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Money Mindset, Success Mindset


Have you heard the expression ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees’?

I kind of assumed that everybody knew this saying, but recently said it to a client and apparently no – maybe it’s just one of those things my Dad always said and I assumed was worldwide languaging 🙂

I was thinking about this last night as I dropped off to sleep, thinking about how strong and certain my mindset is around business, money, clients, purpose, my right to LIVE it fully, and also to have ALL of these things be completely on my terms.

I was thinking about how straightforward and obvious most any situation relevant to business and money IS for me.

How I always know what action to take …

I NEVER question my desires …

OR my decisions …

And I expect ALWAYS to have things the way I want them to be.

And I was thinking about how, if I could just transplant many of my own ways of thinking over to my community and clients then I know I could save you SO much time and heartache, and help you to fast-track to where of COURSE your business is next level fucking awesome, ALWAYS, and of COURSE you make money easily … on command … like magic … always!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to try and rob you of the chance to go through your own journey of figuring shit out, and nor could I!

But I do think that I have some things to share that WOULD help you see your way forward more clearly, and faster, now.

Little confession, before we begin?? A big part of the reason I was thinking about this stuff was I was noticing the contrast in how I think about love and romance right now, compared with how I think about business.

Put it this way – if I was unsure of myself and as unwilling to be clear on my desires and requires in business as what I have acted with love and romance since leaving my marriage 18 or so months ago, I’d STILL be broke as fuck!

So consider this post a missive to YOU, and also a reminder to ME, of what kind of mindset is required for success.


1) I CONTINUALLY second guessed myself. Now … I make rapid decisions from the gut, and I NEVER question my first instinct, no matter how illogical it may seem.

2) My belief system was that there is a ‘right’ way and a ‘wrong’ way, and I have to get it right OR ELSE. Now? I know that the right way is the one that feels right, or that I’m directed to from within. Period.

3) I didn’t trust myself. Now – I NEVER question myself. I fully trust that I ALWAYS know the right action to take, and I ALWAYS know what is right for me, my biz, my life.

4) I was flaky on being true to my standards and boundaries. These days – I have ZERO uncertainty around fully sticking to my standards and boundaries. I literally never go against them. If somebody wants me to provide or be something outside of my own standards and boundaries, I walk away. No emotion … no harm, no foul. It’s just not what I’m available for.

5) I felt like my hearts deepest desires were a pipe dream ... or at least for right now … and that they were not yet AVAILABLE, or at least for me. Now, I know that whatever I feel and see inside of me is REAL, is AVAILABLE, is available specifically for ME, and is available also NOW. I FULLY believe that if I can see it, it’s mine.

6) I continually caved, or went against what I had said I would do or stick to. Now I do not do that 🙂 … even when it is sometimes really scary, I simply hold true to my values and desires.

7) I settled, sacrificed, compromised, like a motherfucker. I no longer do that. No exceptions. I trust that when I honour my higher self, everything works, even if it might short-term appear not to be. I KNOW this; it’s fact.

8) I lived in fear. I now live and act from alignment and love. This is a daily practice … ALL of these things are a daily practice!

9) My mindset was that if I DO enough, and do it RIGHT, then I will get results, and I would put the grind ahead of what I needed for ME, always. Now I know that there is NEVER anything I need to do, but ALWAYS action to take. I know that all I need to do, EVER, for ANY outcome in life, is tune in moment by moment to what feels right and aligned, for me.

10) I constantly compared myself to other people, or worried about what I should be doing differently. These days, blinkers on, I barely notice what others are doing, and if I do see something that looks cool or worthwhile I run it through a filter of ‘is this aligned for ME; is this what my soul wants?’

11) I thought that getting what I wanted or needed came from earning it, rather than deciding. Now I understand all outcomes eventuate ONLY from the fact that you decided to get ’em. There is literally nothing else required.

12) I failed to honour my value and worth, and to charge or do what I knew was aligned and what I was meant to do. Now I fully honour my value and worth, I know how damn good I am and I am okay with it!

13) I didn’t realise I could just choose. I still have to practice this every day – want more? CHOOSE more? Want it all? CHOOSE it all. That’s it.

14) I was super attached and needy; I failed to surrender and live in faith. Today, I am unattached to outcomes, even though yes I want them and know I can HAVE them. But, I also know that if it’s not meant to be, then THAT is perfect and that is what IS meant to be.

15) Deep down I wondered if I was actually good enough or had what it took. I no longer do that. I gave in to knowing that I AM WORTHY BECAUSE I EXIST. Also, I now know that self worth has nothing to do with results, results come from choice.

16) I was waiting for somebody to appoint me. Now I continually appoint myself, and act accordingly!

