well I started to. But I know better).

“But Lord can you SHOW to me so I can KNOW more? And also show me who you need me to be? Re-work whatever is required in me!”

Do you see how I ask on repeat what I want?

Understand it is a continual aligning OF the ask, and also ONLY and wholly asked from soft surrender. I submit to God answering how or when He wants, and I will accept it … and keep coming before Him, because I know He wants me to BECOME who I AM in Him and all these things are already given when I seek Him and His Kingdom first!

My ASKING is part of my SEEKING.

He shared a lot more detail after this. We were in this flow for a while!

At one point I asked “but God can YOU speed this up now?!”

– “I am working how I am working. Patience, my child. You still need to learn to trust. So for now – wait. But here is a flash –

The more you keep your eyes fixed on me, and allow me to draw you forward, and he does the same, the faster you will both meet on your path in me. It is inevitable you come together, at the right time, as you both seek me”. (There was more. Please understand also that part of the reason I receive such DEPTH from God is that in a literal sense I spend a LOT of time with Him. The more I do, the more my life is).”

“Okay God, so show me what to pray, for him and for me too”.

… (he answered).

“And for me, what are my instructions. What else do I need to know or let go of?”

– “You just keep your eyes fixed on me. And let ME pull you forward.”


“God what do I do about the part of me that wants more now or to know more now? To have proof?”

I didn’t even think about what I was asking really, because WOW –


“When you know this then you will see that I am GOD”.


I immediately went into fervent prayer, seeking Him and petitioning Him for upcoming scriptures, words, visions, dreams, revelations to help me to fully KNOW, beyond all knowing, that the PROOF IS WHAT HE SAID.

It’s one thing to believe … choose … accept. It’s another to know in your very BEING. I want to know like THAT! On all things He says!

Do you know what happened, right after I prayed?

I glanced down at my Bible which was already open. I’d read down the left side of the page. My eyes flicked to the right and the first things I saw?

Jeremiah 33:10-11 –

Thus says the Lord: ‘Again there shall be heard in this place—of which you say, “It is desolate, without man and without beast” … the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the VOICE OF THE BRIDEGROOM AND THE VOICE OF THE BRIDE.


OH God.



Do you see how He works? Do you see how much He loves you? Do you see how He desires to reveal Himself to you? DO YOU SEE WHAT HE DOES?

ALL it requires is your yes.
ALL He seeks is all of you.

It’s not HARD.
You will be HARNESSED TO THE YOKE OF JESUS! (Matthew 11:28-30). You will not carry the load ever again! There is NOTHING you need to figure out without being supernaturally empowered EVER AGAIN! There is nothing you will not HAVE, EVER AGAIN, which is FOR you.

Do you get it?
Do you get it?
Do you get it?!

The promises are being fulfilled! They ARE supernaturally fulfilled and they are being fulfilled! The promises are being fulfilled!


It came to pass.

Now just remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Here is why you have to join The Secret Garden.

Have you seen?

It’s the all new + begins-this-coming-week space God has given me for US. It is the NEW thing of my business, sprung forth from the stagnation and arid wasteland of, well – so much of what had eventuated in the years where I truly and bit by bit so DECEIVEDLY slid far from Him.

In an open vision some weeks back He showed me how He was IN THAT MOMENT, following my prayer and HIS through me, SPRINGING UP A BEAUTIFUL FLOURISHING VIBRANT AND MIRACULOUS GARDEN.

I heard “The Secret Garden”, and I thought it was just about me. I saw you in there, my clients and those called to do life alongside me, tall and upright WARRIORS, each with a crown on – ‘YES, the Warrior Queens”, I thought, but I thought He was just showing me for ME.

Last week, as I sought Him on why why WHY I had no desire or pull to continue to sell my incredible (which I have loved and DO love to teach in) Academy aka low cost membership, I heard – “but it’s The Secret Garden”.


Monday last I knew: it’s time. This butt will not move from this chair til it is WRITTEN.


This page has made MANY people cry. I would say it is the most beautiful thing I have ever written except, well – HE wrote it through me, and – He keeps doing stuff like that, so EVERY DAY IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE LAST.

Are you ready to fully submit to your Lord?

Are you ready to say yes in ALL areas to your King?

Are you ready to give your BUSINESS, your MONEY, your WILL, your IDEAS, your CREATIVITY, your WANT, your ENTIRE ENTREPRENEURIAL WALK, to Him?

And would you like to be supported by a woman who is so only and solely LED by Him, whose very BREATH is ever more becoming His?

God has promised us that each morning in Him shines brighter than the last. (Proverbs 4:18).

The Secret Garden –

is the place He has given me to share with you the things He shows me,
and the way He has for you,
as an entrepreneur | creator | ANOINTED one,

who desires for her business money AND life to be in glory to Him and who knows that IN Him,
she finds her.

Come see what He had me make you,

You have to join.

August schedule now on the page. Live training times will vary and will include regular UK / EU / Africa friendly times as well as US / AU / Asia / Antarctica!

Questions? My IG door is always open. I LOVE YOU AND I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!

Kat x


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