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Nutrition and Fat Loss 101, Part 4 – Weekly Eating Plan

I’ve had loads of requests for me to share an overview of recommended nutrition, and so today I’m going to show you a sample weekly maintenance plan. If you’ve just popped in now then make sure you check out the earlier posts in this series!

Sample Weekly Plan

This is a week of GOOD eating designed for fat loss. It is an example only, and not necessarily what I would get YOU to do if you came to see me – Biosignature is all about determining individual needs and everyone is different to one extent or another. Add your thoughts/comments/questions below!


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2 responses to “Nutrition and Fat Loss 101, Part 4 – Weekly Eating Plan”

  1. Sonja says:

    hei Kat,
    awesome that you share your plan! I would be iinterested in the amount of food you are eating, I mean if there is kangaroo steak, how much/many grams do you eat approximately. I mean, there is still the calories to be restricted to loose weight, I cannot eat 5 steaks in one sitting and expect to lose fat…
    (but I do understand that you are not keen on giving that info)