And MOST of all:

17) I was NOT being the real me, I thought that in order to succeed I had to look or act or teach a certain way, and that if I ‘just’ did me and ‘only’ created content and a business based on my purpose work nobody would want it. These days, well – I am all of me, all the time, and I feel very calm about knowing that you really CAN take or leave it and EITHER WAY IS FINE AND PERFECT.

Here’s the reality:

If you want to become a multi-millionaire … if you want to have a soul aligned business on your terms … if you want things to just WORK … the most powerful thing you can do is know your own mind, and STICK to it.

But in order to know it?

You gotta tune in and listen.
You DO gotta trust.
And sometimes you also gotta CHOOSE the mindset you WISH you had, then live into that.

I’ve been applying this stuff a lot recently relevant to my personal life … I have broken a LOT of rules recently in a dating situation, gone against what ‘experts say’, and even my friends, and here is what I know for sure:

ALL I need to do for things to work perfectly, is BE FULLY ME.

Say what I THINK and feel.
Speak my truth.
Honour what I believe is aligned.
Be okay with doing scary shit, and know that I can’t SCREW UP BEING ME, know that if I follow my soul it is IMPOSSIBLE to get it wrong.
And always, always, ALWAYS release the outcome and no that no matter what, I’m going to be okay, and that everything WILL work out the way it’s meant to; whatever that is.

Which brings me to a simple question, which you might like to ask yourself today:

If you knew you were totally taken care of and okay, and that what your soul desires and requires is ALWAYS allowed and always shows the RIGHT FUCKING WAY –

How would you be showing up?
Who would you be serving?
What would you be saying, or not saying, selling, or not selling?
What would you simply decide, expect, require, and not think for another second about?
And what would no longer be acceptable to you?
What would ALIGNMENT look like for you, right now?
And what would you spend your time on today, your energy, your emotion?
What else?

Okay, that was more than one question 🙂

These are the questions I asked myself daily, on repeat, as I moved my way out of being over 145k in debt, to creating a FULLY soul aligned multi-million dollar empire.

These are the questions which, quite literally, made me millions.

And which I know in their own way will also guide me to soulmate love –

And to all the things I ever wanted –

Was ever meant to have –

And ever will want.

I suggest you ask them of yourself.

And then?


Life is Now. Press Fucking Play.




Just FOUR days until we begin …

And only 7 places to go!

Are you ready? Is it time? To claim your rightful place, and go ALL IN at being unapologetically you???


Read the below if you want to know more … and / or MESSAGE me, and I’ll get you the details.

Enough is enough.
You were BORN for the stars.
And now?
Time to fucking fly there.


EMPRESS: Claim Your Rightful Place, NOW.

4 Weeks 1:1 With Katrina Ruth, For Women Unapologetically Born for More.

This is what is missing:

You –

You’re a Queen, a leader, a badass, we KNOW this, you were born for it and it shines out of every pore of you, but more than that, you’re a motherfucking EMPRESS, gorgeous, you’ve ALWAYS known this, and let’s get real now:

(it might sting a little)

This whole LITTLE game you’re playing, of “I’m a COACH, and I teach this, or that, or the other thing, join my program, sign up for my stuff, I’ll teach you HOW, and show you the process and how I can HELP you?”

Well –

It was never going to cut it, WAS it now?



You look around –

At all the things –

You tell yourself you have to do each day –

The way you think you gotta show up, sell, prove your worth, get people to want to LEARN from you, and therefore pay you, and what you don’t SEE is that the reason you were always meant to be PAID –

Damn highly, I might add!

– is for people to be in your presence.

To soak up the ENERGY and the ESSENCE of you.

To be lifted up and elevated to where THEY need to be, and into the action which automatically just goes with it, because of the way that YOU show up and shine.

This has nothing to do with what you teach.

It’s NOT a fucking strategy.

And you can break down the components of it all you like, but REALLY it’s a vibration thang.

You’ve either got it.

Or you don’t.

And you, well you have always HAD it, haven’t you? You’ve always been that person who shines so.fucking.bright, who sees the world in a particular way in which others do NOT, who has lived their LIFE in a certain way in which others do not, who has quite literally TRAINED for this shit.

Since you were a young girl –

Since as far back as you can remember –

No need to pretend otherwise – !

You KNEW you were born for more.

You looked around …

As though in a daze …

Not quite understanding what everybody else was ON about, or why they cared so much …

And just kinda sorta ALWAYS fucking realising –


This is not where I am going to be ANYWAY.

These are not my people …

This is not my path …

This is not the world I will OPERATE in!

It’s as though your soul knew, since before time even began, that you came from different stock.

You were born into the wrong world, you had to spend time there for perhaps learning, or growth, or just the gathering of PATIENCE, but it was always clear that one day?

just as with an orphan –
who dreams she is really born of royalty –

Your real life would come for you.

