Your stuff isn’t selling the way you want because –

Your stuff isn’t selling the way you want, because you don’t operate from certainty and that shit can be felt.

Solution: realise that certainty is a choice. Put it on like putting on an outfit. REQUIRE yourself to act from that place. Kick your butt to remember it is a place already IN you, not one you have to find.

Your offers are not selling how they should, because you float on the surface, worrying about doing enough or doing it right or just getting that next sale, about whether you’ll meet your cashflow needs this week, about whether you’re good enough, about whether you can play with the big girls, about whether the offer itself is good enough, about whether the freaking sun is going to rise again … stop. Your surface based connection, while distracted with worries and wonderments, is stopping you from putting something out which you truly FEEL.

If you do not feel it we do not feel it.

If we do not feel it we also do not feel you.

If we do not feel it or you –

we do not buy. EVERYTHING sells better when there is energy and intent behind it. The industry doesn’t matter. Either something is infused with aliveness and intent, or it is not.

Solution: smack your fine self on the be-hind, and then STOP. Stop, drop, and roll all the way into the place where you give this offer the respect it deserves. Where you chew on it. Mull it over. BE with it. FEEL it. Are fully able to say you know and understand it, and why it must be. Such that you then naturally start to demonstrate that to others, and it comes out in your marketing!

If you cannot or will not give this offer the respect it deserves, why are you keeping it around? It’s like being in a relationship because you hope they’ll do the dishes. Rude. Stupid, too.

Your stuff isn’t selling the way it REALLY could because you do not know it. You brush past it. You demand it do things for it. You don’t KNOW it. Yes this is more of what I just said, in a different way. Do you get how critical it is? Why TF would I buy something from you when YOU don’t even really know why?! What, you want MY certainty in handing over payment when YOU do not have certainty around what you’re asking for payment for?!

Solution: certainty is a choice, as discussed, and also – if you do not know something or someone, what do you do? You get to know them.

Suggestion: write a sales email every morning and every night for your offer until you know it so damn well you’re not sure whether you are it. If, in getting to know it this way, you realise it is somehow lacking or just not (ahem) that interesting … kill the bitch. Or, y’know – add some value til you feel it.

Prompts for your sales emails:

Why am I in love with this offer?

What do I just really want people to know?

Why is this a HELL yes, like … you’d be crazy not to?

What do I really feel or believe relevant to this offer?

What makes it SO good? What makes it even MORE good? Even more gooder still?!

Who is this really for? Why?

What does sitting with this offer and really getting to know it, make space for it, show me?

Tip: if you can’t come up with great answers to the above, um – do you actually like | love | care about | believe in this thing? Or are you just trying to sell shit from a surface place of BULLshit?

Your stuff is not selling because you’ve chosen to believe money is hard. Sales is hard. Business is hard. You know it doesn’t have to be that way, you fully believe on SOME level in another vibe, but … you just remain opted in to the story of not enough, not yet, not for me, it couldn’t be THAT easy or fun.

So, you perpetuate what is. Your future is boringly predictable just by looking at how you carry yourself. You create more mediocrity and hardship with your every breath because … consciously or no, you are deciding to.

Solution: snap out of it. UNSUBSCRIBE LIKE YOU’RE OPTING OUT OF A PESKY EMAIL LIST. DISCIPLINE your mind. Your actions. Your beliefs. The way you behave. All of it. DO YOU GET YET THAT YOU GET TO CHOOSE?!

Question: what would you be choosing right now if you had stopped letting an expectation of hardship rule you? What would you quit, walk away from, ignore, be now done with? Where would you turn? Allow yourself to play, have fun? Allow yourself to be?

^ these are just some of the questions you can use to discipline yourself into flow.

Your stuff is not selling because you don’t expect it to. You’re a little girl playing make believe, and you know the crown isn’t really real.

But on the other side of the wall, in the next room, behind the curtain, or simply in the mirror if you’d really look …

is the you who knows she is appointed. Knows she is already there. Knows she has done enough and is enough.

WAKE THAT SLEEPING GIRL UP, AND LET HER TAKE THE REIGNS. Before she eats you alive from the inside out. Oh wait, she already is. And maybe that’s the biggest reason of all, that your stuff isn’t selling –

you refuse to go all in at doing what only you can do best,

which is being fully you.

The one who knows who she is, what she came for, that she was BORN with the crown, and?

Acts it.

Now go sell like it’s actually something you expect and it just IS. Rather than endlessly treating it as something you have to master and never will. HOW DO YOU MASTER BREATHING?

You never considered otherwise.