What you didn’t realise, what you were perhaps never told (and why would you be, because who would TELL you back then, or even KNOW?), what you must now take OWNERSHIP of, is that the life you’ve been waiting for this whole time, and the you who you’ve always known you must step into, it was NEVER GOING TO COME FOR YOU AT ALL.

It was always that YOU had to step up for IT.

And now here we are –
You show up online –
Every day ‘doing the do’
Valiantly seeking to demonstrate why YOU are better coach, or even, the best – !

When actually you are NOT A FUCKING COACH AT ALL, and quite frankly the whole thing faintly SICKENS you, because when all is said and done and IF you dare to admit it –

You’re just so much more than that.
That’s all.
It’s always been the way.
That’s all.
You just didn’t know you had to own it.
Is all.

And now, well NOW –

You wonder why you struggle to break that next income level
You wonder why so many of the things you set out to do exhaust you, and you either don’t DO them (and continually beat up on yourself for it), or you do them and you RESENT EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF IT
You wonder what is WRONG with you
Why you can’t just get your shit DONE
Why you don’t seem to think or FEEL like the other coaches
And why it doesn’t feel like FLOW yet when wasn’t the whole damn POINT supposed to that you just get to wake up each day –
Follow your heart –
Create your art –
Do what you can’t NOT?!

And you know –

Yes actually.

So why does it feel so NOT that yet, why is it that even when you’re CLAIMING flow and ease the truth is there’s this constant fucking NIGGLE there, this missing piece, this emptiness, this frustration, this WON’T YOU ALL JUST FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE energy?!

Isn’t it obvious?
Don’t you see?

You’re not a coach.
You’re not an ‘online business owner’.
You’re not even ACTUALLY an entrepreneur, not if there’s a full stop after it, anyhow.

You can do all these things.
Be all these things.
And indeed always WILL, howEVER –

What you are, who you are, how it’s always BEEN, and why the whole damn thing is NOT in fact flowing as you know it should and COULD, is because you?

Are an EMPRESS baby.

Born for more.
Born for exceptional.
And not of this world.

And you tell yourself –

How outrageous it is, to think so HIGHLY of you, to expect so much, to feel that REALLY if the world were at rights with itself YOU WOULD BE IN CHARGE, to know that you know that you know that people REALLY need to shut the fuck up and LISTEN to you, and that actually you should ALWAYS and ONLY get to do what you want –

Have what you want –

With the click of your fingers, and the blink of your eyes, and TOTALLY as you imagined it, and that while we’re on it people SHOULD pay just to be in your presence –

You tell yourself it’s TOO MUCH AND CRAZY –

But in actual fact
you know
and you’ve always known
she says –
with a shrug of her shoulders, and a ‘what do you want me to do about it’ look –
this is just how it IS …

Which I suppose begs the question –

When in actual fact do you imagine you might like to start owning the fact that THIS IS JUST HOW IT IS?


How about right fucking now?


Claim Your Rightful Place, NOW.

4 Weeks 1:1 with Katrina Ruth, for Women UNAPOLOGETICALLY Born for More


It’s time to stop playing so coy –
Pretending you want for so little –
And telling yourself a STORY –
That you’re here to build a business online, make some money, be one of the fucking PACK, when the only truth is ALWAYS –

You were born to run the world.

EMPRESS initiation has begun –
Your rightful place is waiting –
This is 1:1 with me the likes of which has NEVER been done before, or even, heard of
It will take your breath away
It will shake you to your core
It will cause you to question EVERYTHING you’re doing right now
And it will show you
When you’re supposedly DOING everything you’re meant to be doing

How can you feel
what you’re mean to feel
and what it was always supposed to BE about
when you haven’t even actually begun
on the life you really came here to build

There is a reason you feel like so much is missing, and here is what it is –

The thing you’ve been missing?
Is being the real fucking you.

EMPRESS gorgeous.
Me and you.
CLAIMING your rightful place, and everything which goes with it.


Message me to learn how to get in, and for all that this is about.


My Advanced High-Level Manifestation Intensive is about to kick off, and I’d love to invite you in!

4 Weeks of Hardcore Alignment & Asskickery to Kick Fear to the Curb and Live Your Every Dream in 2019!

What this is about? You finally doing what you say you’re going to do, basically! In business, of course. But also in life, and every part of who you are.

And it’s time to stop.

Stop making it so damned HARD.

Stop letting your blocks, your inner barriers, your fear, the self-worth bullshit RULE you.

Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and no real direction!

And for the love of God stop telling yourself the answer is outside of you when it was always within!


Well, isn’t it obvious?

Say yes to you.

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